Pokemon Mega Blue Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Mega Blue, one of the best rom of pokemon Fire red and LeafGreen with the storyline almost similar but changes have been done to make the game unique. The main player has to make some big moves and adventures in the game. Download Pokemon Mega Blue which is a GBA Based rom hack of Fire Red and Leafgreen by STiKer, as he has developed the game name as Pokemon Delta Emerald which is one of the amazing rom hack of Pokemon Emerald. This time the developer has tried his best to make a counterpart game of pokemon delta emerald which is here available to download. Let’s dive and see what are some amazing changes done to the gameplay so that we have a new experience this time.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Mega Blue
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake of: Pokemon Fire Red
  • Language: English
  • Creator: STikeR

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

forest pokemon overview archer is dangerous wild persian appeared venusaur mega evovled

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Mega Blue GBA ROM:

The storyline is the same as the LeafGreen and FireRed in which the player has to choose a specific gender and move forward for some awesome adventures ahead. Many new pokemon are part of the game which makes the Pokedex more complex this time because now your selection extends to almost 400+ pokemon in the game. For Starters, you have been issued a list of Starters from which you have to choose the one. Starters have the ability to fight and retaliate back to the enemies as they have more powers like in Pokemon Ultra Quartz Version. Selecting them needs more attention because all of your rivals have the option to choose the starter from the list. Attention for the purpose so that you can keep an eye on enemies as well rivals that what type of pokemon they are choosing. From choosing the starters to the end of the game you have to go with the selected starter and complete all the missions.

Talking about the Alola Forms, which are full of adventures and evolutions are also part of it. Some Evolution are from Gen 4 to 7 for all the pokemon characater which are from Gen 1 to 3. Ariana and Archer is the main characters which are part of the storyline and this makes the game different from the LeafGreen and fire red version too. As these characters have different kinds of abilities and powers so that they can be used for fighting with enemies and rivals. Some Amazing powers has been given to all the starter that your opponents choose at the time of selecting the rivals. Having a day and night system makes the game process more easy for you, as some gamers are more effective in night gaming mode while some are more effective in day mode of the game.

Sprites and Graphics:

All the sprites and graphics have been updated with special graphics effects. The Sprites of Pokemon are now looking more different than the other ones, especially all the starter pokemon have special sprites which make the game more amazing to play with some new sprites. The Rival will also enjoy the special sprites of all those characters that they are dealing with. Some special moves and movesets are being updates and they have been given some new animations with which they look more different than the normal pokemon rom hacks. All 150 Kanto Dex Pokémon (except Mew) are catchable without trading or events. Now the Alola Forms can be found as wild encounters on Sevii Islands. These Alola Forms have also different types of Sprites and graphics as well.

Mega Evolution:

All the pokemon which are from Gen 1 to 3 has been evolved with special powers and shapes in the Gen 4-7. Their moves and movesets are also evolved which makes the moves more unique than the normal pokemon rom hacks of fire red we have played so far. Mega Evolution of Special pokemon such as Chaizard and Pikachu has been special and even all the staters are evolved with special care and they look different. The Infinite TMs and Forgettable HMs makes the gameplay more unique because we have not seen such a feature in the previous rom hacks of pokemon fire red. Also, check out Pokemon Jaspe Download (Working 100%) RMXP

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Mega Blue GBA Download:

  • Having some new spites.
  • All 150 Kanto Dex Pokémon (except Mew) are catchable without trading or events
  • Alola Forms can be found as wild encounters on Sevii Islands
  • Gameplay is changed.
  • The Starters are now completely new.
  • Choose the Starter at the first place.
  • Now Pokemon have different powers.
  • Use the Pokeballs with great care.
  • Infinite TMs and Forgettable HMs.
  • Fairy-type
  • Gen 4-7 Moves and Abilities
  • Mega Evolution
  • The music system is new.

Download Pokemon Mega Blue GBA For Free:

Download Here

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