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Get the Pokemon White Rom Free Download from Pokemonlog.com. This time we have a different game ahead to play which is quite a famous hack of Pokemon Fire Red version. Pokemon White Rom is played by millions of people around the world. Pokemon White having a bunch of new graphics and features available to increase your Pokemon gameplay experience to play a completely new game. This amazing game version was released by Nintendo for its Nintendo DS platforms on 6th March 2011. For other platforms, it was also released after year or two.

Pokemon White Rom

Get Pokemon White Version Rom Basic File Information:

  • Release Date: 6th March 2011
  • Published By: Nintendo
  • Language: English
  • Genre: RGP

Pokemon White ROM Screenshots

Pokemon White download

Pokemon White Rom free

Pokemon White Rom get

white 2 pokemon rom

Discussing the Pokemon White ROM Gameplay and Walkthrough:

The Storyline of Pokemon White rom GBA is really interesting. It comes up with a completely new storyline. After the successful black series of pokemon game. The storyline is change a little bit. Introducing some new characters and pokemons. Which makes the game more complex to play completely.

Overall graphics of the game Pokemon White version has been enhanced from the previous versions.  Now you will see some extra quality 3D effects. There are some 3D Characters and elements added which are really amazing and realistic to experience like in Pokemon Dark Rising.

We are constantly providing some amazing guides for playing the pokemon games. The full tutorial of the white rom gba version given at the youtube channel. Before the gameplay, you must have a visit and see how to play the game completely.

New Updates and Features:

Some New Pokemons are also present. All of them are in Pokedex and can be found from the pokedex easily. You can create some partners in this pokemon game, as you will have some new partners. They are ready to help you out in the game’s battle system. Simply you will realize soon that partners are of great use.

After Finding some pokemons from different places you will see that they are actually helping you to complete missions. You let them go with you along the way to complete the tasks ahead.  After you have a group of good powerful pokemons, then go out for some Pokemon journey.

Find some new elements which are present in the area that you are moving. The main character have some amazing tasks and missions to complete. The missions are of high complex quality sometimes. Some of them are in the Gym area. The Gym Owners are supporting some pokemon and they are little serious from the normal people. You will experience the real people in this gameplay.

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Some of the Amazing and Enjoyable Features of Pokemon White ROM Free:

  • Gyms are present.
  • Gym owners are serious.
  • New Outfit for the main character.
  • Find Some Luxiourious places.
  • Now the area assigned is different from the previous version like Cloud White.
  • Keep the device in secret.
  • Some mission are really complex.
  • Some new Fakemons and Pokemons are present.
  • New Characters are present.
  • The PokeMap is present in the game.
  • The Pokedex is new this time.
  • You have to find the device.
  • New Battles are present.
  • Entirely new Storyline.
  • Great UI and Environment.

Download Pokemon White GBA ROM For Free

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