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Get the Full Setup of Pokemon Conquest Game Free Download from Pokemonlog.com, having some new features and storyline and one of the most addicting game. Pokemon Conquest is developed by Tecmo Koei and published by The Pokemon Company. A single player as well as multiplayer game based on Role-Playing action adventures. The game was released for the Nintendo DS devices. The main player has to travel in the Ransei Region and several others region and battle with some warriors.

pokemon conquest

Basic Info About Pokemon Conquest Game Download:

  • Game Full Name: Pokemon Conquest
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Developer: Tecmo Koei
  • Publishers: Nintendo and The Pokemon Company
  • Setup Size: Above 10 MB

Some Snapshots of Pokemon Conquest ROM Free Version:

pokemon conquest download nds

pokemon conquest game

pokemon conquest game download

Complete Pokemon Conquest Walkthrough and Gameplay:

As the game starts the main player have some basic tasks and missions to complete. Most of the time the player has to travel from one region to another for the purpose of exploring different regions as well for the fighting purposes.  Remember that you being a warrior has to conquer the region and unite all the nation that is spread all over the regions in groups.

Now one of the amazing fact about this game is that there are various Warriors and Warlord Leaders which are present in the area where you are living. They are the helpful people in binding different families and pokemon together. Even after you defeat they will re-join your pokemon in one place.

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Being Part of Conquest:

Part of conquest is one of the best features I have ever seen and played so far in the game. Now it is so successful that after joining two unlikely entities into a new piece of war is the best moment of the game. The hand-drawn art styles of the enemies and monsters are really impressive to see. All the Location are updated now look very beautiful.  There are several animations present in the game which increases the user experience of the game. Like Battle Animations and some others.


Pokemon Conquest also features some amazing master class localizations. Now you will see some big changes from the character dialogue to clear and concise gameplay experience for all its users.  Considering how deep the gameplay is and how much there is to rape your head around. It’s quite impressive that this game will never bug you down. The tutorials given in the middle and start of the game are in short form, they will never bore you.

New Concepts:

The Amazing fact about Pokemon Conquest is that it stays away from the traditional formula of the core pokemon title. Now it has some realistic new concepts like type advantages, evolutions and the bond between the main player and trainer.

There are about 17 Kingdoms that should be covered in overall gameplay. While moving from one kingdom to another you will have to complete some missions and tasks assigned to you. There are about 200 new Pokemons and 200 Warriors included in the gameplay to maximize the user experience.

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Conquest Download Game Version:

  • New gameplay and Storyline.
  • Maximize user experience.
  • About 200 new Pokemon
  • 200 new Warriors.
  • About 17 Kingdoms.
  • Each warrior has one species of Pokemon
  • Castle Management.
  • Calendar Feature.
  • Item fusing.
  • 20 Hours of initial Story.

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