Pokemon White 2 ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon White 2 Version is a wonderful remake of Pokemon White game as we have already played the black 2 version which is a remake of Pokemon black. The creators and developer Game Freak has included so many new features along with changing in the pokedex for adding some more pokemon in the list. Download Pokemon White 2 NDS Game for free as there are new adventures and quizes.

Strange types of creatures are part of the game as you move on in the old Unova region. The region is old but there are some changes in the routes which makes the game a brand new one. A New Professor and Starter are waiting for you to have a new gameplay. Let’s have a look at some of the best features before moving forward and downloading the best ever hack we have today.

Game File Info:

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

what will oshawott do main screenplay main display screen

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon White 2 NDS ROM Download:

Unova ! Oh Unova, the good old days! As we have seen the first trailer of the game in which we saw a brand new Unova region where most of the region’s parts are covered with Ice. Not all the region is covered with Ice, some parts are totally new locations and have some new pokemon in the area as well. These new pokemon can be catchable which makes the game more flexible than the normal versions. More new events are also part of the game which is quite interesting feature of the game, there are certain events which needs some experties to enter like in Pokemon Silver Yellow ROM. These experties can be gain during the completion of some missions and as soon as you catch some new pokemon and make them train for battles and fights.

Battles and Fights are part of the game and that will for surely comes whenever you move on in the region. Especially when you go out in search of new pokemon to catch. There are some routes on which the rivals and enemies are located and they are keeping you in target. What you do in your day to day life? What are your activities? Are they concerned with the catching of some new pokemon, then they will also make the process of pokemon catching a lot more faster and efficient than yours.

Unova Pokedex:

This time in Unova region, there are certain new characters which are part of the game. Thus making the pokedex more flexible and more complex as well. As all of the characters have their own features and facts that should be kept in mind as we move forward to select some of them. Some pokemon shows wild type of behaviours which is strange and all of them are included in the pokedex which makes the game more complex and interesting for all the players who like surprises and changes. Some pokemon from the older versions are also part of the pokedex such as the Eevee and more. They have some new powers and abilities which makes the game more interesting for you to play. Also, check out Pokemon Heart RED ROM

Pokemon Tournament:

One of the most interesting even, in which the main player take part and have some serious kinds of tasks that you will complete. For Sure you will meet some gym leaders and owners, as they have their own pokemon that they have trained for their own use. Remember that they are always ready for have a challenege for you. For that you have to keep in mind that train some pokemon and catch the wild pokemon as well so that you have a huge list of pokemon before moving forward for a serious kind of challenege. The gym leaders and champions from the previous versions are also available and they are ready to be used for battle. Keep yourself ready for them as they have came more powerful this time.

There are some rules that you need to follow in order to take participation in the tournament as well. These rules are little bit hard, but keeping in mind all the amazing features and gifts of pokemon tournament these rules are nothing for you to follow. Keeping in mind all these new rules you will note that all these little features of power hitting and hiding in different places can be achieved with so ease. Some of them are really simple, but for those people who keep in mind all these little hacks and tricks and can be really helpful in making you tackle all those hard missions and tasks. Your rivals are also making sure the rules which makes them stronger as well.

What about the Formes:

As we know that in black and white hacks there are different kinds of new and old formes available. Some new formes such as the Kami Trio are part of the game. But this time this one makes sure that Kyurem is not the only one who can get this special feature. There are some other formes that can be test before moving to other formes as well. Their new formes are called Sacred Beast Forme – featuring Tornadus in a figure of a bird, this is one of the newest feature we have seen in the hack of Pokemon White rom. What about the Thundurus? Good news is that the Thundurus as a flying serpent and Landorus as a tiger. These changes in the formes make sure that the game is full of entertainment. In additional, their “genie” appearances in Pokémon Black and White are now introduced as the Incarnation Forme.

Some Interesting Features in Pokemon White 2 NDS Download ROM:

  • Entirely new pokedex.
  • Pokemon from older version and generations in the pokedex.
  • The graphics are improved a lot.
  • New playable characters.
  • Every character has its own abilities.
  • New rivals and professor.
  • Gym leaders are changed.
  • Mostly area is covered with ice.
  • Some new events and Pokemon Tournament is part of the game.
  • New moves and movesets.
  • Music is awesome.

Download Pokemon White 2 ROM For Free:

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