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Get Pokemon Eclipse ROM from pokemonlog.com which is the only website to provide the working link of Eclipse rom and all other pokemon rom hacks. Now Pokemon Eclipse Version is the best ever hack of Pokemon FireRed, which is done by the Christos in 2015. This Pokemon game it’s new all right so it’s got all Gen 6 it’s got the fairy types got a lot of stuff like that and they are available.

Pokemon Eclipse download has come up with lots of new features. Also the storyline of the game containg some new characters and places to discover. This ROM hack is Only available in the English language. You can get some really really cool Pokemon early, you can get like a murkrow before the second gym.

pokemon eclipse

Some Info About Pokemon Eclipse ROM Free:

  • File Name: Pokemon Eclipse
  • Hack of: Pokemon FireRed
  • Creator Name: Christos
  • Created in: Early 2015
  • File Size: Above 10MB

Pokemon Eclipse ROM Snapshots:

eclipse rom download

pokemon eclipse download

pokemon eclipse rom download

Chistos, which is the author of Pokemon Eclipse Version is the best author and has created so many ROM hacks. This one is really special from him, while he have included some amazing missions and tasks.

Flying Feature in Pokemon Eclipse:

You can fly through the game pretty fast. Huge plus side of this game probably my favorite part of the game is flying in the game. Some of the Pokemon are really expert while flying in the game. There will be some missions included in the game where you have to fly Like in Pokemon Ultra Violet ROM


Next on the list there and this is something that you cannot even really play the game at music. You can listened to some of the music a little bit. But it just sounds like regular Pokemon music.  Zero out of ten unfortunately but I’m just gonna say for a game like this like romhack especially not relevant. You know music isn’t really a part of romhack since most people play it so speed up anyway.

Sprites and Tiles:

Sprites and Tiles this is definitely the the next big part of the game. You will really like the spriting and some of the areas as well like the way the routes are laid out. Especially that first route man and that third route is well coming off that second city really really cool. Ingenious ideas like you know original ideas and they look good as well.

Some of the sprites are kind of weird like to custom sprites for the trainer. The third badge guy looks pretty weird honestly. But in general the tiling and the level mapping looks amazing Like in Pokemon Spectrum Rom.


It’s not something you will have a great experience in. But I would know take note that the difficulty is pretty it’s definitely steeper than your normal game. But there are a lot of really cool Pokemon and a lot of really cool ways to level. So you get a lucky egg and you can rebadow trainer. So with all three of those things together that’s something that a lot of game.

The gym trainer at the end still had much higher level Pokemon. It’s going to be kind of difficult and that goes right into grinding and leveling options.

The storyline of Eclipse ROM:

As the area assigned in the game is named as Lapis Village. There were some fields which are in the Lapis Village. Some farms are also present. Mareep Farm is the biggest one, you have to visit this. This farm belongs to your family. You have to keep in mind that you have to contact the Professor Oak. These farms belongs to your family and  once the Professor has visited your area and given some Pokemon to the people.

Catch New Pokemon:

Catch a new Pokemon ten levels behind well. You have to stop having fun. You have to go level so this makes it a lot easier puzzles. No puzzles in the game honestly. So zero out of ten really it’s not expected honestly at this point with ROM hacks like Pokemon Ethereal Gates.

Don’t expect reborn level puzzles.They’re like the biggest puzzle the game had I think it was the second gym and that was not a puzzle in any way shape or form really. But yeah that is not applicable since the game is not finished.

Convincing evil team:

There was no evil team in the game. It did seem like there was going to be something introduced in that fourth town. Trainer and random battle density are pretty high

Some Amazing Features of Pokemon Eclipse ROM:

  • Amazing UI and Graphics.
  • New Battle system.
  • Catch new pokemon,
  • No Evil team.
  • You can now move in the area.
  • Realistic Physics in the game.
  • Having more than 700 Pokemons.
  • Egg Shop in the area.
  • New Pokedex.
  • PokeCenter is new this time.
  • There are about more than 40 TMs and you can reuse them.

Download Pokemon Eclipse Rom Version For Free

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