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Pokemon Jaspe is RPG Maker XP Fan made game by Alias and Eurons in French now also available in English Version. Amazing new Storyline, graphics and gameplay is waiting for you to play the game. Over 12,000 years ago three meteorites crashed the earth and doing so again and again. Download Pokemon Jaspe 2.0 has some new pokemon as starters and overall as well. Pokedex is almost complete. Game has easy to enter interface and in welcome page you will be Prompted “Welcome to the registration website for aspiring trainers. Please select a trainer class and So on”. Let’s move forward and explore some amazing features in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Jaspe
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP (RMXP)
  • Creators: Alias and Eurons.
  • Source: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=445975
  • Languages: French and English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

umisora and effregland almost every city and town pokemon kid i am here to watch mark playing the game raphael so far i am better than you

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Jaspe Version RMXP:

Being a trainer in the game, you will be first asked to enter and complete the registration. That nice little browser like interface is so cool. Your registration has been entered properly, remember to grab your trainer card once you leave, so he go okay, seven years ago it’s very loud hold on. Let me make sure i lowered this: there we go. Oh dude. This looks really good hello, hi it’s, henrik. How are you good morning, henrik? I’m. Not gonna lie to you. It’s been pretty hard since jonathan disappeared. Oh, where’d. Jonathan go dude besides her father and i split up the younger one, doesn’t really understand what’s going on.

Arriving at the Village:

A week after my uncle called, i finally arrived at the village of edelweiss edelweiss, and this and this after a long journey, i was going to miss cinno, but my mother said it was important that we start over. She had a hard time, leaving me alone with the hostess accompanying me for the trip, but it’s, not very surprising. It’s now, two months since jonathan disappeared, i miss him ooh here you are at last mark.

The trip was not too tiring, it was a hostess was with me the whole trip. I wonder if mom arrived in borg, tranquil tranquil, tranquil drinkwell. I forgot my tablet in the boxes. She called me earlier. She arrived well, she gives you big kisses great who it is who it is who it is. Let me introduce you to mark what let me introduce to mark. Let me let me introduce you to mark she comes to us from the center region.

We will welcome her while her mother finishes her move to borg tranquil. Would you show him our little village, while i pack his suitcase and make dinner okay, hello? Mark i’m. Laura i’ll. Show you our village like in Pokemon Zard Version, okay. Okay, i’ll start by showing you the shop in the pokemon center here’s, a pokemon center there’s, one in almost every city in town. It is here that you can treat your pokemon when you have some. I’m, not sure mom ever lets me go with a pokemon since my brother disappeared. She doesn’t want to hear about it anymore. Well, follow me again: i’ll drive you to the pokemon shop. What i mean drive we’re, walking it’s right there. I’ll drive you there. Here we have a pokemon shop where you can buy different items, whether for you or your pokemon.

Get back Basics of Combat:

Wonderful. Well, it’s time to get back to the basics of combat. What does the manual say, hello to be able to use the different options that are available to you? You just need to click on them. Unless manual is useless, hey mark wouldn’t. You rather use the combat simulator. After all, it’ll always be better than this enigma enigmatic manual, and then we’ll warm up for our departure tomorrow, indeed seems to me that this is the right time for our first fight. Also, download Pokemon Adventure Red Chap

Great, oh great. I get to destroy this magikarp, wonderful, okay. I want to check out what this umisora is all about. Dude, it’s, water, psychic, interesting, obviously, level five has torrent; okay, it was tackle and tail whip interesting, all right, good to know. Let’s, go and destroy this level, one magikarp it wasn’t very complicated. I mean i guess in real life, it’ll, be something else. Let’s. Go to bed. We have a long journey. That starts tomorrow. It’s, very peaceful music.

About the Village:

Wonderful, the small village, is really on the other side of the world. Well, at least this package will arrive on time. Is that my package look at that dude pokemon, jasp or jase? It’s, probably jace, because there’s, an e at the end. Get up mark. Your friends are waiting for you. You’ll, be late for your trip. I have friends since when yes mom, i’ll, get up. I just wanted to enjoy my bed one last time, all right chapter, one, the beginning or the new beginning.

What the caterpie that one’s; a toy got a free ball. Uh, okay, we don’t, have a free potion that’s unfortunate. What is this i don’t know, can’t run. I don’t think unless there’s, unless i can’t, i don’t know the right button.

About Firt Dungeon:

They must have finished this first dungeon or they must have been yeah. They must have finished this first dungeon. This is the first time you’ve discovered a dungeon. Yes, all right here’s, some explanations. There are a number of dungeons in this part of the world. They were created by very good trainers who wanted to continue to compete with exceptional trainers. The test differs from place to place, so i’ll, explain to you what to do here.

Some slabs are no longer very solid. You may fall through them in itself. It’s, not very complicated fun. Is it you’ll, obtain certain rewards according to the dungeons and according to the will of their master? With that, i wish you a good dungeon. Thank you for the explanation i’m, leaving to join my friends stage one i’m guessing that said, nice a little water, a little light got a little rock. Oh, is this your first dungeon yeah? It is rather tattata tackle them.

Now, oh, that hurt evie. Oh he’s, an eevee that’s kind of cool. I don’t know why i would use helping hand. I don ‘ T know why it’s being stupid, but okay. Well. That was easy. Oh pretty good! For your first time here, thanks dude, never gotten a compliment before what is bob is in the house. Oh god, uh hello, bob trainer, bob in the house. Oh jeez, oh gross, get it out of here. Dude get this thing out of my face. It’s, ruining my mood goodbye badoof. I learned to bubble bob. Has it in his face? What does that even mean bob? What are you even saying? Uh special 16 attack 15.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Jaspe Download RPG:

  • New Storyline and plot.
  • Some new pokemon.
  • The music for bourg is so peaceful.
  • New moves and movesets.
  • Graphics and gameplay is enhanced.
  • Register yourself at the start.
  • Beauty traine based on Japenese and Korean Gen II Sprites.
  • Several new battles.
  • Animations are different.
  • You have a complete island with two badges, three dungeons.
  • Complete with an open map and a whole bunch of related things.

Download Pokemon Jaspe Download RPG For free:

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