Pokemon Dark Realm Download (v3.0)

Pokemon Dark Realm also known as Pokemon Virtual ROM is a GBA hack of pokemon ruby by Duchuy. Having enormous new pokemon are part of the game and have a new storyline. Several changes has been made in the gameplay. It Depends on which gender you choose in the beta 3, the story splits. Certain new pokemon such as legendaries are part of the game. The whole storyline is changed with new addition of graphics. If you play as male, you can go to Sky Island and catch Shaymin. If you choose female, you can go to Atlantis and catch Latias. Explore the area and catch some amazing pokemon in the region. Let’s explore some amazing features available in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Dark Realm (Pokemon Virtual)
  • Remake by: Duchuy
  • Remake from: Pokemon Ruby
  • Language: English
  • Platform: GBA

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Dark Realm GBA:

The story begins from a tragedy in the region which happened with the main character. Somehow, one day while going to school, you got lost… in the Pokemon World! And that’s where the story begins. Certain new challenges are part of the game and you will face them time by time. Explore the area with much new adventures in the region and fight with your enemies and rivals. Rivals are present at different locations of the area.

In an attempt to escape from this world, you end up getting lost further and further into it. Throughout your journey, you’ll meet a number of human-form legends, different new pokemon such as wild and legendaries pokemon. You will learn about untold histories, acquire a monster from the Dark Acient, and eventually, take a deal from a devil. These new changes makes the game look more amazing and special to explore the whole region for a reason. Also, try Pokemon Blasting Off / Pokemon Team Rocket Version

Certain Mini Games:

One of the special thing about this game is that it contains various new mini games which can be playable. You can complete these little missions or your can call them mini games so that you can recieve HP Rewards. So many new updates allows you to create awesome new adventures in these mini games. Like Follow the Pikachu game suggest you to follow him right from the start so that you may know what the Pikachu is doing in the region. Sadly, this mini game has been closed for now. Feeding Bunnelby Carrots is another amazing game which have better graphics and UI as well.Certain new moves for Racing (in progress) game has been added. Some others includes Dino Cave, Game Center, Safari is now Jurassic Park.

Moving to my hometown or littleroot. I get it now good. We hope you do get it. The very own adventure is a Batphone fold. Take courage and leap into the world of poking. My dreams and friendship awaits well. So we are good the school and once forgotten, Leia too bad. So if ice the TV shows last night hope. Mr. Diaz Bev doesn’t kick me out of class, but it’s, probably going to know. I shouldn’t stay here. Hurry up! Also, try Pokemon Enhanced Emerald Download (v7.7 Latest)

Learn World War:

Mr. Diaz bed is going to teach us about World War two today, which is very important, and I think you’ll, be easy on us SIA. No, he will not all right, haha cummin started. Imagine the face of mr. Diaz bed on the end of the class one hopeful day, you have a message from the game. Master one in shoes activated have a good run. Oh thank you. A thank you. Game master appreciate it and you ‘ Ve got two people: hey. You want to quit, come on to your class. Okay, all right need to find what our classroom is, that’s, our classroom, os misty. Also, try Pokemon GS Chronicles Download (v2.6)

World War two actually started with Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, or at least when the Japanese invaded China in 1937, because I didn’t stop fighting until 1945. Okay, strange voice! Are you the one? Are you the one? That feels strange? Maybe your voice is calling me no way happy to be the screens voice like dreaming Jeru.

You talk about Pokemon games, hey dad don’t like you, don’t want to write hello. You asking me about Pokemon X & amp Y. My Freddy yes, first, that is one of the how much it would cost didn’t talk about the difference between fennekin and that stupid frog name for a frog n right froakie.

Pokemon Data and its Evolutions:

Buneary to Lopunny at level 31
Scyther to Scizor by Dawn Stone
Scizor to Scyther by Dawn Stone
Shaymin-L to Shaymin-S by Mystic Stone
Shaymin-S to Shaymin-L by Mystic stone
Duskull to Dusclops at level 30
Duskclops to Dusknoir at level 45
Eevee to Espeon by Sun stone
Eevee to Umbreon by Moon Stone
Electabuzz to Electivire at level 45
Kadabra to Alakazam at level 40
Kirlia to Gallade by Dawn Stone
Magneton to Magnezone at level 40
Minccino to Cinccino by Moon stone
Onix to Steelix at level 40
Kyurem to Kyurem-S by Mystic Stone
Kyurem-S to Kyurem by Mystic Stone
Larvesta to Volvarona at level 36
Machoke to Machamp at level 40
Magmar to Magmotar at level 46
Gligar to Gliscor at level 45
Goldbat to Crobat at level 40
Graveler to Golem at level 40
Piloswine to Mamoswine at level 45
Porygon to Porygon2 at level 26
Porygon2 to Poryzon-Z at level 40
Riolu to Lucario at level 24
Roselia to Roserade by Shiny Stone
Togepi to Togetic at level 22
Togetic to Togekiss by Shiny Stone

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

snowfall in the region Tell me are you there tree house player in the main town

Some Amazing new Features in Pokemon Dark Realm ROM:

  • Having a new interface and Gameplay.
  • Some new pokemon.
  • Moves are different.
  • Mugshots for important characters.
  • Running inside enabled.
  • Graphics are updated.
  • New legends: Rivengon and Leon.
  • Catch some new pokemon.
  • Mega Evolution. (outside​ of battle)
  • Legendaries pokemon are available.

Download Pokemon Dark Realm For Free:

Download Here

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