Pokemon Lightning Yellow Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Lightning Yellow is a complete remake of Pokemon Yellow which is based on Pokemon Fire Red. The author name as Shadows has included so many new features which makes the game special in every conditions. New missions and moves makes it possible for pokemon to move and act differently. Download Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA Game for free which have all the 151 pokemon available as initially.

The game is available in english language only and have certain new mega evolutions, which makes the pokemon look more different this time. Lightning yellow was released in 2008 and after then the author has not added anything in the game, but so far the game have almost no bugs. Let’s see what are some special features available in it before moving forward to download the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Lightning Yellow
  • Based on: Fire Red
  • Remake of: Pokemon Yellow
  • Remake by: Shadows.
  • Release Year: 2008

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

character moving in different region oak that was close that was close too

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA ROM:

Professor Oak is there as a main lead role in the area, having a lab in this region. The story have some twists as the game moves forward and you find new pokemon to train and fight. Professor is testing your skills by lending you a pokemon to catch the Pikachu at the beginning like in Pokemon Greninja-Z . You being a fresh and new trainer in the area move forward and catch some awesome pokemon. But that all depends on you how to catch the Pikachu first, because it is little bit hard for you to complete these types of missions. These types of missions makes you feel more proud if you complete it on time, but this time its a huge challenge for you to catch the Pikachu. Again it depends on your skills. Have you played the previous versions of pokemon yellow, then you can do it.

All the 151 pokemon from different generations are part of the game and each pokemon has its own abilities and powers. Even you can change the spirit of some pokemon by having mega stones. The pokedex can be complete if you wish to complete, but again it depends on you. Remember that all the 151 pokemon have their own evolutions of post generations as well the previous generations as well. Some pokemon are from Gen 6 as well, as they are more advance, hence they can be used for more complex and advance missions in the game. Capture the more intelligent pokemon in different places, as you move forward and have some pokemon in the list like in Pokemon Dark Diamond ROM. Pokedex can be made updated with new pokemon in the list. All of them can be really change with using some old class tactics and mega stones.

Battle System and Graphics:

As far as battle system of the game is concerned, there are changes done in the battle and war effects. Some battles have the great legendries pokemon as well. You can capture them for having them in battles. After capturing them, train them well so that they are being prepared for the upcoming battles. The battleground is updated with some new graphics, as well overall graphics are made special to have nice collection of colors and beauties everywhere. The attack effects and motions are more awesome this time as they are being adopted from the newer hacks and versions of pokemon fire red.

Breeding of pokemon is possible in the game and they can be breed with much care so that they have special powers to win in different situations. Keep in mind that all of your rivals are making use of these tactics so that they have a nice collection of pokemon in their pokedex. That’s why they came with a better fight/battle plan than you. Now after reading all of their tactics you have to train all of your pokemon with much care so that you have better win ratio.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Lightning Yellow GBA ROM Download:

  • Having a new storyline and pokemon list.
  • Pokedex can be completed.
  • All 151 pokemon available.
  • All the post and pre evolutions are available for all pokemon.
  • Breeding of pokemon is available.
  • New Fight and battle system.
  • Nice collection of graphics.
  • Sevii Islands is available in post game.
  • New Spirits for pokemon.
  • Moves and movesets are different.

Download Pokemon Lightning Yellow ROM For Free:

Download Here