Pokemon Essentials Download V18.1

Pokemon Essentials V18.1 is one of the most amazing pokemon game which is for the RMXP Platform. Having lots of new features and characters included in the game which make the gameplay experience a lot more different and unique. Over the years the developers of this game has not added any newer version of pokemon essential download, now this time they have released for the sake of a better gameplay experience this time.

A whole new version with a completely different story from other rom hacks we have played. The new version contains some pokemon from advanced generations and some from previous as well. The way you play the game completely depends upon you to take the game to the end by completing all the missions. Let’s have a look at some of the best features we are going to enjoy in this version which is v18.1.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Essentials
  • Platform: RMXP
  • Language: English
  • Based on: Fire Red

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

the main area Rival blue sent out mode selection transfer sound effects in the town

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Essential 18.1 ROM:

Within the area, there are different types of creatures living, some of them are dangerous and some are friendly. The player being a traveler and explorer, some new places are added for the purposes so that you can explore them well and find some interesting pokemon. Pokemon of different types are available to be caught because in the previous pokemon games we have limited types of pokemon. In every Pokemon game if you take a look at the pokemon collections, you will note that some types are missing like in Pokken Tournament. Some will miss the fire type while other will miss the water type pokemon. Luckily in this version we are going to experience all those types of pokemon which are required for different tasks.

One thing to note that the “trainers.txt” has a new format which is much easier to read and write. This update was so important because we have noted in the previous version some players asked to change the characteristics of the trainers which was a big ditch in the previous version. Especially you don’t need to worry, the old format still works but for that you have change the modes a little bit. Some really cool features of trainers are available and they are available in the coded format as well. Those coded format method can still be used and is highly effective. This new format lets you define each of a Pokémon’s IVs individually, rather than having a single number for all of them. You can also set their EVs which is one of the best addition to the EVs changelog. More properties should be easier to add in if and when they’re needed.

PBS Files:

While talking about the PBS files, most of them are updated and they can be super effective so that you have a clear idea what to do next. Some coders need little guidance that how to edit specific code but most of them knows well the coded format. Like if you want to draw lines between the items, you need to edit the ‘items.txt’ which is quite easy process like in Pokemon Vega Minus . If you know how to type the old code format then there is nothing to worry about. A few extra properties are definable, such as editing of graphical elements, map-specific metadata for battle environments and extra positioning values for Pokémon sprites and their shadows. These are little tweaks which are added which makes the game more interesting for you to play.

Battle System and Visuals:

Some interesting changes has been made to the battle system which makes the battle more interactable for all the opponents and you as well. That is only because the graphics of all the movements and moves are changed with the new elements. SImilarly the motion effects and 3D effects are advance class and can be really fit for all those different characters that the game contains. Move animations as well as the war animations are updated with the new one, this way you can enjoy all kinds of different moves with complete different animations and effects. Some interesting changes such as “throw a Poké Ball” or “Pokémon faints” or “make the whole battle screen fade in from black at the start with everything sliding around and looking dynamic”. Also, try Pokemon Sun Ruby Download

Now with the changes done in the graphics, it also includes the command bar’s background now depends on the environment rather than always being grey, as we have noted in the previous version it was not grey, it was like the blue. Now data boxes (the panels with the HP/Exp bars in) now have better-looking numbers and improved bar-changing animations. Certain new chacracters can now win some interesting animations effects which makes the game looks more promising.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Essential V18.1 ROM RMXP Download:

  • Whole new graphics and visuals.
  • New music system and sounds.
  • Motions are edited.
  • HP System.
  • BW System also included.
  • PBS Files can be edited.
  • 3D Elements are added.
  • EVs changelog.
  • Splash bar announcing that ability has triggered
  • Changes have been made to tackle lag
  • English language is the main.
  • PBS files get some improvements too.

Download Pokemon Essential V18 RGP Maker XP Free:

Download Here

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