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Pokemon Pink is another brilliant hack of pokemon rom hacks, in which you have to play the role of a protagonist name as Kris. Playing as the main role of the game the player have to control several important issues and works. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the pokemon blue which is really amazing. If you are wondering how the pokemon pink version game is different? I mean is there any differences between these two games.

So, the answer is simple and Yes. There are some changes in the gameplay which will make it unique and more interesting for all the old pokemon gamers. The graphics as well the player from gen 2 has been changed from the previous gameplays. Most importantly there are new updates which makes the gameplay smoother and easier than ever. Stay tuned with us because we are going to reveal some amazing facts about the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Pink
  • Platform: GB
  • Developed By: 80C
  • Language: English
  • Status: Completed.

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

bug catcher sent out weedle believe in road hard defense pokemon pink gameplay scene

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Pink ROM Hack:

Adventures! Adventures! Yes, you heard it right there are many adventurous places in the game that should be on the priority list of yours. The graphics of the game is way to awesome and you will feel like the brand new story where the characters is playing the role of the protagonist. Talking about the new strategies of the game which is awesome to follow. All you have to do is to follow the instructions of the Professor to find special things like in Pokemon Monster Carnival Download. This game is developed by 80C which brings alot of joy and happiness by looking at the best graphics and animations available. If you are thinking that you are going to face the same storyline as the Blue version, then you are taking it wrong. Because of the renowned maps and characters, you will feel the differences in the gameplay.

About the Pokemon Characters and more:

Each and every pokemon character has his own type chart which makes the game more interesting. Some really interesting characters are part of the game which makes the war effects a lot more enthusiastic. The graphics are new and from Gen 2 which makes the pokemon pink gb rom download more unique for all the players who are wondering that whether it may be unique or not from the Pokemon Blue version. The charts of the game us updated to match the Gen 6 parameters which makes it more unique gameplay to watch and experience by itself. Talking about the tilesets, they are updated to the new one which makes the graphics look of the tiles more interesting than the previous versions. Even you will somewhat match with the pokemon yellow game which makes the Pokemon yellow fans more excited about this game.

Talking about the Unknown Dungeon which are updated now and its identity is pokemon yellow. All the Dungeons have its own unique shape and colour which makes the characters to look more different and interesting than others. Even there are some external tilesets in the game which makes the graphics look more promising and unique than ever. Talking about the palettes in the game, they are being updated with the new shape and you will feel some differences in the gameplay as well. While the game starts there are a bunch of new intros that are now part of the game and it may be displayed whenever the game starts.

Turning in the Shadow Ball:

Turning in the Shadow Ball is something that I didn’t realize and again it has to do with that. We’re in a cave right now, but that’s really good for us, because Shadow Ball is probably one of the best attacks that we can ask for. It is a physical attack, because ghost movies are always physical in this game. As well as since Harry ama is a ghost type is same type attack boost, and I think that Shadow Ball is even the most powerful ghost attack available right now.

So for that reason it might benefit us to keep nature power around a lot more. We’re gonna have to go through caves and dark areas, pretty frequently so having Shadow Ball having one of our best attacks in these areas and, in fact, with nature power having 20 PP, it’s more PP than actual Shadow Ball, it has so that’s, pretty useful, but even in the grassy areas it’s still useful, as stun spore helps us catch pokemon a lot easier.

This is like the one game where well not really the one game. The first of several games, where the mechanics of paralyzing and burning and poisoning Pokemon will actually allow Pokemon to be captured. Essentially, what i’m saying is that it was buggin gentoo. I don’t know if it would load in gen 1, but there are a lot of things that were kinda bugged and in one okay, donphan, let’s. Use psywave, okay, detect, that is fine nature.

Power turns into shadow ball and dumping is gone again. Nature power, surprisingly, going to be our most powerful attack in caves and that’s kind of cool it’s kind of cool because you don’t, really see that move very often in games all right. Well, with this segment, I’m, definitely hoping to get out of Rock Tunnel and possibly all the way to sell it on as well. I’m, really looking forward to celadon, because one we get a Pokemon for free and I it’s, probably not going to be an EV.

Getting Some new Pokemon:

Let’s, see if we can stand to the sand. True, anyway, yeah we get an EV or a Pokemon in pokemon pink free download version, it’s like a movie, and then we also get access to a lot of TMS, which is great for us. We don’t know what these CMS are going to be. Hopefully they’re, going to be more useful than the teams that are already in the original game. That’ll, be our last powder snow, but that’s. Okay or less ok.

Geiger reaches 40 damage good to know. I’ll use nature power here, because i don’t want them to be able to drag and rage twice if sky attack, mrs. rainfall and not having any one hundred percent accurate moves is a pretty huge liability. Psywave is, I think, only eighty-five percent accurate and San tomb is only seventy percent. Accurate, which is kind of bond gerson e santu, is as accurate as moves like thunder and Fire Blast and blizzard in this game.

So I don’t, really know what the rationale is or having such a relatively underpowered move, but whatever will do with it as it comes right, I’m going to take the time to heal up hair Yama. I want to make sure in particular that I start playing a lot more safely.

From now on, arena trap really destroyed me in the last segment, both of the pokemon that I lost two had arena trap and I kind of took more risks than I would have liked to do to arena trap. The second one was definitely avoidable, but well, I think the first one was pretty unavoidable.

Intro of 3 new types:

The 3 new types of the game are Dark, Steel and faiy-type. Each and every type may be selected before the game missions begin. You will be prompted to choose any type of gameplay which makes the game more unique and different from the previous pokemon rom hacks. Talking about the new bugs which were found in Dark type gameplay, is now being fixed and can be experienced with the new effects. Did you have downloaded Pokemon Gold Beta ROM Download

That is not broken at all and get the best experience from it and here’s no way to trigger normally the Glitch City Glitch by exploiting the Safari Zone warp flaws. Starters in the game are updated with the new ones now the new starters are Jigglypuff, Pikachu and Vulpix. Each and every one has its own type chart in which their data is present. They have their own strengths and weakness which are present in the type charts.

List of Features and Updates in Pokemon Pink ROM Game GB:

  • There are some new graphics and animations.
  • The war effects are way to awesome.
  • External tilesets have been updated to Pokemon Yellow
  • Playing a role of protagonist as Kris.
  • Similar gameplay like Blue.
  • Kris from pokemon crystal version.
  • Unknown Dungeon is part of the game and has been updated.
  • 3 new types of gameplays.
  • New starters: Jigglypuff, Pikachu and Vulpix
  • Every pokemon has its type chart.

Download Pink Version For Free:

Download Here

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