Pokemon Dark Diamond Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Dark Diamond is one of the coolest game that we have ever seen so far as a hack of Pokemon Diamond ROM. The developer name as Markitus95 – Spiky has included so many new features regarding to the gameplay as well the player stats and moves. New pokemon from different generations has been included which makes the total figure of pokemon 493.

All the legendries and wild pokemon are available in different region which makes the game more complex because all you have to do is to catch all of them. The area in this game is named as Twinleaf town which is one of the beautiful town but the life here as a main player is boring because there are so many hurdles. Let’s discover what are some special features available in the game before moving forward to download the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Dark Diamond
  • Remake of: Pokemon Diamond
  • Remake by: Markitus95 – Spiky
  • Platform: NDS
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

chimchar character pokemon characters in the game selecting the gender what about the pokeballs

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Diamond NDS ROM:

Story begins from the region of Twinleaf Town where the life is so boring, but a cool neighbour can make the conditions a lot more better. How to get the neighbours cool? Well, the answer is simple, you have to make peace in the area from all the villanous activities and groups which are spreading terrorism in the region like in Pokemon Dark Crystal Download GBA ROM. The beatiful region of Twinleaf Town is more richer in terms of having new and old pokemon. Pokemon from different generations are part of the game which are ready for catching and all you have to do is to catch them on time. Catch and train the wild pokemon so that it can be more beneficial for you to have some missions passed. Player is playing a lead role while making the area crime free. For making the peace happens, all you have to do is to battle with enemies with a new stratedy this time.

Being a main and lead role in the area, the player is Tired of the monotonous life and with a growing spirit of adventure. There are so many hurdels and pain in the area while listening tales of the people and the greif they are in. While listening to them you and your friend go to Lake Verity, with the intention of finding that red Gyarados everyone talks about. There are several new enemies located in this area and they are aiming you as a different kind of player. They are constantly checking your stats and the power you have. Pokedex can be completed soon, but you have to keep in mind that they are also checking your pokedex time by time. Why they are checking? Because they want to know what type of pokemon you have in list and why you have kept them.

Route 201:

Unlike many routes available in the game, this route name as Route 201, has so many mysteries hidden in it. There are many enemies located and one thing special about this route is that the Professor Rowan lab is on this route. So many wild pokemon can also be found on this route as well. What’s the importance of wild pokemon? Why they are on this route? The answers are simple, because they have different enormous abilities which can make your power level upto maximum like in Pokemon Crush Download ROM. Some of them are really different and behave like special pokemon. To make them more adorable and use their full power all you have to do is to train them and catch them. After giving them proper training you will realize that they are ready to have missions complete for you.

There are different routes available, it depends on you which route you wanna choose, because they are full off with enormous opportunities and mysteries as well. All these 493 pokemon are not available in one shot, all you have to do is to visit different routes which are far from each other and catch the kind of pokemon you want in your list. Pokemon Dark Diamond is more like finding the diamond like pokemon in the list of 493. Each and every pokemon have the stats and abilities list by which you can have a look before catching them.

Battles and Attack Modes:

There are changes in the battle and attack modes. New 3D animations of attack modes makes the gameplay experience more amazing than before. All of your enemies are ready for having a fight and make the pokemon champion league on their name. Their main aim is to gain the power and rule on different areas where you are located. But being a lead role and having powers, you will not let that happens in any case. But how will you do that? Obviously you have to be more powerful in having more powerful pokemon in the list that can win for you. Also, try Pokemon Blazing Emerald Version

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Dark Diamond NDS ROM:

  • Having a different storyline.
  • New pokemon from Gen VI
  • Team xGlite
  • All characters have new animations and graphics.
  • Music in the game is awesome.
  • Day and night system.
  • Route 201 have special access.
  • New animations in battle modes.
  • Battle system is new.

Download Pokemon Dark Diamond ROM For Free:

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