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Pokemon Metal Game is made with the help of RPG Maker XP for XP users by the LightningAlex. Having lot’s of new features and updates makes the game more different from many Pokemon Rom Hacks. Pokemon Metal Download RPG Game is one of the best fan-made game who have stated the developmental work in 2012 and finally completed in 2014. The Complete Setup of the game can be found at the end of this article. Let’s have a look at some awesome feature of the game which makes it unique from other games.

Basic File Info About Pokemon Metal Download Version:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Metal Version RPG Maker XP
  • Creator: LightningAlex
  • Language: English
  • Platform: RPG Maker XP
  • Released Date 2014

Snapshots of the gameplay:


different dialouges in metal version

basic look in the game

conversation with the gym leader rob

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Metal Verison Download ROM:

The creator of this game has made so much contributions in making such a unique gameplay for you. Having some new twists in the storyline of the game which makes it more interesting to complete and play the game. As soon as the game starts you will come to know that you are in the Arala Region which is quite new but one thing to notice about this region and that is hugeness. Yes, that’s the fact and the entire region is vast and huge in size.

The Professor Oak is already presnet in the region and suddenly one day he calls you to the Lab. You are guessing on the way that what is the problem now? After all, he gives you the starter pokemon to you for making some adventures in the area. The Starter pokemon may be from Gen 7 as well. He gives you the pokemon with a pokedex which clearly explains that you have to explore the area and make some adventures in the area.

As you have the core duty of saving your area from criminal people and you have to do that in a specific way. You will soon come to know that there are about three criminal organizations In the area who are actively involved in the criminal activities around the area. You have to protect the area from their dangers. A certain type of Mega Evolutions are also part of the game and you will come to know that there are some nice graphics effects in the background as well in the events.

About the Region:

The region name is Arala and you will wonder that how huge is the region. Certain type pf new pokemon are present in different places of this region. All you have to do is to capture a different kind of pokemon characters in the game and make your pokedex completed and updated. Many new places and locations have been unlocked in the game which again glorifies the gameplay. You should also try the Pokemon Genesis Game for free. OR Pokemon Crystal Dust Download Game Free

The Evolutions method of different pokemon in the game is changed from the older version to the newer version. You will receive instructions that there are a lot of area which needs to be explored and find mysterious things.

Capture Pokemon:

While being in the Arala region, all you have to do is to capture a different kind of pokemon. These pokemon may of different types and natures. Three rival teams are present in the game and they are also constantly involved in capturing the pokemons. One of the interesting things to notice about this game is that after becoming the Pokemon League Master you will explore some new events in the area like in Pokemon Korosu ROM. The Quest System of the game is more updated with the addition of some fantastic features like World of WarCraft.

List of Some Interesting features in Pokemon Metal Version Game:

  • Catch almost all type of Pokemon in the game.
  • Having a different storyline and area.
  • Arala Region is amazing and huge in size.
  • Pokemon World is half open and having nice quest system.
  • Areas are on pending to be explored.
  • New Evolution methods.
  • Nice Graphics effects and sound system.
  • Wonder Trade is avaialble in Online as well Offline Versions.
  • Three Criminal Organizations.
  • Rivals are presnet in the area which need to be explored.
  • Become Pokemon League Master.
  • Explore Events.
  • Mega Evolutions.
  • Nice Maps and Scripts in the game.

Download Pokemon Metal Game For Free Now:

Download Here

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