Pokemon Titan Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Titan Download is the most demanding Pokemon Rom hack which is now available to download on Pokemonlog.com. Pokemon Titan GBA download has a unique storyline and is available in the Spanish language. There are a bunch of new characters and pokemons are available. The whole game is in Spanish and in near future, the English language can be introduced in the game. Pokemon Titan Version Download GBA have all the three starter pokemons.

Basic Info About Pokemon Titan Download GBA Version:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Titan Version
  • Release Year: 2017
  • Language: Spanish

Snapshots of Pokemon Titan Version Download GBA For Free:

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Complete Walkthrough and Gameplay of Pokemon Titan Download GBA:

One of the most demanding fan game of the year 2017. Actually, the game is available to download and play only in the Spanish language. The developer is trying hard to introduce the English version as a translation of the Game events and dialogues.  The Storyline of the Pokemon Titan Game Download ROM is quite simple but interesting. You will have access to all the three starter pokemon characters. Pokemon Glazed ROM Game

As soon as the game starts you will have the opportunity to randomize or select a specific pokemon character from the Starter Pokemons. Some of them are quite an interesting character to play with and some of them are really boring. When you start the game, you can choose from the Official starter as well from the three starter pokemon characters as well.

If you are late in choosing what character to choose while playing the game then the Randomize option will be used automatically because it has the power to choose a specific pokemon character from the Starter pokemons. The region assigned this time is really amazing and unique to explore in this world. There are a lot of Wild-type and fairy type pokemon characters available in the pokedex of Titan Pokemon game.

About the Region:

The region which can be used for adventure purpose is name as Aleteia which quite awesome and big place to discover. The Arjes region is also available for discovery purposes. There are a lot of adventures to cover in the areas assigned. Some Pokemon characters are hidden and they must be discovered while moving forward in the area. Get the Pokemon Vega ROM Free OR Light Platinum GBA 

Some Scientists and sociologists are constantly trying to take advantage of the area as they are behaving like Thug and Gangster type of People. You have to save the land from them while defending your land from these thugs.

About the Battle, Graphics and Defending System:

There are certain new battles and missions included in the game. You need some skills to fight battles with your enemies in the forests and on the land as well. Also, the graphics of the game events are for really amazing to explore. The Defending system is update with the introduction of some new moves and tactics.

Some Best Features of Pokemon Titan Version Download:

  • Group of Scientists and Sociologists.
  • Having Extra Quality graphics.
  • The UI and Gameplay is amazing.
  • Have more than 20 Franchises.
  • All the three starter pokemons.
  • Have a unique storyline.
  • New Moves and Maps are present.

Download Pokemon Titan Game For Free Now:

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