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Pokemon Amaryllis is one of the cool hacks of Pokemon Fire Red Version which is created by Mantager. Having an Interesting Storyline and many new features make the Pokemon Amaryllis Download ROM more different from the normal Fire Red Hacks. The area assigned is different this time named as the Region of Ohkai, where some different missions are in pending state. The main character belongs from the region of Wistfall Village where many pokemon resides in the area. Let’s move on to the details section of this article and discover something special in this ROM.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Amaryllis ROM
  • Creator: Mantager
  • Based on Fire Red
  • Platform: GBA

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

wistfall village in amaryllis pokemon game

what will rookowl do in pokemon amaryllis

controlling the main player

the main player

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Amaryllis and Overview:

Perhaps you may have played some different pokemon hacks of Fire red having different storylines. But this time the creator of this game named as Mantager have included something special in this rom. With the addition of some new 3D effects and interesting characters in the storyline makes the game more amazing and interesting to play. Many new missions are part of the game now and you will experience some difficulty levels as well.

You belong from the Region of Wistfall Village, where you are living with your family Mom and Dad. The interesting thing to note about this pokemon amaryllis game is that you will be sent on missions to the Region of Ohkai. Actually, Ohkai is one of the special characters in the game who will be giving you some amazing kind of tips and tricks. Amazingly, the gameplay of this version is different from the normal fire red hacks, as there are some new pokemon characters included in the pokedex as well.

The region named as Wistfall Village is located at the South-West of Ohkai Region. You will have to complete the game in the Ohkai region as there are more missions in this region. Professor Basswood is a botanist and Pokémon enthusiast who will be giving you some amazing kind of tips and tell you secrets. He will be the leading role in the game which will make it easy for you to complete different missions.

Meeting with Red Headed Girl:

This is an interesting part of the Storyline, as one morning you will see the red-headed girl in your area. The Professor will then call you to his office and propose her to you as a Partner. Now, you will notice that your Partner is different from everyone else partners in the area which makes the game more interesting for you to complete.

Team Epoch:

One of the best team in the area is also present who are ready for certain challenges. You will notice that the group named as Team Epoch has been formed in this area. They have formed a group for different secret purposes as well. Team Epoch are researching the minds and biology of Pokémon and how to control them. These are some of the important facts about this team which makes the game more amazing.

List of Some Amazing Facts and Features in Pokemon Amaryllis:

  • Different Stoyline.
  • Region is Different, in the start is a Village and then Ohkai.
  • New Pokemon in the game.
  • Over 50 Pokemon to catch.
  • Different tiles and sprites.
  • More Moves and movesets.

Download Pokemon Amaryllis Version GBA ROM For Free:

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