Pokemon Fire Red:Rocket Edition Download Final(V1.0) (Working 100%)

Pokemon Fire Red Rocket Edition is quite interesting and amazing hack while you are acting as a member of Team Rocket, who came for adventures in the area. The decisions that you will take will be independent, it depends on you, for whom you wanna help and double cross. You will cheat, lie and steal in some place.

The developer of this game has included so much fun and adventures so that you have a clear idea what to do next and how to move forward. The attack modes and battle system is improved a lot while keeping the main story same as in the fire red. But as far as the old story is concerned, there are some changes in the new one. In this edition it is a game with your expectation with a whole new perspective. Let’s move forward and see what are some special features available in the game before downloading the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Fire Red:Rocket Edition
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake from: Fire Red

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

giovanni to prepare attack mewtwo intro player in the main area pokemon black market overview

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Fire Red: Rocket Edition GBA Download:

Being a member of Team Rocket and having lifestyle like them is going to be a crazy experience for you. As the game starts you will feel like the same old fire red game, but no there are changes in the storyline, in which it is played from a completely new perspective of having a thug life. Completing the wishes of the citizens of Kanto region and most of them are their individual criminal wishes which is not completed yet. All of them are waiting for you entry so that you can complete it for them and have a new experience. These types of features makes the game more interesting than the normal ones. But one thing to keep in mind that the main player boy is so clever and have a desire to conquer the Pokemon League. Also, check out Pokemon Origin Fire Red 3D

Move to Unravel Conspiracies:

As you move on and Along your journey, you will unravel secret conspiracies, some of them may be completely new and have a crazy experience. Now you can explore a side of Kanto you’ve never seen before, engage with familiar characters in unfamiliar situations. Becoming a Pokemon Master is your biggest dream and that’s the end goal. For this goal you are taking so many risks and have a new team joined so that they can assign some tasks and you being a trainer get some experience in the region. Pokemon League wining is also one of the biggest dream and have a special prize for that as well and that is being a Pokemon Master.

Professor Oak is there for you to help in certain conditions. Whenever you feel yourself stuck in some conditions, you will have to contact him before moving forward, because sometimes the young boy takes wrong decisions. You will visit his office in the Kanto region as there are several missions and tasks for you as a pending. Some Really interesting features like the Poke Ball is one of the amazing thing that you can use for having a better experience in contacting with strange pokemon.

Stealing and Catching Pokemon:

Stealing of pokemon is one of the craziest update given in this edition. As soon as you become familiar with a Pokemon Trainer, you can have the option of stealing his pokemon. After stealing you can have a list of stealed pokemon and after that you can train them as soon as some of them are wild. Wild pokemon are also available in certain areas and you have to catch them in the right place to give them some training.

As soon as you defeat a pokemon trainer in the battle you can immediately steal their pokemon and can use for your own usage in certain conditions and areas. It depends upon your age and experience as well, because an experienced player will get the chance of stealing more pokemon as compared to a fresher one. Also, check out Pokemon White 2 ROM

Morality System:

Being a Team rocket member there may be tons and tons of request from individual personalities who will seeking help from you to do criminal activities for them. In rewards you will get the HP Bar increased and some experience as well being a member of team rocket. But it also depends on you, for whom you want to help you can do it for them and for whom you are not going to help can neglect. These types of features makes the game more interesting and interactable than the previous versions we have in pokemon fire red.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Fire Red Rocket Edition GBA:

  • Having twists in the storyline.
  • Some new moves for pokemon.
  • Starters are now changed.
  • The Morality system is introduced.
  • You can also engage well known characters in pokemon battles.
  • Mechanics of the game are updated with Gen Iv’s
  • Gameplay is enhanced and new look.
  • Day and night system.
  • Battle Mode is updated.

Download Pokemon Fire Red Rocket Ed For free:

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