Pokemon Spirit Gold Download ROM (Working 100%)

Pokemon Spirit Gold is one of the famous GBA Hack which is entirely based upon Pokemon HeartGold ROM which has been created by Drayano60. Various kind of new features and catachable pokemons are available in the spirit gold pokemon game which will be very interesting for those people who have played the Original HeartGold ROM. The creator has included a much new addition to the storyline which makes the game more interesting and amazing to play. There are a lot to discover, let’s explore in details that what is special in this game.

Full Game Information:

  • Full Game Name: Pokemon Spirit Gold
  • Created By: Drayano60
  • Based Upon: HeartGold
  • Platform: GBA

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

basic scene in spirit gold pokemon spirit gold

challenges in the game


Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Spirit Gold GBA ROM:

The Created of this game has created some amazing rom hacks in the past. Some of them are really based upon special storylines which have a specific goal for the main leading role. Many Leading roles are present in the game which again makes the game more special for the players to play and complete the game. As the game starts the main character have to explore the whole area and find some interesting things in the area. These things may be the gems or some new pokemons.

One of the special types of run which is known as the monotype of the run is now available in the game. The main leading role has to make some moves in the area which is assigned to you. Most of them are the basic types like there will be some serious kind of moves available in the game. Overall movesets have been edited and made completely new. Check out Pokemon Light Platinum DS Download

As you start the game, you will face the intro part of the game that will be asking you the Gender in which you want to play the game. Afterwards, you can also change your gender and make the gameplay in your own way. Many new features are introduced in the game which makes the game completely different from the normal GBA ROM Hacks. Of Course, you have to follow the important instructions of the Professor, who will be doing some research in the game.

New Battle System:

As you move forward, you will soon come to know that your enemies teams are all around you. All you have to do is to control them on time and make some fights and battles in the area. There are some special battle techniques and war effects which have been included in the game. Most of the enemy teams have been included in the game which makes the game more amazing and interesting to play. Also, check out the similar game name as Pokemon Mirage of Tales

Let’s explore some amazing kind of battle 3D effects and war effects.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Spirit Gold GBA ROM:

  • Having new movesets and moves.
  • New Pokemon from different generations are available.
  • Entirely different storyline.
  • Graphics are awesome.
  • Most of the Pokemon are from Generation 4.
  • Monotype Run.
  • Some amazing new ways to evolve Pokemon.
  • Almost all the pokemon are catachable.
  • Amazing Stats and movepools.

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