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Pokemon Diamond ROM is one of the best Pokemon game which is available at Pokemonlog.com Website. Pokemon Diamond Download rom have new cast and crew and developed by the Games Freak and published by The Pokemon Company. Several new fixes are present in the game this time. Totally a role-playing adventured based game. The main character is in the Third Person-environment.

pokemon diamond rom

Pokemon Diamond Download ROM Download File Info:

Pokemon Diamond Download ROM Full Version Snapshots:

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Pokemon Diamond ROM Full Walkthrough and Gameplay:

As the game starts, you will see three different scenes in the gameplay environment. One of them is field Map, where the main character is moving in the area and discover some interesting working pokemons. You can make use of the PokeBalls which are also available in the Pokemon Diamond Version rom hack download.

While throwing the Pokeballs you are able to find and discover some new pokemons in the area. Sometimes there come some Wild Type Pokemons which are dangerous. The trainer who is your real guide, order you to destroy and fight with the Wild type Pokemon Character. Remember that there are numerous kind of Wild-type of Pokemon present in the diamond download rom version. So the overall Pokedex is update from the previous version of pokemon games.

In the Hokkaido region, there are various Gym centers, where you have to visit some Gym and collect some Gym badges in the game. As soon as you collect badges, you are good to go and explore some mysterious places in the region. Some of the Gym leaders such as  Maylene, Fantina are really amazing characters.

Graphics of the Pokemon Diamond Version:

The Graphics of the game is improved from the previous Pokemon Platinum version which was so frustrating. The Screen UI is updated from the previous version, now there are three main screens. Battle Screen, field map, and main menu. You can select different options in the main menu present on the bottom of the screen like in Free full Pokemon Sage Download.

Pokemon Capturing is one of the fun parts of the diamond game rom.  While you catch some pokemons through the pokeballs, your experience points increases. As your experience points increase your level will be shifted to UP. Some tasks will be open for you to complete the game.

Battle Mechanics and other features:

The Battle Mechanics are in the better version now. Some advance class features are present while playing battle with your enemies. After collecting some exercise points you will be able to collect some Special pokemons on the way also.

Some of your enemies are present in the core are of the assigned region. Where you are playing the game in the start of the game. Be aware of them, anytime they can attack you for completing their missions. Some special forces are given to them which can be used very wisely by them to fight with you.

Connection with other Devices:

Now you will be able to connect the game with other devices such as the pokemon diamond rom is compatible with the Game Boy Advance (GBA )  and RPG. This game is similar to the pokemon pearl rom, which is great in graphics as well in the battle mode of the game. The game is actually based in the Hokkaido region which is quite similar to Hoenn region in the previous games.

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Some Amazing features to Discover in Pokemon Diamond ROM Download:

  • Three main screens.
  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • Field map is new this time.
  • New PokeBalls.
  • Catch the Pokemons with the Pokeballs.
  • The Region is Hokkaido.
  • Sinnoh region is not available.
  • Pokemon League.
  • New Scenes and enemies in the game.

Download Pokemon Diamond Full Free Version Now:

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