Pokemon Rumble Rush Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Rumble Rush is an adventure-based game for all Android Devices and PC as well. The player has to play the main leading role where he has to discover new areas and find some pokemon that can make the Pokedex complete and can be used for battles. Download Pokemon Rumble Rush APK and PC for free with immense kind of new features that make the game unique and strange from other pokemon rom hacks.

Totally new and strange storyline which makes the player think of his every move to find new areas and catch some amazing pokemon. The area is filled up with strange pokemon species and characters which makes the pokedex complete on time. The area is large enough and have enough pokemon to be caught on time. Let’s dive in and explore what are some amazing features available in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Rumble Rush
  • Remake of: Fire Red
  • Platform: Android and PC
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

player moving in the area fast paced gameplay world full of uncharted islands upgrade pokemon of your choice

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Rumble Rush ROM APK:

As the game starts the main player has to choose a starter pokemon from the list given to him. The List contains all those amazing strange pokemon that are ready to be used for the fight. Choose the starter pokemon with great care because you are going to explore the area and catch pokemon with them. Catching Pokemon is one of the core tasks and should be done with great care like in Pokemon Mega Blue Download (Working 100%). Note that pokemon are different in many areas, now you have to decide what type of pokemon you need to catch and from there you can go to the specific areas where those types of pokemon are available. As soon as you choose the starter pokemon, he will get the incoming waves from the enemy pokemon that are nearby in the area. This is one of the coolest features in the game that makes it unique from all the other ROM hacks we have played so far in the fire red hacks series.

Taking the signals and waves from the enemy pokemon is one of the core task because with that you can find where your enemies are located. First you catch different pokemon and train them well enough that you can have a fight with each other and you can defeat them with ease. Now how to find the fact that you can defeat them on time and with ease? For this, you have to take part in various leagues and gyms. Contact the gym leaders and have a competition between you and them like in Pokemon Ultra Quartz Version. This way you can train your pokemon and you will have a better team of pokemon that are best suited for the fight. As soon as you discover more areas you will get to know some new bosses and enemies are located in those areas. So be prepared for the incoming fights and challenges from them because they will not let you in easily.

Enemy Pokemon can become Friend:

One of the interesting features in the game is that the pokemon that you are currently fighting with can become your friend. The only secret sauce for it is that you have to use different tactics to deal with them. Even you can evolve those pokemon and have a better pokemon this time. Evolution is one of the core parts of the game and can be done with ease if you have a list of mega stones. Mega Evolution can also be possible sometimes on some pokemon, but not always the case, because some pokemon are made for the mega evolution and cannot be done on them. But on those whom suits the mega evolution, they become really stronger and handsome when you apply the mega evolution process. So always choose the process with great care when you choose a specific pokemon for it.

Face Bosses and Battle:

Whenever you discover some new areas, you will face some new bosses who are ready for a big fight and can be done with ease. They are ready for the challenges because they are not let you in the area easily. For letting in, you will have to face them and defeat them with the list of pokemon that are available in the Pokedex. This way your pokemon can become stronger enough to walk and move in the area to catch some new and amazing pokemon. Remember that there are legendary pokemon available which makes the process so easy for you next time. Because they have the ability to fight and defeat the enemies easily.

The Battle system of the game is amazing and has some new features like the animation’s effects and moves. This way you will have a tough competition this time and you will fight more to defeat the enemies and opponents. For defeating them you have to choose the best collection of pokemon from the list. Remember that your rivals have the best collection of pokemon as well, which makes it harder to defeat them. Similar is the case with enemies as well, they have the legendaries available which means that they are also tough. Also, try Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.7 

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Rumble Rush ROM APK and PC:

  • Having a new storyline.
  • Mega Stones for Mega Evolution.
  • Face new bosses in new areas.
  • Catch and find new pokemon.
  • Pokemon will have new powers.
  • Get a new pokemon shape after evolution.
  • Boost your pokemon stars for a limited time.
  • Legendaries are available.
  • New Places to visit and explore.

Download Pokemon Rumble Rush For Free:

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