Pokemon Marble Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Marble is a new rom hack of Fire Red by Baro. Baro is the same author who made the Pokemon Quartz, which was one of the successful games in the pokemon world. Similarly, the storyline of this game is extraordinary as well. Playing as a Pokemon Trainer in the region. The region’s name is Garna which is located in the LowHeaven area. Challenging pokemon gym leaders makes the game more complex for you because you have to level up your pokemon level in the game. One of the oldest is probably one of the most well-known ROM acts like ever it’s probably one of the first I came out and around 2006 crazy and looks at this just intro screen what is this is the like a pig from Angry Birds riding a chicken. Let’s dive in and explore some amazing features available in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Marble
  • Author: Baro
  • Remake From: Fire Red
  • Language: English
  • Platform: GBA

Complete Overview of Pokemon Marble GBA ROM Game:

This is a fire end hack but hello with you we’re about to arrive okay soon we’ll be in the breeze that is a great name for a town. We lived in kit so we’re from Kanto in the new region okay you’ll see new pokemon in the corner. There’s the Angry Birds Pig nice like this funky plug wink it’s so cool people often live with Pokemon you know sometimes they are lovely pets. But sometimes we use them for battle hey but always between friends you should never get angry. Now I’ve also heard about this romhack that um it’s kind of weird in the sense that like there’s translation issues which isn’t really a big deal. There’s a lot of like just like weird and creepy elements to this game. I’ve seen videos on this like year ago and family-like fought in a town that looks like fall over town so I think it actually falls over town and the male sprite looks pretty interesting it looks just really creepy.

I’ll go either way we’ll just with a different name anima see that sprite is crazy with the glasses. I guess alright so the truck is stopped that means Weaver in breeze town well. Let’s go let’s see a lot of the times are a lot of them some of the times these rel max is they rename everything and they give new pokemon sprites. They maybe change the textures a bit of the house and stuff like that but it’s the exact same map. It’s basically same thing as Holland just it looks slightly different hopefully this around magazine hopefully it’s actually like a new region. I would definitely like that that’s the case so here we are in the truck it looks like the classic drug and there’s somebody with this in the truck. Also, try Pokemon Obsidian

Explore Forest:

Now we got to go through the forest I’m assuming assuming the forest illness game. Let’s just go right there screw it I just keep going cloud beach oh wow that’s kind of the six kind of nice I like this what’s over here. What is over here this is Professor Bernie’s or briny not professor mr. briney whatever’s name is let’s go up here and there’s a few different areas we can go actually. So a different for stent rinse darkness forests I can walk through these trees and I can use cut. Go around along with this book well over their actions get this what is this this is a pokeball okay I don’t know the point of adding. Also, try Pokemon Obsidian Black Download (100% Working)

At the end of that but I guess I’ll take it and can I get in the for oh my got a double battle are you kidding me. I’ll see smart about this so out of them one on one if I can you know I can’t okay you just skip them don’t have to battle them so darkness forest. How why it’s so narrow in here too it’s so weird what is this a darkness forest definitely should one has message from the inhabitant of the forest darkness forces rear place ghost Pokemon. Might you face but ghost trees are there to just go on them as I do so I guess we can walk through certain trees hey which would explain why we did that before interesting very interesting. Also, try Pokemon Crono Download (100% Working)

So is this a ghost Pokemon over here looks like it I don’t know why what does it even say goon yet is that like a like a Nene oh whatever they call that character. I don’t even know but let’s go over here the next town and that was a quick for us it seems like actually can I walk through here I can and who are you hmm the room is true have you seen any ghosts here yellow you Luis and there is a the not Team Aqua guy whatever his name is see you there green jacket man yes green jacket man you’re the worker of the bachata.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

the player exploring the area you choose chapebaya do you choose coalchu Screenshot_1 of pokemon marble

Some New Features in Pokemon Marble Game Download:

  • Nice Collection of Graphics.
  • Run Between the buildings.
  • Catch different pokemon.
  • Gameplay is enhanced.
  • New HMs and TMs.
  • Sound System is nice.

Download Pokemon Marble For Free:

Download Here

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