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Pokemon Fire Ash Download from Pokemonlog having an interesting storyline and awesome gameplay experience added. Many features and updates are included in the latest version of Pokemon Fire Ash Version RMXP Hack Download. The full and complete setup for this game is given at the end of this article. Also, in this post you will come across to explore the Full Detailed Gameplay and storyline alongwith Pictures of Gameplay and many more features. The Creator of this game is Reinhartmax which have made this game using RPG Maker XP.

Basic File Info About Pokemon Fire Ash Download RMXP:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Fire Ash Version
  • Version: 2.5
  • Language: English
  • Platform: RMXP

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Fire Ash RMXP Download Hack:

Travelling through different regions and exploring the hidden areas and characters in the game makes it more awesome and perfect to play the game until to the end. Several new missions and tasks are being part of the game. Some new Pokemon characters are part of the game, as there are about 800 new pokemon from Gen 7. The starter pokemon will be given to you for exploring and finding new items in the game. Many more features of the basic starter characters have been updated.

One of the interesting fact about this game is that you are playing the main lead role of Ash Ketchum Character. As the Ash was one of the main lead role in previous hacks of Pokemon Fire Red and LeafGreen versions. The main gameplay is similar like the leaf Green and fire red version, you will some kind of similarities in the games.


game spanning to kalos


Talking about the changes in the backgrounds as well in the environment of the game, its graphics are being changed alot and having some new kind of graphics. They look very awesome and similar to the leafgreen version. Find out some new gyms in the game and you will have to fight the gym battles. There are about 50 gym battles in the game which adds more value to awesome gameplay. There are about 100 TMs which makes the game perfect for you to play and explore the hidden features of the game.

Graphics and National Dex:

The graphics of the game is awesome and having some new changes in the backgrounds. There are more attractive routes in the game and many routes are quite new in the maps. The maps are new and having more awesome places to explore and visit. There are about 800 new pokemon charcaters which are from different generations like Gen 1 to 7. Also, the Pikachu charcater will constantly follow you in the game. There are some new mega evolutions in the game which makes the game more interesting. You can also download all the RMXP Hacks also.


basic game play layout


About the Pokemon:

Even now. I can see that in the future when we catch more Pokemon like Ash, tourists might stay there and such. All kind of potion are the same price. A pretty good deal though. Like I said Silas.

It seems like we should just make our way to Verdean City. I do not mind the fact that the store is locked but the door is locked anyway, almost makes me think you love the doors in Pallet Town. Don’t feel bad for me now dude.

Press wrote, focuses on Pokemon and humilation shipped in his research good to know: yo hi ash. How’s it going it’s going pretty! Well thanks! Thank you for asking route 1 well battle, be careful in the grass won’t, put one can jump out unlike regular battles, though they may not attack you every time.

Getting super potions for free from the Pokemon is even better. And then, later on down the line we’ll be able to see aspirins and that kind of stuff.

Although Ashley’s been getting mega revolution, does it ever the closest thing he gets is Pony ash greninja and that’s? What megabit me closest thing you ever get still we don’t have to follow Ash’s team and it’s just like based on live engine.

Gym and Battles:

This game has over 50 gym battles which is gonna, be fun, and I think it ‘ S got ta, have all of ashes or wow it’s, a push there and the right candy nice that’s cool. It’s, got all that she’s like companion, so we ‘

Hopefully, the match will go as I know: Tracy Rob, misty Sarina dawn, and they’ve maxed everybody out. I think they will lose a battle frontier as well. So can we start matching up like that? I really like how Ash Ash wins.

fire ash game characters


In the one battle, the guy never uses the hakuna. Ash uses Charizard, squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu for the battle there in the forum.

I have been doing around here. She went to the Pokemon Center. Oh Team Rocket, get ready for trouble, double up to protect the world from destruction to unite everyone within our nation. Tenacity was a truth and love to extend our reach to the stars.

Seeing Jessie team rocket blasting off the speed of light, many think they’ve faced the same challenge. Unfortunately they’ve just found out I’m a twerp opponent. Are I your battle mate, James?

Are they really being like this at the wrong? Half of hash gray, which is just Pokemon with canto orange Islands and the first two movies. But this is like a lot more. I guess in this here and there we’re, just fine, just pay for the game from very cool and toughen of the bundle shocks which you too stronk P.

Imagine if compassion never walked in to Meridian city and Team Rocket, acted like they would. Never be following in full for the whole note: Ash’s; Jenny, another nice, peaceful life, a crime but nope more adventurous trend in the region.

Trying to Get and Catch some Pokemon:

Trying to get that Pikachu. We’re all ready, then and then healthy. Thank you very much. Other fat phe follows us: freedom, Myra can teleport. You, however, is to chide right. Okay, so I think I remember as well.

There is no flying hm fly in this game. You teleport through the Pokemon Center, which is all right against that white blimp service. Okay, you sure take us to light different regions later on. We’re, currently not taking any more customers.

Good to know, we are going here? Oh yeah, just trying to learn all my notes, don’t say I don’t know about that, and I’m sure you will read the blackboard carefully. No, I know all this already, maybe a shock.

You take some notes. You will know about the two kinds of Caterpillar Pokemon sure can’t, be as many poison, but wheedle does. Watch more sap book. Watch that your pokémon aren’t stabbed by widows poison sting until the advice, dude preciate sip.

So what is down here? Oh got a poker. Will nice the first pokémon ash catches? Is a pidgeotto isn’t it? Can you catch the Viridian Forest? Maybe those purple was at your waist don’t. Call you a Pokemon don’t you it’s good! You can carry news Poupon, anytime anywhere poor with jim.

Here. This room has been played for a long time now. It has four net forces. I’m. I had to be careful truce if we can head to the league first, just in case something happens, might get a fight Gary or something just like in the air in firered/leafgreen yo.

This is the part of the Pokemon League. If you don’t have eight badges, you won’t stand a chance here. Ok, we’ll, come by gonna get your badges, then no issue at all. This was kick. It up go hi! I thought he loves.

Mega Evolution and Battles:

There are some new evolution in the gameplay and have more battles in the gameplay. Many battles are with the enemies characters which are in the way of different places. Also, the Alola Forms are presnet in the gameplay. More items to discover in the game and you have to travel through different regions like Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kanto and Unova etc for many adventures like in Pokemon Dark Violet Game. On the way you will face different battles with your rival teams as well with the enemies. Team rocket is present also in the region.

List of Amazing Features and facts in Pokemon Fire Ash Game RMXP Download:

  • Alola Forms and Ash Greninja in the game.
  • Note that there are no HMs.
  • Gyms are present and having over 50 gym battles.
  • Travelling is the main part of the game.
  • Travel from one region to other like from Johto to Hoenn etc.
  • Battle Ash’s Travelling companions and rivals.
  • Having new TMs.
  • Over 100 TMs

Download Pokemon Fire Ash ROM For Free Now:

Download Here

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