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Pokemon Sweet Version Game Download is available now on Pokemonlog.com which having a very interesting storyline. There is a good news for all the sweet lovers in Pokemon Sweet Game GBA. The storyline of the game mainly revolves around a concept where you have to collect the different Candified type of Pokemon in the game. Also, the Pokedex of the game is updated to the new version. This is also a remake of Pokemon Fire Red Version which author by Ephraim225.

Basic Info About Pokemon Sweet Version Game Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Sweet Version GBA
  • Author: Ephraim225
  • A remake of FireRed Version.
  • Game Size: Above 10MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Sweet Version For Free Download:

pokemon sweet version

what will split do

several gameplay screens

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Sweet Version GBA Game:

If you are a sweet lover and also play the Pokemon games, then here is great news for you. You must have to try this game at least one time. Having certain new maps included in the game which increases the interest of all the players playing the game. The Complete storyline of Sweet Version Pokemon Game revolves around collecting the different codified type of Pokemon in the area.

As the area assigned to you is Kanto, but there are a lot of changes have been made. Now the area looks like a completely new version of the Kanto region. You have to discover certain things in the area such as the Candified Pokemon and Fakemon in it. The Venusaur Pokemon Character have now beautiful cherries on its back, WOW! That’s a really amazing look to watch and play.

About PokeSweets:

In the Pokemon Sweet Version GBA Game download, you have to collect different PokeSweets which are really necessary and one of the major part of the game. Around 151 PokeSweets are present in the game which need a character to capture it and collect them in a box. You can also try Pokemon Ranger NDS ROM OR Pokemon Dark Cry Game

Remember that after capturing, you don’t need any trading at all. As we seen in different Pokemon Games, the main character has to do the trading process as well. In this remake of Pokemon FireRed, you don’t need any certain type of trading at all.

Non-Breaking Sweet Balls:

In the world of pokemon, a Pokemon sweet is an item that can be used to permanently increase your Trainer’s level. They are rare and difficult to find in game, but with this recipe you’ll be able to make them at home! This pokemon sweet was featured in the video games Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green for Game Boy Advance.

The way it works is when you eat one of these sweet balls, they will raise up by 100 EVs (one point), which means more points towards stats like HP or Defence. If you want maximum effect from each ball, try eating three per day. Good luck catching ’em all!

Where to find Pokemon Sweet Balls?

In the video games Pokemon Sweet, they are found on Route 25 near Goldenrod City. You can also use Pok-a-dex to find pokemon sweets easier with this handy tool!


Pokemon Sweet Version has enormous sidequests. The player can find Gengar, Haunter, and Cubone in the Rocket Hideout. They need to help Archie realize that he’s gone mad with power before they go any further into the hideout.

The player has two side quests of their own: one for getting a Poke Doll from Professor Oak that was stolen by Team Rocket (the old man was angry at them when he got it back), and another where they have to get an apple from Professor Elm so his hungry Togepi will be happy again.

There’s also a second quest involving finding Mewtwo if you found Moltres or Articuno earlier on your journey!

Mega Evolutions:

This is a new feature in the game that was not present before. Mega Evolutions are temporary power-ups, and they take both energy from their respective types (in this case fire for Blaziken) and also your items. If you still have these two things when time runs out then it will revert back to its original form.

Some important mega evolutions in this game are Blaziken into Mega Blaziken, Charizard into Mega Charizard X and Yveltal to mega Yveltal.

This is an important game-changer as it makes a “turn or burn” strategy more viable in the competitive scene for fire types that are weak against ground such as Typhlosion which is now able to take on even Groudon with its boosted speed and power from this transformation.

Other Pokemon like Scizor also benefit heavily from these evolutions due their weaknesses being covered by the strengths of new forms (in particular steel). However there may be some balance issues at play here when you consider how large of a jump in stats mewtwo gets through his evolution compared to other pokemon who have less benefits.

Customizable music:

The music of the game is highly customizable and you can change it with your taste. This game is a rip off of the popular Nintendo Gameboy series that has been around for nearly 20 years at this point in time.

The battle system is poorly done and not engaging because there are no animations or fighting sounds to go with it. There’s one small town with nothing but NPCs who don’t say anything interesting or worth listening too when you talk to them.

Every single sound effect within the game–even those made from your character walking through grass–is ripped straight out of pokemon fire red which came about 15+ years ago! It doesn’t make any sense.

The Pirate’s Port:

Welcome, traveler! I am The Pirate’s Port. Join me on my journey through the many islands of our world where we will find adventure and treasure alike all while sipping tea like a proper pirate does.

The Pirate’s Port if you’re ever in need for something new to read from us! Whether it be an introduction into computer programming languages with Python or some neat tutorials on how to make Popsicles – just head over there and have your pick. So without further ado: let’s talk games today!”

About the Battle System:

There are several changes and updates which are present in the Pokemon Sweet Game Download. You have to be properly trained while playing the game. Some new 3D and 2D effects are present in the game which is quite amazing to experience.

As we know that the PokeSweets are from a different generation. Some of them are from Gen 1 to 5 and few of them are from Gen 6 as well. The new music for playing the battle has been updated from the previous version.

Some Best Features of Pokemon Sweet Version GBA Download:

  • Entirely new and amazing region.
  • Kanto region with lots of new features and updates.
  • The Game is more interesting than FireRed Version.
  • A rematch of Gym leaders.
  • PokeSweets from Gen 6 are also present in the game.
  • New Graphics and 3D effects to experience.
  • Music has been updated with lots of new lyrics.
  • Now you can steal your Sweetrolls.

Download Pokemon Sweet Version GBA For Free Now:

Download Here

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