Pokemon Prism ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Prism GBC is one of the special Pokemon Crystal Game remake which have numerous new updates available to enjoy. Having all the 252 Pokemon from four generations are part of the game, the creator name as Koolboyman has included so many new features of HMs and TMs. Download Pokemon Prism Version for GBC in english language, available for all the GBC lovers.

The story starts from an unidentified region and ends up in the region of Naljo. Naljo is a special area, comparatively bigger than the Johto region and having lot’s of new pokemon and characters. Let’s move on and discover some amazing features in the game before downloading the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Prism GBC
  • Remake of: Pokemon Crystal
  • Platform: GBC
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: Koolboyman
  • Version 0.94 Build 0237

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

while also taking down the corrupt to follow in his footsteps pokemon prism rom download wild shinxs intimidate

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Prism GBC ROM:

The story starts from an unidentified region where many constructions is going on and having lot’s of new features which makes the game so amazing that you will be excited to have a new region in the game like in Pokemon Lightning Yellow ROM. Some mysteries happened in the unidentified region and ends up in the Naljo region. While speaking of Naljo region, there are special pokemon characters in the game that can be caught. Remember that all the pokemon characters about 252 are part of the game. These pokemon are from all four generations, as these are special ones and have special powers as well. While discovering the area, you will meet different trainers who have their own pokemon list and all of them have the best kind of pokemon in their list who have some strange behaviour.

All the trainers in the region have some new pokemon which can be challenging for you to compete with them. Because they have chosen all the pokemon with great concentration and keeping their abilities and powers in mind. All you have to do is to discover some pokemon and catch all the 252 pokemon available in the Naljo region. These pokemon can be caught with ease and have some amazing abilities that can do wonders for you. But all you have to do is to catch all of them with great care and train them properly so that their abilities has been polished. Naljo is a developing region bent on the dream of purist industrialization and after finding the Larvitar you have to collect some badges.

Caper City:

Caper City is one of the largest Pokemon cities in the Pokemon world. Being one of the most vibrant Pokemon Cities, Caper City is also considered to be the city with the most Pokemon Trainers in Sinnoh and possibly all of Pokemon Island. It has many recreational facilities and areas for Pokemon, so it’s no wonder that everyone gathers here – from children to adults. Pokemon Trainers would stay in Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Gyms while business-minded Pokemon Masters would invest their earnings to shops, restaurants, and other businesses. Caper City has all sorts of Pokemon – from Pokemon Stands to Pokemon Gyms.

You will always be able to find something interesting when you go out for a walk! Pokemon Prism is the first Pokemon game that I played from start to finish since Pokemon Gold and Silver. It’s what every Pokemon Master dreams of playing someday – a story of being a Pokemon Trainer journeying across the land with his/her buddies defeating Gym Leaders one by one while stopping evildoers along the way and confronting Team Rocket at the end.

With a game like this (or any game that isn’t what was expected at all), there will always be unforeseen problems with it – ranging from glitches to total game-wrecking crashes. However, the bugs in this hack don’t affect gameplay or cause crashes – so I’m fine with them. All you need to do if you encounter a certain “bug” is either restart your system or move away from that specific place until you get rid of it.

The Player:

You are an 8 year old boy who lives in Caper City with his mother and little sister. You live a normal life like every other kid (or at least you think you do) until when your mom takes you along her on a business trip to Mt. Coronet, home of Pokemon Crime Lab where you watch criminals being tried for Pokemon-related crimes committed throughout the land.

Where Wild Pokemon Exist?

In Pokemon Prism, Pokemon don’t exist in the wild yet. Instead Pokemon Trainers are given Pokemon by Pokemon Lab to reduce the number of crimes and other Pokemon-related incidents. Pokemon Lab was funded by several Pokemon entrepreneurs to promote business related to Pokemon on a global scale, as well as help developing communities around the world become more prosperous through Pokemon evolution training: increasing crop yield, home improvements, construction, etc.

This had generated new job opportunities for many people which greatly improved their quality of life – finally allowing them to fulfill their dreams! It also gave birth to whole new industries such as tourism industry where people can travel from region to region and witness the wonders of nature or train their Pokemon at gym facilities built around historic locations.

Oxalis City:

Oxalis City is a special Pokemon Center. It is by far the largest Pokemon Center so far, and there are many amenities to be found here.

