Pokemon Dash Game Download ROM (Working 100%)

Pokemon Dash is one of the best Pokemon Racing game which is originally built for NDS devices. Pokemon Dash download from Pokemonlog.com which is developed by the Ambrella and published by  Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. Having a different storyline, which consists most part of the game in racing mode. There are racing challenges and competitions coming ahead by the opposing teams to complete it in order to complete the course. One of the best Single player as well multiplayer on foot racing game.

Basic Info of Pokemon Dash NDS ROM Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Dash Version NDS
  • Release Year: 2004
  • Platform: NDS
  • Mode: Single Player as well Multiplayer
  • Game Size: Above 10MB

Snapshots of Pokemon Dash Version NDS Game free:

pokemon dash game rom download

pokemon dash download

pokemon dash download game

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Dash Game Download:

Are you searching for a Pokemon Racing video game for your NDS devices? If yes, then you are at the right place to download the Pokemon Dash Version ROM for free. Because the whole storyline of the game revolves around competing with different teams and members in racing mode. There are different racing modes available in the game which increases the interest of the players to race well. You can also try Pokemon Rojo Fuego  OR Battle Revolution

You have to use the Stylus for controlling the Pikachu, which is the leading character in this game. The Stylus is a type of controller device which can handle the direction switching of your main character. Use the stylus to pass through several checkpoints in order for winning the race on time. The course can be completed in this manner that you can pass the maximum number of checkpoints in a specific area.

Racing Modes:

There is a different kind of racing modes, which can be use for racing challenges. Like the Ground Racing mode as well as the Sky Racing mode. Both of the modes can be chosen according to your choice and the level of difficulty as well. In the Sky racing mode, there are balloons which can be achieved while you are in the racing mode as well. You can also try Pokemon Dark Cry Game

Different Terrains:

The terrains which are available in this game is different in modes and styles like the forests, beaches, swamp or lava pools. The Mazestone Paths can also be used as terrain for the gameplay experience. As soon as you complete different courses you can gain different power-ups. These power-ups can be chosen for speed purpose, while you are racing in different terrains without slowing down your main character.

Training Cups:

As soon as you complete different types of Courses, there are different kinds of cups that can be completed while you are completing different missions. The training cup is among the few cups present in the game which can also be achieved once you complete several courses.

After completing the Training cup, your training level is increased and some other kind of levels will be unlocked for you. Also, the Grand Prix Mode can be achieved while after completing the training cup as well. As far the Pokemon Dash Game is concerned there are total 5 cups in the game.

Best features of Pokemon Dash Game NDS Download:

  • Amazing quality of graphics.
  • Grand Prix Mode.
  • Five main cups to complete in GP Mode.
  • Training Cup is the main one.
  • Different style of Terrains.
  • Stylus to control the Pikachu.
  • Achieve as many checkpoints as you can.
  • Powerups with the courses.
  • Different Levels.
  • Single Player as well as Multiplayer.
  • Racing Game.

Download Pokemon Dash Game ROM For Free Now:

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