Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue is one of the special pokemon rom hack which you might play to explore the hidden features of the game. This special rom is being remade from the pokemon fire red version by GoGoJJTech and have included ton of new features and characters which makes the game special to play and explore the hidden areas.

The whole storyline of pokemon platinum red and blue version download is based on the super rivaly of blue and red characters as they came from Jhoto region to become the champion of this place. There are several new characters and pokemon which makes the gameplay more complex than other rom hacks of fire red. You must try this version, now let’s explore some hidden features and facts of the game.

Complete File Name and other Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue
  • Version: Red and Blue
  • Main characters: Red and Blue
  • Remake by: GoGoJJTech
  • Remake from: Fire Red

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

there are pokeballs rival barry in the game elite four Raron

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Platinum Red and Blue Pokemon Game:

Story begins whenever a special character name as Red returns from the region of Johto and want to follow the dreams of his grandfather. There comes the blue chacracter as well to become the rival of red character and want to become the champion of this place. Some amazing rivaly is part of the game as you will see the astonishing missions and prizes are waiting for you as soon as you move forward in the game.

As the Red character moves forward and want to explore the area of Kanto in which both of them are now settled, everyone wants to welcome them but one main problem is their rivaly. You have to play some tactics and tricks with the characters available in this area like in Pokemon Legends ROM. Some amazing and features are also part of the game which makes it graphics rich enough that you will be fan of this rom hack.

Keep in mind that the blue character came from the pallet town and have several astonishing features and abilities through which he can compete with all the new characters and especially with the famous rival name as Red. Sinnoh Region in its best ~ Using the Platinum tiles, looks, everything and even things like the distortion world which is one of the best feature of this region. All the platinum tiles are being used in a proper way so that it looks amazing and well organized, this way you will have to enjoy a completely different look from the older versions of pokemon fire red.

New and Different Pokemons:

There are about 493 Pokemon has been added which are now part of the game. This feature of the game makes it unique from all the other hacks, all the patches has been part of the game and there are 649 patch or use a tool. One of the special thing about this feature is that all these was done by hand, and a little advice from the greatest hackers of all time. Also, download Pokemon Mega Evolution 2 Download

All the pokemon which are now part of the game are different from each other and have a best look possible. There were several pokemons in the previous versions which look like very old classy designs, but in this game you will explore them, they look more modern than any other remake of fire red.

New Moves and missions:

As this game is special so there are some new moves which are being made with special love and care. All the moves which are part of the game can be applied to some special pokemon. All the pokemons which have got some new moves can be enjoyed. One thing and special concept to keep in mind that all these moves chacracters have some special roles and they can be enoyed in slow motions. Some of them have complex missions which can be completed with special care because they have the complexity.

Some new Amazing Features of Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue GBA ROM:

  • New moves and characters to enjoy.
  • Indoor running is the fun part.
  • Outdoor running is improved.
  • Class based trainer music
  • Sinnoh music
  • Day and Night System and music.
  • A WORKING Physical/Special Split.
  • Some new items and Evolutionary stones.
  • BW2 repel system
  • The Battle system is improved alot.
  • A removed help system
  • New forms and pokemon.

Download Pokemon Platinum Red and Blue for Free:

Download Here