Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter is one of the renowned rom hack which is remade by c067912881. The storyline is entirely different which follows the one basic principle, to move forward and catch as many pokemon as you can. Download Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter rom for free in which you don’t need to worry about the Gyms.

The story begins from the fight which begins 2 years ago among the 3 top class leagues known as Red, Elite four and Bruno. Interestingly the Elite Four wins and crushed all the other leagues. A character name as Pikachu escapes from the Elite Four League which makes the game interesting for you. Because being the main leading role in the game you have to find him in the game and deliver him to the actual owner name as Red. Stay tuned with us because we are going to list down some of the astonishing features and facts about the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter
  • Platform: GBA
  • A remake of: Fire Red Version
  • Remake by: c067912881

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

this will be a two part lesson the player moves clock in start menuthe player moves

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter GBA ROM:

As you know in most remakes of pokemon fire red the storyline remains the same, as there are numerous hacks in the pokemon games industry. The story of the game starts from a War that happened about 2 years ago among the three leagues. In which the Elite Four Crushes and Punished other leagues in the game and luckily the Pikachu characters escape from the battlefield like in Pokemon Hyper Emerald V4. Now you are playing as the main character in the game and have several missions in pending. All you have to do is to catch different kinds of pokemon and other species because you have no restrictions at all. There are several new updates that make the missions and war affect more promising in the game as compared to the previous hacks of pokemon fire red.

The pikachu character after escaping from there, comes and join the yellow team and participates in the battles and missions here. You are playing the role of yellow in the game which is the leading role. All you have to do is to deliver the pikachu character to their owner’s name as Red. The catching of pokemon in different places is one of the most intractable part of the game like Pokemon Pink Version Download. Because the new methods and catching abilities are added in the yellow chapter pokemon adventure game. Moving forward she Captures all the Pokemon she obtains in the manga. There are several other features which makes the game more graphics-rich and animations of the battlefield is more promising than ever. Red, Green, and Blue will make there appearance like in the manga.

What’s new Before Trying this game:

While playing the game you don’t need to worry at all about the gyms available in the game. Because these are not the part of missions like in the previous rom hacks we have seen that the gyms were also part of the game. This makes the game uniques, as well as the moves of the game, are from the advance class generations. You will be wondering to know that the Gen 4-5 moves and fairy type is part of the game. Surfing is also part of the game and that can be done with the surfboard on the pikachu character. Yellow’s Pokemon will be forced evolved throughout the hack and you will be able to ride Doduo and Dodrio(Once Evolved). You can also try Pokemon Sigma Emerald Download

As far as the moves in the game are concerned, the Gen 4-5 new moves are now part of the game. Each character have some good collection of moves and graphics. The fairy type pokemon is one of the amazing type and that is also part of the game. The story have some parts from the Alola Region and that can Only playable when Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn are completed. This is also a rom hack of fire red which have its own gyms. You don’t need to worry at all about the gyms available in the rom hacks.

Bugs: (Strikethrough means fixed)

-One house is buggy once entering Pallet Town
-Sprites Pallets are discolored from time to time

List of Some Amazing Features and Facts about Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chapter ROM GBA:

  • Having a new area and region.
  • Some new missions and moves are part of the game.
  • Moves from Gen 4 and 5.
  • The new characters have new moves and fairy types.
  • The day and night system is awesome.
  • You surf on a surfboard with Pikachu!
  • Brand new Boot screen
  • New collection of graphics.
  • The start menu has a new clock.
  • The Alola Region has some part of the game.
  • You are playing the role of Yellow.
  • Iv’s are displayed in the stats

Download Pokemon Adventures Yellow Chap ROM GBA Free:

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