Pokemon Greninja-Z Download ROM Free [Updated 2021]

Pokemon Greninja-Z is an interesting remake rom of pokemon emerald rom which has a new storyline and the main player named changed. Playing as a lead role, have some missions ahead to complete and dreaming to become a Pokemon Master one day. Pokemon Greninja-Z GBA Download have the same character name as Ash Greninja but in this version the name has been changed from Ash to Greninja-Z.

Even you can change the chacracter names in the game which is one of the coolest update and modern one. Ash Greninja is changed with the Mega Stone, as we know that many pokemon characters have been changed with mega stones. Some new pokemon are part of the game and all of them can be catchable. Let’s discover some special features available in the game which makes it so special.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Greninja-Z
  • Remake from: Pokemon Emerald
  • Platform: GBA

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

battle moves main dashboard pokemon info your greninja evovled into z

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Greninja-Z GBA ROM Download:

Storyline is the same as the original version but there are some changes done in it. Changed some pokemon names, as well as their basic look has been changed. Due to Mega Stones there are many changes happened in the pokemon and character’s outlook. Now each and every character look different than the normal, some of them are more powerful and some are weaker. About 300 pokemon are available from Gen 1 to 6 and one special thing about them that all of them can be capture if you want. Now which one to capture, it all depends on you, capture them by looking at their abilities and properties so that you have a basic idea about the pokemon that what can he do for you. Also, try Emerald Omega ROM For Free

Some pokemon have great potential in them, which can do multiple tasks for you, from fighting to finding the fairy type as well. These kinds of pokemon are available in this region but you have to do some really hard work in making them capture. After capturing you can train them and use their abilities to complete your day to day tasks. Meeting with the professor makes the tasks more easier because he/she knows everything well enough from you as he/she have more experience than you. Try to download Dark Diamond ROM

All you have to do is to meet with him before moving forward for a big task. In this way you will complete all of your tasks on time and complete all the missions with no stuck in between. There are mega stones which can be used on each and every pokemon to change their spirit and make them react differently this time. These little cool hacks makes the game more special for you to play with all the characters.

Change Pokemon:

With Mega Stones and Evolutions you can change the properties of any pokemon and character you want to change. Some of the stones are available for you while for more you have to search in different locations. Most locations are hidden in the map, as you are an experienced person and can find locations easily. Locations finding depends on the experience you hae and how much you travel along the way like in Pokemon White 2 ROM. With Mega stones you can change the look as well the abilities of the pokemon. Also, make them use for all special and legendaries pokemon so that you can make full use of them before going for a huge battle in the area.

Even you can buy the mega stones in different stores, especially in the Lilcove Departmental Store. Why to buy these mega stones? Because it has a huge infact, all of your rivals are making full use of them to change their pokemon stats and spirit as well. For buying these stones you need some credits to give the shopkeeper in return like in Pokemon Blazing Emerald ROM. Each and every pokemon has been given the new abilities and moves which makes them move in between the houses and buildings. There are some little hacks which makes the pokemon capturing a lot more faster than the normal process. Remember that you have to find these types of hacks so that you have a better edge among your rivals.

Battle System:

Talking about the battle system which is changed and have some more new enemies. Keep in mind that all of your enemies and rivals are making full use of their legendaries pokemon and mega stones. Try to practive Mega stones on only those pokemon that you consider them special and have power that can win battles and fights for you. New routes are available on which many new enemies are located. The battle and war effects are improved a lot while making sure that quality remains the same. These kinds of features makes the game special among all the pokemon emerald rom hacks.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Greninja-Z GBA ROM Download:

  • Physical/Special Split from older generations.
  • Old Storyline with some changes.
  • Pokemon from different generations.
  • All mega Evolutions.
  • The Mega Stones can be use for changing the spirit of pokemon.
  • Buy Mega Stones in Lilcove Departmental Store.
  • You can change A Greninja spirit.
  • Some new moves and movesets.
  • Graphics of the game are enormous.
  • About 300 Pokemon from Generations 1 to 6.

Download Pokemon Greninja-Z GBA Version For Free:

Download Here

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