Pokemon Amnesia ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Amnesia is one of the special game and hack of Fire Red Version which comes up with a certain new storyline and moves. Many amazing kind of features has been included in the game which makes it more interesting for all the Pokemon Game Lovers. Pokemon Amnesia Download Game is the special version which includes almost all the 386 new Pokemon. Different kind of characters has been included which makes the pokedex of the game more complex and amazing. One thing to note about the game is that the creator of the game has focused more on the gameplay not on the pokedex.  Let’s explore some of the interesting and amazing kind of features in the game and be entertained from it.

Basic File info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Amnesia
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake of: Pokemon Fire Red Version
  • Game Size: Above 10MB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

awake in gangster mode start screen in pokemon amnesia rom meeting with professor in pokemon amnesia game

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Amnesia ROM Download:

As the game starts you will see a basic screen start which will be welcoming you for the initial tips and hacks. Some of the special features has been included in the game which makes the game more interesting for you to play like Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma. There are differnet kind of rival teams and you will find them more competitive for you in some cases. As there are a lot of missions and tasks which are in pending state and you to complete them as well.

The game storyline is completely changed from any of the previous version and hack of Pokemon Fire Red. As there are some teams in the area, which are your enemies and they will be waiting for some battles with you. For playing the battles you have to make sure that all of the basic techniques and tricks. Most amazingly you will find some of your rival teams who will be playing with you along with your enemies too.

As the game starts, you will notice that in the storyline it is already being mentioned that you have defeated the Pokemon League and you are moving forward in the game for some interesting missions and battles in the games. More features for the battles movements has been included which makes the game more interesting and amazing. You will soon notice that the creator of the game focuses more on events and scripts not on Gyms and Pokedex. So from this point, you will experience a different kind of gameplay in the game.

Regions and Scripts:

As you start the game, you will notice different kind of areas and regions included in the game. More amazing regions are yet to discover in the game which have many new types of pokemon living here and there similar to Pokemon Mirage of Tales Download Free. The creator has included different kind of scripts in the game which makes the game more creative and amazing. Some of the scripts are so much interesting that you will fall in love with the game.


There are different kind of new battles scenes has been included and now they are part of the game. The Battles animations are also present which makes the game more creative and Amazing. As 12 years old you have to discover different areas in the game which are yet not discovered yet.  Also, download Pokemon Sage Version free zip

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Amnesia ROM Hack Download:

  • Having a different storyline.
  • Many new Scripts has been added.
  • ABout 386 New Pokemon.
  • Some new regions and moves are present.
  • Many new scripts for the moves and battles.
  • Playing the game as 12 years old.
  • Some new Gyms and Graphics.
  • The gameplay is complex this time.
  • Many hidden areas and pokemon.
  • Catch a different kind of pokemon.

Download Pokemon Amnesia Version GBA For Free:

Download Here

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