Pokemon Masters EX Download (V2.5) (Working 100%)

Pokemon Masters EX is one of the best pokemon game which is released for the android platform and having lots of new features and missions. The whole story is divided into three parts where the player have to complete all the missions on time. Pokemon Master EX V2.5.1 APK is a realtime 3v3 combat RPG Game where the player has to play several roles before going to achieve the end goals of the game.

Act as a Pokemon trainer and being a trainer complete different missiosn and train different new pokemon in the area as well. Several new characters and pokemon from different generations are part of the game which makes the game complex for us to play. Let’s dive in! and explore what are the hidden features of the game that you will soon enjoy.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Masters EX
  • Platform: Android
  • Based on: Fire Red
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

new stories and characters hatch eggs and team up upgrade sync paira to 6 stars

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Masters EX Android:

When the game starts the main player is introduced with the starter pokemon in the game. Always remember that the starter pokemon are different in number and having different abilities who can do wonders for you. Playing the lead role in the game, the player has to discover some hidden places where we are going to find some new and amazing pokemon like in Pokemon Essentials Download V18.1. Talking about the pokemon in the game, they are from different generations such as from Generation 4 and 6 as well. First time the developers of this game made this game as multiplayer, now in the multiplayer mode there are different new features through which you can play with your colleagues and friends. Together you can complete some missions as all of your friends can complete it on time if you cooperate with them in complex missions.

Passio is one of the special regions where different new pokemon are available and all of them can be caught with some special skill. The combat mode makes the game more advance this time because in the combat mode there are several features which are not available in any other mode. Some amazing sound effects makes the game more interesting because the gameplay experience becomes amazing when it have the best sound and visual effects. This way your rivals will find it more amazing if you have the best collection of pokemon in the pokedex. Pokedex completion is one of the core task which should be completed in the first go as well.

About the Story:

The whole story is divided in three phases in which comes the combat missions, meeting the available characters, and explore the area for finding and hunting some new pokemon. Hunting is one of the core tasks which should be done at any stage of the game. This is for the purpose of completing the pokedex with some special pokemon that you can catch like in Pokken Tournament Download NDS. These special pokemon are available in the area where you are currently located. The game contains the special 3v3 real-time combat where we control a team of three coaches are available. Every coach duty is to control his Pokémon, by controlling the pokemon it means that they will command as you move forward and interact with several other characters.

Overall interface of the game display is awesome because in the previous version we have seen the interface was not special and this way you can enjoy the ultimate user interface. Through a simple interface, we will control the attacks and the objects of our inventory, always taking into account our level of energy (that is exhausted with attacks and movements).

Several new moves and attack modes are added which makes the game special for you because all of them are special and any of them cannot be found in the previous android based game we have played so far. Also, check Pokemon Vega Minus

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Masters EX Version Download:

  • New storyline and gameplay scenes.
  • The characaters and pokemon are new.
  • Pokemon from older version and some are newer.
  • Search for pokemon and hunt.
  • Combat mode.
  • Different attack modes are available.
  • The player can accede to Combats of Champions.
  • Pokémon eggs to incubate to increase your collection
  • Get rewards for the battle you played.
  • Train different pokemon.
  • Being the best trainer.

Download Pokemon Masters EX APK V2.5 For Free:

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