Pokemon Voyager GBA Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Voyager is GBA Based ROM Hack of Pokemon Emerald by ghoulslash in the English Language. You have to play the role of a trainer later in the game because first, you should have a valid trainer license of your own. You are living with your family in beautiful Andromeda city which is a sub-area of Keplara region.

Your mother is the local Antares League gym leader and your father is working in Andromeda PD. There are several new pokemon parts of the game, some fakemons are sprinkled over the area. Catching them is one of the main task and you have to do that in any way. Several missions are waiting for you to complete. Let’s move forward and explore the hidden features in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Voyager
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake By: ghoulslash
  • Remake from: Emerald
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

you picked up the strange shard delibird new achievement pokemon trainer nova recruiter

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Voyager Download Latest:

Being a young boy, you are living with your family in Andromeda region which is surrounded by beautiful scenes. Your mother is a gym leader in the area and father is working in Andromeda PD. A cataclysmic event appended landmasses across the globe. Sea levels rose to unprecedented levels, forcing a mass migration of mankind and pokemon alike to the high altitude region of keplara.

Difficulty can be decreased, but it can’t, be increased okay, interesting uh yeah. We’ll stick with normal uh the time. Let’s, go ahead and make it the actual time which would be about there. I would think yeah about there. Oh, my god that is spot on. I’m a genius. It is exactly 11 48 that is spot on dude i’m. A genius good timing looks like you are starting to wake up.

Adventures are waiting:

Your pokemon adventure awaits all right, hello, hi, you’re. Finally, awake it’s good at least one of us is relaxed enough to sleep. Well, your mom has some butterflies for sure, but you and i still have some boxes to move up and at them throw on some clothes and meet me outside like in Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.7 . In case you’re too groggy to remember you can press b to run let’s, not fall behind schedule. Okay, quest unlock moving boxes, it’s. My dream job i’ve, always wanted to move boxes. Windows is updating, go figure, oh permanent after selection? Oh so it’s, gender okay, so we have male female masculine-feminine.

You also have settings. There’s, a doll on this counter, too dolls everywhere, andromeda villa let’s, get a move on. I don’t have a whole lot of time. The new gym is supposed to open in less than an hour, and i’m sure your mom will have lots of challenges lined up at the entrance. It’s, nothing new for her, of course, but the top floor of the pokey megaplex is quite a grand place to run a gym. You can see the whole city from the top. Alright, let’s start with the boxes in the basement. Great look at all this junk. You might need to get some more help. If we’re gonna get all these boxes moved in time, what the hell, what the hell is buildings collapsing? What oh my leg, dad! No yeah! Are you all right? Oh good! I’m glad you’re.

About Caves and other places:

There’s a cave on the other side of that wall. That sounds pretty dangerous. Is there anything else we could try all right? I suppose it might be the only way out i don’t want you to go alone, though i left my pokemon team at home like in Pokemon Mega Blue (Working 100%). I do have a few pokemon was just starting to train here. Wait. He gave me all three. Take these potions in full, heals too you! You may need them if your pokemon are hurt in battle. Well, he gave me three pokemon what the hell got, potions and full heals.

A rock slide has injured dad and trapped in the basement, but it is also damaged. The walls and there’s, a cave on the other side. I should explore to see if there’s a way out. I know you haven’t ever handled pokemon before they say hands-on is the best way to learn. I hope you won’t need them, though, go ahead and search for help or a way out, but come back immediately. If you feel unsafe, i don’t. Remember there ever being earthquakes in andromeda city before it really couldn’t have happened at the worst time.

Showing yourself capable of being a trainer:

You showed a lot of talent for training pokemon. We were gonna wait until you were older, but you’re, clearly ready for the pokemon trainers school, oh nice, for how well you did. That almost seems like a waste of time, but it’s. The best place to get your trainer’s license. I can tell you’ve, already formed a strong bond with the pokemon. I lent you how about you pick one to keep nice yeah. Also, check out Pokemon Rumble Rush

Forests and other places:

The forests of this island are too thick to cut down. The mountains are too dense to drill the lakes are too deep to drain, and even if we could expand anymore, we’d, only be shoving. Our problems onto the pokemon, whose homes would have been destroyed for decades, we’ve searched for other land to house on. We have found none, keplara is alone, and thus we are stranded upon it. But there’s. Another way to make room for humanity to reach its full potential. We must take to the stars all this guy’s. Out of his mind.

There’s, no more room for us on this planet, but the galaxy is vast and we will find a new home for humanity within the cosmic dust. Those guys insane. But i’m, not here, to gather your support for the keplara space agency. They don’t understand our problem. I think space exploration is an academic pursuit. They’re content to play with their toys in their laboratories and solely focus on this planet that we continue to outgrow, that’s more effective than yelling at people on the street, though, damn a good insight friend, this is all of Our problem, though, and we must all work towards a solution.

I am here to tell you about that. Solution. Team nova, we of team nova, are devoted towards the expansion of humanity into space, join us, and we will direct you to be as effective as possible in achieving this goal. History tells us not to trust organizations with funny names. You will trust us because there is no one else willing to do what it takes to take, what it takes to coordinate the survival of all humanity and pokemon. Check out, Pokemon Uncensored Edition

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Voyager GBA ROM:

  • Having a new plot and area.
  • 76 Fakemon sprinkled throughout the region
  • The entire gameplay is enhanced with good mechanics.
  • The highly customizable difficulty, randomizers, challenges, and Nuzlocke modes
  • Special pokemon legendaries.
  • Battle Factory Mode: play a challenge with a rental Pokémon team
  • Having some new tiles and graphics.
  • Animations are improved.
  • Upgraded Battle Engine: Using DizzyEgg/RHH’s upgraded poker emerald battle engine as a base
  • Extensive sound system.

Download Pokemon Voyager GBA for Free:

Download Here

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