Pokemon Emerald Omega Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Emerald Omega is one of the amazing rom hack of pokemon emerald rom which have enormous new kinds of characters and features which makes the game so special. The remaker name as mamamama is inspired from the storyline of pokemon firered omega which was an excellent pokemon rom hack we have played. Download Pokemon Emerald Omega Version for GBA, which have the same storyline but little bit changes in it for making the game more unique and complex for you to play. This way every pokemon game lover is interested in the game that’s because the extra ordinary gameplay experience and attack modes. Let’s have a look at some of the awesome features that the game have and download the game later than.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Emerald Omega
  • Platform: GBA
  • Release Year: 2014
  • Remake by: mamamama
  • Remake From: Pokemon Emerald

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

technical machine can now be used for multiple times do you want to set a nickname choose a pokemon from the list

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Emerald Omega GBA Download:

Changes are always there in any pokemon rom hack that you wanna download, now in this game there are few changes in the gameplay as well as in the rules which will make it more unique and awesome than any other pokemon emerald hack. While looking at the storyline you will not feel any differences in the gameplay but there are secret changes which will make you curious to learn what are some special changes that makes the game more special to play. The main character have to play the lead role and acting like a pokemon trainer who have to train different kinds of new and old pokemon like in Pokemon Dark Crystal ROM. Pokemon from older generations as well new generations are available in the game, which you have to capture as soon as possible.

All the physical and special split from the later generations are available in the game and they are now part of the characters from previous generations as well. They have different kinds of physical abilities which makes them more stronger and unique than any other pokemon from different generations. Some Pokemon are from Gen VI while most of them are from lower generations like in Pokemon Dark Diamond Verison. A total of 493 pokemon are part of the game and they all are available for capturing purpose. Capturing pokemon is one of the most important task you have to play and capture the pokemon on time. Timing is the most important thing in the game which you have to keep in mind, because most of the tasks are based on time and if you are on time everywhere you gonna rock it and win most of the battles.

New Moves and Movesets:

There are new moves for different kinds of pokemon. Remember that pokemon from older generations have no special moves in previous versions as we have experienced it a lot. But now in this version you will see some awesome moves for all the pokemon you found from the older versions. Along with these moves, the author has worked on the graphics of the game, which makes the game characters look more professional. All the pokemon can now have at least one new move and have a new graphical look which appeals a different look. The older and outdated moves of every special pokemon are updated which is a great addition in the game, that’s why the author has quoted at the launching days of the game that he has worked on small features which plays important roles in the game.

As far as the movesets are concerned, there are some new movesets for the pokemon characters like in Pokemon Crush ROM. They are also changed as we have seen in the previous versions which makes the gameplay experience a lot more unique. Some pokemon from newer generations are part of the game.

Battle System Changes:

While you are playing battle with the enemies, which I am sure will be a huge event, because both of you are trying to become the powerful champion of the region. Always remember that you can play the SET Mode of battles, which is quite interesting feature for all the pokemon emerald lovers. This way you can make the game experience a lot more unique and professional this time. While doing battle with the enemies you cannot use the potions for healing out the injured pokemon, this is one of the craziest feature that makes the game stand out among other hacks of pokemon emerald rom. Also, try Pokemon Fire Red:Rocket Edition Download Final(V1.0)

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Emerald Omega GBA Download:

  • Having some new moves and movesets.
  • Pokemon from later generations.
  • Only the SET Battle option can be used.
  • More new pokemon from different generations.
  • Physical/Special split from other generations.
  • New Animations for different battles and characters.
  • You cannot use Potions for healing pokemon.
  • Boss fights have 6 pokemon at maximum.
  • Red is the Champion.
  • Difficulty level is increased.
  • TMs are unlimited to use.
  • Music in the game is awesome.
  • Graphics are improved a lot.

Download Pokemon Emerald Omega ROM For Free:

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