Pokemon Zard GBC Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Zard is a hack of Pokemon Blue Version where the player needs to play the gameplay story of the pokemon blue version. Being developed by coeurdhiver by using the Code Engine of Pokemon Blue for all the English-speaking gamers. Download Pokemon Zard with the Charizard being a main pokemon characater in the game. The developer has included so many new features and updates which makes the game more amazing and unique to play. This type of games makes the pokamon players more special to feel the gameplay more interesting. Let’s dive in and explore what are some special features that the game contains which makes it unique than any other pokemon game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Zard
  • Remake of: Blue
  • Remake by: coeurdhiver
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

zardgey and squirizard bulbazard and squirizard contents of pokemon data

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Zard GBC ROM Download:

As the game starts the main player have to choose the gender characater as soon as the missions started. Choosing a specific character makes the gameplay scenes different than the other character you have choosed. The original game story starts from a meme that started back in reddit and all the gamers demanded a rom hack for it like in Pokemon Fire Ash 100% Working . Thus the creator of this game have started developing this game. Special movements and characaters are part of the game which makes the game more complex while completing all the missions and tasks on time. Every pokemon is a different variant of the charizard which makes the gameplay more interesting than the normal pokemon games. The entire characater is somewhat similar in shapes and sizes of the original Charizard characater.

Battles are being made special while allowing some special characaters in the battle mode. There are some special battle and war moves which makes the game more interesting for you so that you have a different experience this time. All the enemies and rivals are present and they are having all the facilities to have a fight with you. Different new challenges should be given to you by all the rivals and enemies so that you can have more difficulty battles this time. Difficulty of overall game as looking to the tasks and missions is increased which makes the game more interesting, because back in the pokemon rom hacks we have seen most of them having no difficult missions and tasks. Also, check out Pokemon Essentials Download V18.1

Creator of this game says that there were several comments requesting a ROM hack for this, similar to the marvelous Bidoof Version. That’s why he has included so many new gyms and characaters which makes the game more complex for you. Having some new randomized trainers and pokemon chacracter which makes the overall pokedex of the game more complex. Completing the pokedex is one of the core task and you should do the same as we have done in the previous pokemon rom hacks. By completing the pokedex you are able to access some new places such as gyms and training centers. Indeed you can meet the professor for having some tasks in the end. The professor will guide you for each and every mission you came across and you should take some advices from him because he have the best intelligence in the game.

New Moves and Graphics:

Talking about the moves, there are some characaters in the game which have some amazing new moves. Not only moves, but overall animations of the characaters are so interesting that you cannot neglect for having a better gameplay than this one. Now all the old class moves and animations are being renewed and have some new music which makes the animations of all the characater more amazing than the previous version like in Pokemon GO ++ . Now with the campanions you can travel and have some pokemon in your catch list as well. More new pokemon has been added in the pokedex so that you can enjoy their powers and abilities.

Some Amazing Facts in Pokemon Zard ROM GBC:

  • Gameplay is new and updated.
  • Some new moves and movesets.
  • Having amazing unique trainers and pokemon.
  • Pokemon resembles the Charizard.
  • Battle effects and moves are different.
  • Music system is unique.
  • More pokemon in Safari Zone.
  • All 151 Pokemon Front Sprites are changed to be more similar to Pokemon Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal..
  • Day and night system.

Download Pokemon Zard ROM GBC For Free:

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