Oxalis City Pokemon Center:

The Pokemon Centers in Pokemon Prism provide a rest location for Pokemon. The Pokemon Center provides up to six separate boxes for Pokemon to occupy while not inside their Pokeballs (Shown below.)

These six boxes are located on the left and right sides of the Pokemon Center building whenever you enter it from outside. These rooms are also equipped with healing machines that can heal all of your Pokemon to their maximum HP for free! There is no limit to how much times you can use these machines either, as long as they’re available that day. However, if you have too many Pokemon when using the machines, Pokemon will be healed at random. Pokemon Centers also provide free access to the Pokemon Mart and Pokemon Daycare, so you can buy helpful items and deposit Pokemon without paying for a room or being limited in any way.

The Pokemon Center is the main focus of Oxalis City and you will spend most of your time here. There are trainers walking around who may challenge you to a battle as well as other Pokemon trainers hanging out inside that will chat with you about various things pertaining Pokemon Prism.

Pokemon Mart:

The Pokemon Mart is available from the start of the game and provides tons of useful tools to help players along their journey! The layout is very different than games like Pokemon X/Y, but it can still be learned easily. Pokemon Marts are located inside Pokemon Centers.

Some notable items sold at Pokemon Marts include:

-Potions (Heals 10HP) -Super Potions (Heals 20HP) -Hyper Potions (Heals 50HP) -Max Revives, Max Ethers and other useful healing items such as Full Heals -Status heals to cure Pokemon of sleep or paralysis etc.

Daycare Center:

The Daycare is a building where you can deposit Pokemon into storage for free! Pokemon stay in the Daycare indefinitely until they are picked up by their trainer again. Pokemon deposited here will be fully healed when returned to their owner too! The Daycare has many different sections depending on how much Pokemon you have with you. Pokemon can be checked on by visiting the Daycare and selecting Pokemon from your Pokemon team at the bottom of the screen. Pokemon automatically deposit themselves here to heal after they faint in battle.

NOTE: Pokemon cannot evolve while stored here! This is a common misconception due to Pokemon games featuring evolutions being done in a Pokemon center as well as Pokemon Prism using the same graphic for depositing Pokemon and evolving them, however this is not possible in Pokemon Prism (for now)

Wild Battles:

Players will encounter wild Pokemon throughout their journey through Pokemon Prism, some are more common than others but all can provide strategic challenges for players looking to gain experience points and levels! Wild battles take place when you walk into tall grass or cave areas.

After Finding Larvitar:

One of the main task for you is to find and catch the Larvitar, as this is part of the core mission. Larvitar has some special abilities and powers that it can do wonders. Finding and collecting all the badges in the area is the next step and mission that you have to complete. Note that the region where you are currently living in is all corrupted. These corrupted lands can be set back with this special kind of pokemon name as Larvitar. There are different new pokemon available in the region which can be caught and make the Pokedex complete on time. Pokedex completion is one of the core task which can be completed if you give some concentration to these tasks. But first you have to catch the Larvitart.

After collecting all the badges of Naljo region, which is eight in number and can be used for many purposes. These badges can be the best source for all the corruption fix. As these badges contain all the secrets and powers which makes the player unable to fix all the pending issues. Some new pokemon such as Pikachu can be the best source for all the pending issues. The game have a nice collection of music like Pokemon Greninja-Z Download.

Battle System:

While making sure that all the pokemon you have in the pokedex, can be used for battle with all the enemies. Enemies have all the special pokemon in their list and they make sure to keep a look on you because they are worried about you that which pokemon you will choose. New types: Fairy, Gas and Sound are some updates that makes the game special. Some new animations such as battle effect move effects make the game special and to have new experience this time. The new moves of all the characters makes the game experience more amazing this time.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Prism GBC ROM Download:

  • New storyline and character.
  • Collect all the eight badges of Naljo.
  • Some new pokemon.
  • Pokedex can be completed.
  • New music and background effects.
  • Four crafting Skills
  • Side Scrolling areas
  • New mini-games
  • All the moves are new for all the pokemon.
  • The main character returned to Naljo region.
  • Shiny apricorns at random in the overworld
  • Shiny Balls preserve the caught Pokemon’s ability
  • Several sprite/picture updates
  • Debug features to reset the clock at start
  • More new animations.
  • Day and night system.

Download Pokemon Prism ROM GBC Version For Free:

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