Pokemon Blasting Off / Pokemon Team Rocket Version

Pokemon Blasting Off/Pokemon Team Rocket Version is a special Pokemon FireRed rom hack with an interesting storyline to playthrough. Several updates and changes has been done in the pokedex as well the pokemon evolution has been changed. Several Pokemon Gym Leaders are introduced and some have pokemon which are evolved. It is a GBA game by dragonite trainer, and the last update has been added to 28th January, 2018. You are playing the main lead role of a young 18 Years boy who always wishes for Legendary Team Rocket. There are several other changes done to the storyline which makes the game more interesting to play.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Blasting Off/Pokemon Team Rocket Version
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake by: dragonite trainer
  • Remake from: FireRed.
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blasting Off Team Rocket Version:

Being a young boy of 18 years, you are being recruited to the Lead role in Team Rocket. This is the position you got for which you dreamed from the start. It’s going to be difficult to switch from your old Pokemon to your new one, but you’ll be able to choose the Pokemon you want to use since Team Rocket has many to choose from. Besides, your mother’s been drugged, so you can depart without making a sound. Giovanni’s going to perform some experiments on the Lake of Rage. Also, check out Pokemon Super Glazed ROM Download

Explore the Region and More:

Finally, things appeared finally to be looking up in the feudal region of Kanto. Since the end of the Great War, ten years ago, the region’s, new champion Lance managed to restore its damaged economy and pave the way for a new age of a economic and technological prosperity. Not everyone were quite so happy with their new post-war government. However, mobs street gangs, liver forms of petty organized crime soon arose each found to restore the region to its former independent glory.

None, however, were as powerful or as respected as the notorious Team Rocket. This infamous organization would really a scowl the region city streets in search of eager minded, impoverished trainers to prove their worth among its ranks, then tossed them of organized acts of theft, assault and corruption. It is with one of these young trainers that our story begins before Hall AE. Africa is named the dude from Machine the johto games. When the admins well hello, there welcome to Team Rocket. You are one of the lucky few to be allowed entry into our ranks for your own sake. Also, check out Super Heart Red Version.

I hope you ‘ Ll, prove yourself worthy of it. Now, if you’re, like any of our other new recruits, I’m. Guessing you’ve, never owned a Pokemon before in your life. In that case, I’m happy to say that this is your lucky day. Each of you will receive one of these beauties for yourselves don’t like it. Well then, you ungrateful little that’s. Just you go out and steal yourself something else. This is a criminal organization, not a charity for crying out loud anyhow.

Couple of Amazing Things and Pokemon:

Then we have a couple of things. We need to get sorted in the crates behind me. You will find your very own first Pokemon, starting from the top left here now. I want each of you to come up one by one to get your little rodent. You’re then proceed to the top floor for the staircase on my right, one of our friendly and neighborhood science geeks up there will then provide you and hate him for fly. Okay, once you have this hm and once you’ve managed to is someone enough balls.

They’re, still yourself a proper bird Pokemon. Then you fly your sorry asses to mount moon as soon as conceivably possible and await further instructions. They understood understood sir, yes, sir. Well, then get to it nokey dokey. So she’s. Gon na get our right attack. Okay, next get moving people, let’s, get our editor. I just poke miles and look very energetic, all right, nickname for rata. I’m thinking. I’m gonna call. You look steel, terrible name.

I should probably uh alright that’s, but I had to pay a capital S, but look steel because we’re gonna steal stuff is terrible name but Nixon line now move it move it all right. I’m. Going we don’t have the running shoes. Yet so there’s, the stairs to take us up and then a science geek they’ll. Give us fly where you at dude, so we need to steal ourselves a Pidgey, and then we’re gonna mount me. It’s, a ball there I can’t get that I think let’s.

Get on the left side, I, like the science. Geek. Oh, must be, you know it can be fly, never new recruit. Is it yeah? I’ve got that HMO yours right here. Do the SEC free fly for grunts now e hi Giovanni’s going soft here it is power. Also, download Pokemon Sea Temple Download (Working 100%)

Attend Ceremonies and Events:

In the initiation ceremony downstairs that stuff was badass man, you’re, going out to steal your first pokémon cool. Oh, you know, you know strike me as the kind of guy who’d, go out and a decided come a professional crook all of a sudden, but you never even nicked a candy bar from the Pokemon before you all right. Don’t worry about it. Man I’ll teach you all you need to know. Sounds good, hang off just a second okay, dokie 1 hitchmo to please and be quick about it. Things Ronnie by the way man I’m. Itchin is still me some Pokemon. Also, download Pokemon Super Mega Emerald Download

Should we go? Let’s. Go this place. Is too darn crowded meet me outside okie dokie? Oh, we do have their own issues. Okay, I guess we can’t run in there or maybe us on the wrong button. There you are there. I am okay bolt see I’m gonna teach you all there is to know about stealing people’s. Pokémon, what’s, that am I an expert in Pokemon crime? All of a sudden, okay, look yeah! I know I just joined Team Rocket, but I’ll.

Have you know I came prepared? Your morality is my passion. Man come with me. Can I like, in this game already pogrom robbery for dummies, chapter 1, the first step to any successful Poquelin Isis to pick a suitable target now seen as what only grunts we can only steal from kids and all people for the time being, which sucks but hey. I’m sure will be a Verizon up the ranks in no time flat, so don ‘ T worry about it anyway, point being we’ve got to find ourselves an old fart or a little brat. Give me a Chevy. See any car so that guy’s.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

steal which pokemon Wild Gowlithe appeared conversation with ash pokemon Poison pokemon koffing

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Blasting Off/Team Rocket Version GBA:

  • Completely different new area.
  • The Hoenn Region is home to a team of Rocket Players.
  • Special new graphics.
  • Team Rocket is the only team left, since Team Aqua and Magma are no longer. They have no competition now.
  • Silph has now been passed by Team Rocket. It is a corporation.
  • Sound and Music system is awesome.
  • All Pokemon of Hoenn can be added into your collection.
  • If you win, Team Rocket win.
  • New Moves and movesets.
    Team Rocket is dead if you lose this match.
  • Some Amazing new Evolutions.

Download Pokemon Blasting Off/Team Rocket Version GBA For Free:

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