Pokemon Crono Download (100% Working)

Pokemon Crono is an interesting rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red by Dante, having lot’s of new features and pokemon added. The latest updated added on Jan 18, 2018 which contains a new area, where the main player have to play the whole game. A Small city name as Midamond, where you will face several new mysteries and dark powers as you move forward in the area. Several new enemies and rivals are part of the game and have some nice collection of animations and graphics as well. Catch and find different types of pokemon available in the area. Let’s move forward and explore the amazing features that the game contains.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Crono
  • Platform: GBA
  • Remake by: Dante
  • Remake from: FireRed.
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Crono GBA Version:

A beautiful region name as Midamond, where different pokemon are living and have dark powers as well. A complete new journey is waiting for you to start and catch some amazing pokemon available in this area. Animations have been darkened a bit mainly just because of seizure warning reasons, but the emulation is very smooth. Unlike most GBA releases, you can’t use any save points or not, but what you can do – and this is the only GBA game. These are small things, but it just goes to show how much attention to detail was put into the sport and of course it comes up all the bells and whistles that you’d, expect, which I guess brings us already into her like in Pokemon Glowing Garnet.

You can actually no trade between and catch all 251 pokemon that way and notice. How I said 251, one of the things I was done with gold and silver when they were released on 3ds? Was you’re, given a Celebi for your copy of Pokemon, Sun Moon or I think it worked of ultra sudden ultra moon? They’ve changed that with this crystal release, instead, it’s, a Celebi that you get inside crystal it’s, the actual Celebi event, and, in fact, if I remember correctly it’s, the the bent Celebi That was never actually brought out in North America back in the day, so that’s, actually really cool, and I’m, really glad they brought that back. Also, check out Pokemon Ultimate End Download

Get the Pokedex Completed:

You worry about a thing and that is pokedex. Try looking around one island first anyways, I’m out of here. See you later man. Well, we have control of them again, and that is wherever gonna go, because now we have, when you just give us, give us the national dex. No, I’m gonna talk to Professor Oak again, because, as I’ve said I ‘ Ve, never done the postgame in this before good. To see you. How is your okay? Oh? So he’s going to say I don’t give a when this is turning into the cosmic spectacle.

Pokedex there dude, oh and your national pokedex is the same thing. I’m. Looking forward to seeing you filled the National pokedex, well, we heard that we wanted to go to one island first, so let’s. I don’t have my Flying type. Well, let’s. Take a quick run up to Viridian city. We’ll have a great time we’re out of relative medians Wow Staubach Picchi is biggie is Vinci. I’ll, destroy man, it’s been a while, since I’ve recorded this game, I’ve, actually been starting work on my next LP. Also, check out Pokemon Chrome Download (Working 100%)

Some new Updates:

We can do now, a bunch of new things. We can do now, one of the things that we can definitely do. Some of our Pokemon can now evolve. So if you had an Eevee that you hadn’t evolved, yet it can now evolve and Eska an Umbreon which is pretty cool. Who do I put away? I was gonna put Beedrill away for a little bit Rudolph sigh Rudolph, I’m. Sorry, I didn’t. Call you by your name. Okay. Where am I going? I’m, leaving right right right, right, quiet, fries! Yes, Oh anyway, I’m being weird.

I have not recorded like this in a long time. I’m. Very sorry, I’m anyway. We want to go to vermilion City cuz, for Minnie on city is where you go to the Sevi islands anyway. Okay, I got it. Alright! I’m supposed to supposed to make a noise just to little-ass. I have the Tri pass, which, like two birds in one island, okay, everything’s in order seek alibis that will be departing immediately. Dude dude, dude dude, get it dead editor anyway.

I wish you could, while you can surf here there’s, something down here. I don’t. Remember oh right, right right right! There’s. This beach! This is like nothing to do here, might be faster to fly. Let’s. Draw on the island. You can actually fly to the islands and stuff. Do a breeze gee. How I’m now, officially gonna love, Articuno scry from here on anyway Kevin Jay. How’s? Things been for you, oh, is that right, you’ve caught more Pocono, I haven’t.

Do you know what maybe yeah, maybe for something you know I’m modifying a network machine right now. I’m. Changing it so that it can handle trades over long distances. When I get finished, you’ll, be trading for exotic Pokemon, from trainers, far away, they mean Hoenn, but there’s, a slight catch for the link to work. The machine needs a special gemstone. It’s supposed to be on one Island, but I haven’t found one. Yet, who knows where it could be well looks like we’re gonna have to go looking around one island, and I didn’t show this when I first went to uh when I was first on one Island like in Pokemon Nobelium Download .

I probably should doesn’t mean you. I don’t like the music in here. By the way um I didn’t show it the first time I was on Mount amber, but there is some interesting stuff you can. Now we have some money left over just in case we lose a fight, they want our money anyway. Luckily doesn’t take that long, because I am flying with aircrew. No, so one thing I definitely can’t talk about is PAX, Prime in Seattle, Washington very fun, time very fun time.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

player near the water main menu display exploring the area some amazing scenes in pokemon crono

Some Amazing new Features in Pokemon Crono Version GBA:

  • Having some new graphics.
  • Intelligent ROM of Fire Red.
  • Battle system is updated.
  • Some new moves and movesets.
  • Run indoors.
  • Day and night system.
  • Physical and Special Split.

Download Pokemon Crono Version For Free:

Download Here