Pokemon Gold Beta ROM Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Gold Beta is one of the oldest remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver by the Game Freak in the year 1997. It is available for all the GBC Users and having some interesting new features. Download Pokemon Gold Beta Version 1997 For free from Pokemonlog where we provide best and working download links for all the GBC and GBA Roms.

Several new features like the availability of all the HMs and TMs are present which makes the game so famous in the world of GBC Pokemon Gaming. This is a demo version for Pokemon Gold and Silver in which the player has to move in different regions available to discover and catch some different sort of pokemon. Missions are quite complex sometimes, but anyhow you have to complete them on time. Let’s move on and discover what are some special features and updates available in this game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Gold Beta
  • A remake of Pokemon Gold and SIlver
  • Version: Beta
  • Year: 1997
  • Created by: Game Freak

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

walking along the way map of the whole town

Complete Overview of Pokemon Gold Beta Version Complete Zip Download:

This is a complete a real-time demo of the most popular game in the pokemon world and that is Pokemon Gold and SIlver, where the main player is playing the role of a young boy/girl who has some dreams. These dreams vary from time to time, but the main dream is to become the best trainer of pokemon in this region which can be really tough for you some time to complete because for that you have to fulfil a lot of complex missions and small tasks like in Pokemon Eruption Version. This is the next generations pokemon monster game which comes up with many new monsters in the area who have destroyed the peace process in the area. If you are wondering what your role will be in this vast area, you will soon realize when you meet with the professor. Some really exciting missions are waiting for you from the professor as well as from the people of this region.

Playing the role of a trainer in this area is quite a tough and challenging task you can do. Because first you have to train different kinds of pokemon in the area and after catching them you can keep in a safe place. Keeping them in a safe place will make you sure that all of your pokemon are safe and sound and are ready to be evolved in this region as well.

Several new evolutions methods are shared in this game and several of your pokemon which are present in the pokedex can be evolved into a new shape. Evolving into a new shape will let you know what are the specific changes came in it and what should be expected from this pokemon. Everything can be cleared from the PokemonData Card of any pokemon which is a really awesome feature in the game so far we have tried ourselves.

Realtime moves and New pokemon:

There are some new moves which are present which can represent your character a lot more indifferent way. Overall movesets are different which is one of the special features which makes the game a lot more unique and different. There are about 100 new pokemon present in this game which makes the pokedex alot more complex that we have seen in the previous pokemon rom hacks. These kinds of special features make the character moves and battle system alot more different and relax in a way that can be enjoyed with the different peace process

About HMs and TMs:

Talking about the HMs and TMs, which are the amazing characters we have ever seen in the game. These can be the life-changing characters which can improve all of your gameplay. These HMs and TMs are even not available in several remakes of pokemon rom hacks of pokemon gold and silvers. If you are searching for a pokemon rom hack which is based on pokemon gold and silver and have an HMs and TMs then this is one of the best game which have HMs and TMs.

List of Some Amazing Features and Updates in Pokemon Gold Beta Zip Download:

  • New Maps and Characters.
  • There are about 100 new pokemon.
  • Moves and new movesets.
  • There are new HMs and TMs.
  • Backwards compatibility with the Generation.
  • English Version: Coming soon by Team Spaceworld
  • There are some new translators.

Download Pokemon Gold Beta ROM For free:

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