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Pokemon Apex is one of the most amazing game which has been made with the help of RPG Maker XP Machine code Language. Pokemon Apex Download ROM Latest version is developed by Nathan Gunzenhauser, who is the real person behind this amazing game. Big news for the Windows and PC users who are waiting for the Pokemon Game. Now discover the amazing area with lots of hidden and new features which makes this game unique from all other Pokemon Rom hacks.

The main character is living with his/her family in the main area where the whole gameplay scene has been made. Initially, you have to play the character of a child in the game which is quite an interesting character to play. As a child, you have access to some places where most of these places are forbidden for you. Let’s dive into the details section of this article and have a look at some of the interesting facts available to enjoy in Apex Version.

Game File Info:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Apex Version
  • Type: Adventure/Casual
  • Author: Nathan Gunzenhauser.
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Machine: RPG Maker XP.

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

pokemon apex main screenplay
players moving in the area

Complete Walkthrough and Overview of Pokemon Apex Download ROM:

As a child character, play different kind of missions and tasks which will be amazing for you. If you have already played the RPG XP Games of Pokemon Series, you might have noticed some basic properties and abilities in your starters. Similarly, in this game you are going to discover and explore the hidden features of capturing and keeping the wild pokemon in your pokedex. These all tactics are only available which makes the game so much advance and interesting than any other pokemon rom hack. Perhaps you might have played the pokemon Sage or Ligh platinum version in which the main character is going to play the role of a trainer. As a child boy your dreams are big and looking forward to receiving your first pokemon and play with it the most amazing kind of missions. Choose the starter from the available list of pokemon from different generations like from Gen 1 to 4. As Gen 1 to 3 Pokemon are available in almost all of the pokemon games.

Moving forward in the game you have some basic tasks like capturing a different kind of pokemon in the area. Also, in the game you find as possible mix between worlds towards the odd devil (or Pokemon) ravaged planet. Now as if you are an old pokemon game lover and fan you may know about the odd devil which have some secrets behind the scene. Also, there’s a black conspiracy hellbent on destroying both sides which is quite unique fact of the game and that’s why everyone is talking about it. Capturing is one of the old type of fact in pokemon games and now you have to capture some Pokemon. It’s up for you to step-up before they are doing a lot of damage and undertake the dark conspiracy.While you are moving in the main area you will capture the wild pokemon in it which makes it more possible chances for you to become a best trainer in the area. Training different pokemon is one of the most famous kind of feature which can be found in almost all the pokemon rom hacks.

What are some Special Facts:

One interesting fact about the game is that it is created using the adult fan in your mind huh! it is a fun fact about the game. The tiles and scripts in this game is totally different which is quite an interesting fact about this game. The sport is supposed to become fairly challenging as most of the people wants some challenging sports features in their gameplay mode. Talking about the gameplay mode which is now totally changed and some new modes has been introduced for making the pokemon apex rom hack more complex and difficult. You’ll have to consider your methods to be able to advance and make careful choices about your group. Perhaps you may have played the pokemon opal version which has all the new type of graphics and tiles which is resembling to the graphics and gameplay modes of this game. You can also Try Pokemon Volt White 2 Download

List of Some Amazing Kind of Features in Pokemon Apex ROM Download:

  • Graphics are outstanding.
  • Made for all RPG Maker XP users.
  • Adult mode type game.
  • Pokemon from different Generations.
  • Capture almost all types of pokemon.
  • Fan made Game modes.
  • Amazing kind of gameplay mechanics.
  • Gyms and Badges
  • All HM techniques may be applied as TM’s.
  • Many new HMs are available.
  • You will have access to infinite TMs
  • Custom music and tiles.
  • Sidequests and Revamped moves

Download Pokemon Apex ROM For Free:

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