Pokemon Rejuvenation Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Rejuvenation ROM is one of the amazing Pokemon ROM Hack which is been made with the inspiration from Pokemon Reborn ROM. Many new features and areas are waiting for you to be discovered in the game. The author of Pokemon Rejuvenation Download is Jan who has developed this game with the help of RPG Maker XP Code Based Engine. Finally, the game was released in early 2014 which have a unique storyline but you will notice almost similar gameplay of Pokemon Reborn Version. Let’s Explore some of the amazing facts and features in the game and be entertained from this. I hope that you will enjoy this game and one thing to note that this game is completed and now can be downloaded.

Basic File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Rejuvenation Version
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Status: Completed 8.1
  • Inspired From Pokemon Reborn
  • Author: Jan

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

madelis character near to the cave
taekwon in pokemon rejuvenation

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Rejuvenation ROM Download:

As the game starts the main screen will soon appear which will be welcoming you and giving you the starter’s instructions. First, you will have to choose whether you want to play the game in male or female mode. After that, the main gameplay will start. But Wait! As soon as the game starts the main player is in the Aevium Region. Aevium Region is one of the special places in pokemon games history, you will have to discover some amazing places and things in this region and make the game complete. Many missions and tasks are pending and will be completed by you as the region’s people are in hope that you will do something interesting.

Many years ago, in the Aevium region some evil forces have divided the region in four unknown parts and now the people are very upset. These evil forces are using some different kind of forces and evils that are destroying the peace in this region. As you are the main player in the region and now there are some different kind of tasks pending for you to be completed. They are demanding these parts from everyone but no one is ready to help them out. Because they want their lost places to come back and the peace of this region established. These are some of the tough tasks which need to be performed. But if you are willing to perform this then this will be amazing.

You are playing the game as a young pokemon trainer and have some special kind of abilities which makes you more unique from anyone else in the region. Some serious kind of forces are always against you and they are trying to destroy your career as well. First, if you want to help them out you have to collect almost all the 18 Badges in the region. After that you will meet a different kind of new and old pokemon and catching them is one of the special skill in you as well. Many pokemon characters can be catchable and you will soon have some tasks regarding to this. Many people are waiting for your special powers and skills to be applied in their region.

Catching Different Pokemon:

Catching different pokemon is one of the core task in pokemon Rejuvenation game download zip. As you will catch a different kind of pokemon and make them trained well so that they can help you out in different missions as well as in Pokemon Desolation Latest Version. These are some of the secrets facts that you will still want to know. There are almost 721 Pokemon in the pokedex so make sure that you choose some of the clever ones in the starter pokemon.

Modes and Help Centers:

There are a different mode in the game to play, Normal and Hard. If you are unaware of different missions and power skills then you must try the Normal mode becuase it is a type of relax gameplay mode and you will face less difficulty level as well. Some help centers are also available in the region which are ready to help you out in different missions. Most of them are located in the center of the region and many of them are at the corner.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Rejuvenation ROM Download:

  • Having a different storyline.
  • Many new Pokemons about 721
  • IV/EV Checker is also available.
  • Catch different kind of pokemon and almost all the 721 Pokemon.
  • TMs are also available and can be customized.
  • Shiny Pokemon are present and shiny rate has been increased.
  • Amazing kind of music and soundtrack.
  • Quick Save Function.
  • Help Centers are available.
  • Forms are present and can be customized.

Download Pokemon Rejuvenation RPGXP Version For Free:

Download Here

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