Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Download (Working 100%)

Get Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM for free from Pokemonlog.com, one of the famous Blog to get the 100% Working links to any pokemon game. The Storyline of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue is really interesting. Introducing some changes in the cast and crew of the game. This game is developed by the Chunsoft and released by the Nintendo and Pokemon Company in December 2005. This game is specially developed for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. For playing the game smoothly make sure that you have the right Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Emulator.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team rom

Some Basic Info about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Team Rom:


  • Release Date: 17th  November 2005
  • Published by: The Pokemon Company and Nintendo
  • Directed By: Seiichiro Nagahata
  • Language: English
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS,  GameBoy Advance

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team ROM Snapshots:

Pokemon Mystery

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red

pokemon mystery dungeon

The Gameplay and Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue:

As the game starts the main player who is actually human changes into any random Pokemon. The Option to become a Random Pokemon is among the Sixteen Types. Whether you will be Squirtle, Totodile or any other Pokemon. After Becoming a Pokemon character all the feature which are available to you are now officially accessible and acceptable as well.  Before becoming a Special Pokemon in the above Sixteen Type of pokemon a special Quiz will be taken from you like in Pokemon Soul Silver ROM.

On the basis of that quiz, the System will then decide what to do with you. Remember that you are initially in the form of a Normal human character. If you have given the quiz incorrect form then a better Pokemon will be selected for your type. You have the available for this amazing feature that you can select any random partner for yourself too. For Selecting partner, you have to select from any of the Ten Pokemon Types given in front of you.

After Selecting the partner you are good to go out on the missions ahead. Actually, the game is based on missions and there are a lot of missions and tasks pending already. After becoming pokemon you have to complete all of them one by one. There is some time limit which will be assign to you after every mission interval. Remember the status of the mission is on the bulletin board or story events.

Receiving Rescue Points in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team Rom:

For receiving some points you have to keep an eye on the information and instructions given to you after each interval. The Story Events are regular events which happen every time. If your main character pokemon is successful in completing the Job or missions assign to you then you have some rescue points. You may receive award as Request emails as well which can ultimately increase your team rank as well. You may also like Pokemon Crystal ROM  OR Pokemon Shiny Gold GBA

The UI and Graphics of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue team rom are really awesome and can enjoy a lot. One of the amazing things is that there are some 2D as well 3D new creatures and elements which are available throughout the gameplay. The gameplay is so much smooth that there is no lagging behind in the gameplay or walkthrough of pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue rom.  There is some new scenery addition to the game which is really cool features.

Some of the Great Features of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue team Rom:

  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • New Cups and missions.
  • Rescue Points.
  • Choose one partner from the Ten Pokemons.
  • You have no memory of the past.
  • Different teams.
  • Team Rank is major Factor.
  • You can join Forces.
  • Makes a New Rescue team.
  • Enemies also make rescue teams.
  • Enhanced gameplay.
  • Physics improved.
  • Some new Pokemons and Fakemons.
  • There are Sixteen Pokemons available at the start.

Download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue team Free:

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