Pokemon Sun Ruby Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Sub Ruby is one of the most amazing rom hack of Pokemon Ruby version we have ever played so far. There are different forms and areas which are included as a part of the game so that you have a new experience this time. Download now the Pokemon Sun Ruby Version by having brand new gameplay which will maximize your pokemon gameplay experience this time.

So many features like the addition of some new pokemon and characters make the game more amazing for you because you have to consider them all while playing the game and making them full use in the gameplay experience. Some Amazing new graphics are also part of the game which makes the game looks more graphical and interesting. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features in the game we can experience this time.

Game File Info:

Game Name: Pokemon Sun Ruby
Remake By: Lukagba
Remake of: Pokemon Ruby
Platform: GBA

Some Screenshots of Gameplay:

what will primarina do pokemon info sun ruby scratch and Groul

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Sun Ruby Version GBA:

As the game starts the player is in the Alola Region where different kinds of new pokemon are living. With the Starter pokemon you have to experience some mysterious activities as soon as they are introduced to you. Special pokemon such as Legendaries pokemon are also part of the game and this time all the legendaries pokemon are special and new like in Pokemon Sun Pearl Download. They all have some unique features which cannot be ignored because the specialty of all the pokemon especially the legendaries are different. Talking about the Alola Forms, there are 14 alola forms added in the game which again makes the game more amazing and special because in all the forms there are different pokemon that you can hunt.

Hunting and Catching Pokemon and other tasks:

Hunting the pokemon and catching them is one of the important task that you can make use of them. Simply catching them and making them use for your own use. Remember that there are some pokemon in the area which have some enormous kinds of new features and powers. All of them have their own special powers. Now it is your duty that which pokemon you have to catch and make them use for your own usage. Legendaries pokemon can be used for all the attacks and different modes of conversation like in Pokemon Prism ROM Download. They have the ability to make the opponent more pressurized to speak and defeat with ease. But you have to do one thing, catch the legendary pokemon with special care so that they can be the best source for you.

All the three new kinds of stages are available in which you have to make use of special pokemon. The three pokemon such as Litten, Rowlet, Popplio and all of them are different stages. All the stages have special access for the pokemon that you have caught so far. About 36 captureable seventh generation Pokémon are available which can be special because no other previous hack of Pokemon Ruby. As we have played other hacks of Pokemon Ruby, but here this is different because the special access in the stages of pokemon sun ruby is unique this time. That’s why because of these features you will realize soon that this game is unique from all the other hacks.

Battle System:

While talking about the battle system, there are several changes that happened in the battle system. All of them are different this time because the battle animations are unique and have different attack styles. The Attack modes of pokemon are unique this time because they can be ruled out with special features. Whenever the gym leaders appear they will soon challenege you for a special battle. But you can win in only one condition if you have caught some pokemon which have some unique styles and powers. Pokémon that evolve by happiness, evolve by lv (usually lv20), except espeon. Also, check out Pokemon Moon Diamond ROM For free.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Sun Ruby GBA Download:

  • Groudon traded for Solgaleo.
  • Unique gameplay and attack modes.
  • The graphics are extraordinary.
  • Sales of evolution stones in Mauville.
  • Pokémon that evolves by exchange evolve by stone or lv (usually between 38-42).
  • Pokemon from seventh and different generations.
  • Ash-Greninja as Froakie’s latest evolution.
  • Different new routes are available.

Download Pokemon Sun Ruby GBA Version For Free:

Download Here