Pokemon Emerald 2 Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Emerald 2 is one of the best edition of Pokemon Emerald Version which enables us to explore one more time the Hoenn Region with some changes in the gameplay. The main character has lots of things to do as he is the newcomer in this area and Professor Birch will be giving you a pokedex and your first pokemon as well.

Download Pokemon Emerald 2 Free for all the GBA lovers, because one more time you have the opportunity to avail the gaming experience of pokemon emerald version. Some new additions such as new objects and graphics are part of the game which makes the game more unique and eye-catching than any pokemon rom hack.

Are you wondering that what are those special features for which the game got so much craze in the early days of its release? Stay with us, as we are moving forward to have a look on some of the best features and changes available in this game.

Game Full Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Emerald 2 Version GBA
  • Platform: GBA
  • Developer: Lumma
  • Last Updated: April 2018

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

in the ice camp main player in hoenn region on the beach all the main players in the field main gameplay scene

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Emerald 2 GBA Download:

Did you have played the Emerald Version of Pokemon Games, I am sure that you have played that’s why you are searching for this game. Believe me this is one of the coolest additions to the original emerald version. As far as the game plot is concerned, it is same as expected, however, there are a tremendous amount of changes available in the storyline of this game for which the game knowns.

The main character is a newcomer in the area of Hoenn, where different kinds of pokemon species are living and they are looking for some good guide and trainer too. Initially, you have a chance to meet Professor Birch. After that, you have to complete several missions and little tasks which i think are very necessary to complete on time rather moving here and there.

As far as Professor Birch is concerned, he is one of the nice man the character has ever met so far. When you first meet with Professor, he will give you the pokedex to complete it on time as well the first starter pokemon like in Pokemon Dusk ROM Download. The starters are different in shapes and they are three in numbers, whichever you want to choose, just simply chose from them and your rival will choose from the rest.

Opponents are just crazy, as they have more power to tackle you and your team. As far as graphics of the game is concerned, they are just mind-blowing because in the older version of emerald you don’t have the opportunity to experience the best amount of graphics. Now in this version, all the little and tiny things have best display and graphics.

Know about the Rival:

Are you curious to know about your rival, that who he/she is? From where he/she belongs? Then it will be very strange for you to know that your rival is non-other than son/daughter of Professor Birch who has given you the pokedex and first pokemon like in Pokemon Moon Emerald Download [Updated].

Now it is a tragedy for you that how you compete with your rival in finding out some cool pokemon from the area and also defeating the bad people around you. Knowing and judging your rival is one of the skills that you will seriously need to work on because you are now focusing on solving the problems of this hoenn region.

Opponents and the Evil Organization:

Opponents are really strong as they have some mysterious kind of powers, but you know what? You can tackle them by working on your own skills. There is an evil organization which is destroying the peace in this area. Being a hero character it is your responsibility that you have to tackle them and defeat them on time.

There are some mysterious powers behind the evil organization which is pushing them to do more evil deeds. Anyhow, it depends upon you that how you manage them and what tactics you’re going to use to defeat them. This game is similar to Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y

As far as graphics of the game is concerned, they are really awesome and play an important role in making the game a big hit and have a huge fan club. All the little items have a nice display and color. The battle effects are brand new and have a slow-motion effect as well.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Emerald 2 GBA Download:

  • New Storyline.
  • Rival is son/daughter of Professor Birch.
  • Professor will give the pokedex and first pokemon.
  • Complete the Pokedex on time.
  • Best Black and White Repel system available.
  • Having adjusted stats and perfect gameplay.
  • ORAS Easy Berry Planting System.
  • Background music is awesome.
  • Pokemarts and Pokecenter.
  • Access some new routes available in the Hoenn region.
  • The shiny rate doubled to match later generations.
  • Base items can be accessed secretly.

Download Pokemon Emerald 2 GBA Game for Free:

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