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Pokemon Outlaw which is a quite amazing hack of Pokemon Fire Red Version. Lot’s of changes has been made in the map of the main region. Some of the buildings and towers in pokemon outlaw download has been replaced and some new are added. In the latest version of Outlaw Pokemon game, you will discover some new graphical and physical elements present in the main region as well in the side regions. You are living with your mom in one of the most amazing houses which is located in the center of the main region. There are lot’s of missions and tasks ahead in the game which can be really amazing. Go and download the full version of Pokemon Outlaw Game Free.

Basic Info About Pokemon Outlaw Download Version:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Outlaw Version.
  • Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red.
  • Language: English.

Snapshots of Pokemon Outlaw Version Download For Free:

pokemon outlaw download for free

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pokemon outlaw walkthrough

Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Outlaw Game:

The Story begins with the main player who is an Orphan and is living in a small town. The age of the main player is of 15 years and he/she has to discover the whole region for finding something important. The game contains many new characters and pokemon in the pokedex of pokemon outlaw version which is again one of the important new addition. You can also try Pokemon Omega Ruby Game  OR Pokemon Wish ROM

The player is aware from the Kanto region which is quite near to your mainland. The map of the Kanto region is completely change from any previous game version of Pokemon Fire Red Hacks. There are some new buildings and places which are new in the game and they are part of the game.  The story is quite comedy type because there are a lot of fiction in the game. Also, some new funny dialogues and jokes are present which increases the gameplay comedy as well.

New Dialogues:

As you install the game and start it, you will be asked to enter as male or female. Some new Jokes are presemt in the game which increases the comedy of the game to some extent. Some jokes might find you offensive but you don’t need to take it on the heart.  Almost all the dialogues are in the Joke type which is a quite an amazing feature of the game like in Pokemon Lunar Game

As you move forward in the game, you will be instructed in the Funny way to do this and that. This is all done due to the boring crap dialogues were present in the previous versions. The creator have added this comedy only to have some fun environment during the gameplay.

Having a Starter Pokemon:

Oh! Yeah, There are some new starter pokemons present in the game which is quite powerful and stronger. We are not going to mention its name but you have to explore it in your own way. Some of the starter pokemons are being given to your rivals as well. While some of the starter pokemon are with enemies characters. Also, the pokedex is update with the addition of some new characters.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Outlaw Download Version:

  • Having new Graphics and characters.
  • The Pokedex is change from the older version.
  • Boring Viridian Forest is no more in the region.
  • You will discover Poor People and Crime areas in the Kanto region.
  • Pokemon League is also part of the game.
  • Romantic Relationship between different characters.
  • Running shoes are usable inside the buildings..
  • Being a true Outlaw in the game,
  • Having a new Starter Pokemon.
  • New Characters are now part of the Pokedex.
  • Having some amazing funny dialogues available in the game.
  • No HM and TMs.
  • The Battle System is a new one.

Download Pokemon Outlaw Version For Free Now:

Download Here

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