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Pokemon Super Heart Red is one of the special Pokemon FireRed hack for all the GBA Lovers which is remaked by VersekrDark. With over 100+ new pokemon part of the game, the main character name as Red is a successful young trainer in the area. The region this time in the game is Kanto, and the main character has to explore this region. In capturing the strongest Pokemon available, he plans to dominate the Kanto Region once more by fighting and battling anyone he can get his hands on. He will need to seek the help of Professor Oak – his most trustworthy person after his father. His greatest rival will be no other than Green – the grandson of Oak. At first, Red cannot know that Green will be the Champion he must face later. Let’s move forward and explore some amazing features that the game contains.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Super Heart Red
  • Remake By: VersekrDark
  • Remake from: FireRed
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: Spanish

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Super Heart Red ROM GBA:

The main role player name as the Red, who is a successful trainer in the Kanto area. I do you think somebody who actually did kind of work on a on a English version. Now, as you see instantly, the the sprite character like the Kara sprite, is actually slightly different than one from the one from like normal firered, so that’s, good thing, which i think is cool. It actually looks really clean. They were ruffled en. I see Katella km ruffled, yes, my friend STM, I mean nito nito. I see the two revolved: Estoque rice, beginners and podría sake: decay by dearme, como se llaman that one Gary boys got a Gary okay.

That’s Gary. That’s amazing. How did he say Yahweh, say it like this: Oh, yeah, you know. We’re here. It’s about light. This isn’t very important. The sprite is a bit different, it’s, kind of changed a little bit, updated in a way, and then, actually guys. What do you think? Now that I’ve adjusted my resolution size a bit when I play the games, do you think the quality of the gameplay has improved? As a result, I do hope the quality and size of the presentation as well as the gameplay look a lot better today and also look fresh, as it does look pretty fresh and yeah.

About the Region and others:

Although it sometimes feels like the best thing in the world, I didn’t really enjoy learning it in school. In fact, the only language I liked learning in school was German. Here comes the professor, okay? He’s gay, so I couldn’t resist. Actually, the tile set they used for the world is amazing, dude. It’s absolutely amazing. What’s going on with my hand, linemen, anyway, return to the arm! Stay back! That’s my arm come back all right! Oh yeah! I’m going to punch you if you don’t return. Despite the despair with desperado Coco Coco Coco, Oh Gary Tehama they thought, I see tepid Kevin Harris, I’m gonna punch, your lady! That makes you a fool, and you’re a fool, Holliday! Also, download Pokemon Super Mega Emerald Download

It’s, not a cool. So this is a Spanish game. As I can see, I have no clue what they’re saying, but it’s. Just probably more. I read in a sense like it’s like we already know the story of fire red and what you need to do like. We already know that he like lets us choose first here let’s, see what I’m gonna choose mobile sure now got you squirtle. We’re gonna choose the one, the only Charmander Charmander ooh, and the reason. Why is it because I really want Charmander way near up, wait, wait. What did I just choose? Wait a minute: what & #? 39 s happened. Let’s. Call him Larry! Let’s. Count Larry. My name is Larry. Wait Larry with one arm there, guy okay, what in the world is happening? Well, he got a Squirtle wait.

About the Pokemon and Generations:

They came around the same generation and the say they were made during it like in the same system and sort of platform and style. So I would have prefered like this game. You know fire red, rather if it was in this style and these tile sets because it’s, just it’s sick. You know, I mean don’t hand. This game is really trippy cuz. It’s. A bunch of shiny is all over the place like what is this shiny chance even like how large is it like that we can find so many dude I don’t know what’s, a man they valyrian cleat increases like two. Try, Pokemon Gelb++ Download (Updated v0.1.8.2)

Are like almost a 50/50 chance of actually getting a shiny pokemon, so I mean I’m, not gonna question that drive even bother questioning it. Probably not probably not let’s see here we go pokeball scratch a shiny, freakin Blastoise buddy come on. You’re, not gonna you’re, not gonna. Let me attack you cool cool cool cool cool cool. Here we go not a bug ball due to come on. Man come on seriously. Oh, my god. Okay, you know what let’s, just him out.

Oh, he actually took me out wow. He actually defeated me actually that doesn’t matter, because now that takes me closer to Viridian city that actually works out. My favorite. Somehow I don’t even know any that’s trippy as oh hell dude. What is with this game? What is with this game? Bro? This is so trippy and he’s. Catching is shiny, Weedle, oh, my god. This is weird. This game is way it brought. This game is weird: what’s good? This is so old.

I never expected this. I mean I expected something weird, but I’m, not in this level or to this extent. Okay, you know what I’m. Just gonna go inside, hear myself. Some extra pokeballs Super Ball that’s, a great ball, okay cool. Actually, if I can buy an ultra ball already now let’s, buy one ultra ball and let’s. Just buy a bunch of them a bunch of pokéballs cuz I mean we can just use those later on lads, either way guys make sure to drop a like in this video by the way, if you guys do enjoy actually because I don’t Even know what this game is anymore, like I’m so confused, and what I’m, actually playing.

I’m, not gonna question it anymore. To be fairly honest, I’m, not gonna question. It man, oh let’s, go with a pokeball. Oh let’s, go with other one. Oh No! We didn’t catch it dude. This game is hard, though I got ta say this is actually pretty hard, because some of the encounters you have like sodium counts. You have to deal with. They’re, pretty strong. To be honest, they are pretty darn strong. They are not weak. As for the completion of this game, I don’t think it actually is completed to be fairly honest.

Game in Spanish:

So I don’t really know if I should recommend it as a game to play especially being Spanish and or completed, and maybe even but what is this dude? What the Artie’s Pokemon anymore, like what am I even challenging it? Like at this point like what am I even take it on dude this game, is it’s hard? It’s way too hard. Look at this. I can’t even get pasta guys. I would need to do a bunch of grinding down below on the other areas, because this is this is not working on my favor. There guys sweet. We actually defeated one of them, whew cool, I don’t even know. Also, Pokemon Sea Temple Download (Working 100%)

Let’s. Just get into it in a forest, to be honest and like just I don’t even know how to say anymore, dude very what’s? Give air today Viridian Forest, let’s. I don’t even know what to say. This is the weirdest little remake type thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know. If should call this, a remake should be fairly honest, but guys that’s. Gon na be the end of the video. I think when I cut it here, I just want to do a little bit of short showcases just show you what this is, and this is so odd.

This is the weirdest game ever man. What am I even playing anymore? It’s, a bunch of shinies. They’re super strong, like not anymore man. You know what guys we’re, not gonna question it just gonna say.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

Screenshot of main player What will nidorant do Crossing the bridge Pokemon main player in the game

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Super Heart Red GBA:

  • Having a new plot and area.
  • Being a trianer in Kanto.
  • Explore Kanto.
  • Different new moves.
  • Pokemon from Gen 1-7
  • New Starters are given.
  • Mega Evolution and New tiles

Pokemon Super Heart Red GBA For Free:

Download Here

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