Pokemon Legends ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Legends is one of the special rom hack of Pokemon Fire red version. The current version of this rom hack is v2.5 which is developed by Scompi. There are several new updates available in the latest version which makes the rom hack more advance than any other rom hack of fire red version. The main player have to play several new mini missions which makes the gameplay more interesting than ever. The region in this legends pokemon game is entirely new and you will experience a brand new gameplay because in this region there are plenty of new creatures and things to discover and own. Roam around in the area so that you can have the best experience of playing the entire game and all the missions inside it.

Game File info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Legends
  • Remake of Pokemon Fire Red
  • Current Version: v2.50
  • Game Size: 57KB

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

strange things happened Gible used in the game the players in game

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Legends Rom Hack:

As the game starts there are several things to note, the main screen display has been changed and there are few changes in the menu. If you are going to compare it with other rom hacks of pokemon fire red version then this might surprise you because the necessary changes which has been made makes the game unique among all the other rom hacks. As far as the storyline of the game is concerend, it make a record because the author has made some serious changes in the gameplan and all the missions has been re-written. This makes the gameplay mode of this current verison stand out among all the important rom hacks of fire red versions.

The mini missions in the game are designed in a way that can be enjoyed alot because there are few updates which will make you feel more interested in playing all the missions and making some good remarks in the gameplay like in Pokemon Flora Sky Rebirth Download. These small changes such as the little bug of walking of the main character makes the gameplay more smoother than any other rom hack. The main character can now travel to Johto region which is again one of the special feature that we were waiting. In fact this feature was not available in the last or previous verison which is a big clue of the fact that more interactable and interesting changes are coming along the way.

While exploring the main area, you will experience one of the special feature of the game which is meetings with new and old friends. Of course all the old friends are on the list and you will surely want to meet them in a private space like in Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter. These kinds of features makes the game stand out among all the popular rom hacks of fire red and emerald versions. A lot of new and old bugs has been fixed which makes the game more flexible in way that you can experience the gamplay without any interruption. Complete all the missions and catch as many pokemon as you want because catching of pokemon is one of the special feature that the game contains.

Walk around the Region:

The walking ability and feature of the main character as well as the other characters has been improved. Now you will see alot of new features such as walking in different style. Also, the physics of all the moves has been improved and you will experience changes in the latest version, because we have personally experienced some changes in the moves of all the players. Even there are some new moves which are added which makes the gameplay experience a lot more different than any other version.

This way there are several new moves which are part of the game and can be seen in different characters. Now walk and move in an entierly different way. There are some new animations of walk and moves which makes the game stand out among all the other hacks.

Some Important Features in Pokemon Legends ROM GBA:

  • The background effects are entierly new.
  • Moves and movesets are different.
  • Storyline is more interesting.
  • The player have more physiques.
  • You can travel to Johto region.
  • Meet with old and new friends.
  • Walk around the city in new manner.
  • More different sound and visual effects.
  • Animations are different than previous verison.

Download Pokemon Legends Version for Free:

Download Here

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