Pokemon Glowing Garnet Download (100% Working)

Pokemon Glowing Garnet, which is a fan-made rom hack of Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire made by ecnoid, and there are some really cool Things about this game. Having a new storyline and plot, which makes it unique and have several new pokemon as starters as well. All the encounters are different even the Shany’s are all different. The you know there’s Delta Pokemon, which means that there’s gonna, be, you know, different types for various Pokemon. Explore the area with many new pokemon in the pokedex and find some more as well. Let’s move on and explore some Amazing features of the game before downloading it.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Glowing Garnet
  • Created By: Ecnoid
  • Remake of: Omega Ruby
  • Platform: 3DS
  • Language: English

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Glowing Garnet 3DS ROM:

Being a trainer and main lead role in the gameplay, you are going to explore the area for some new pokemon to catch them. Several new features of catching has been added, which makes it more unique than any other previous version of omega ruby. Thank you for the 31 months of any job, our meal of wham bam dude, not too shabby dude that you read that you Lucas tree goes gonna get 24 XP, and that is our starter Pokemon. I went to the tall grass to serve a wild Pokemon when I was jumped you saved my hide, thank you and your Norman’s.

Shadow is cool. I’m, a simple guy. I hope I spelled shadow right. I think I did all right so yeah, let’s head out there and let’s. Take a look at shadow. We’re gonna get the area nav it’s, not called the dexnav, or was that something different? I don’t know all right. Let me save the game, real, quick and let’s. Take a look at shadow here, our first Pokemon all right, let’s. Take a look shadow is grass type and has overgrow adamant, nature, so kind of a bad nature like in Pokemon Lengendary Version.

Changes in the Pokedex and more:

let us go to the I actually don’t even have a pokedex like he and put on the layout. Yet let me see if I can put on the way out and have it not look terrible like how do you can’t even get it to the top screen yet so, once I get to UM the Pokedex I will, I will put it On the layout, okay, guys would get a nice screenshot of it and put it on the way out so that you get fortunes for the love man, how you doing? Okay, alright! So let’s, keep rockin man, let’s, keep Rocking! We got our starter Pokemon, let’s explore in Pokemon Legend’s Red (V1.5) Download.

Take a look at what we could find out here in glowing Garnett’s. I saved already guys this is route 101. Let’s, just kind of keep it rockin and I don’t even think I can catch anything if I found a shiny right now. So as a pooch yeah shadows. Looking fiercely this thing, that’s, incredible dude, it looks so good like actually so good. Thank you again. Fortunes dude with some rocks is for just taking over the stream boss, with the litigants, of course, real powerful yeah Adam it’s.

Not terrible, but there’s. No, there’s. No dexnav encounter here so that’s interesting, so you can press f9 to switch the screens. Okay, that’s. That’s. Interesting to note, I know if I want to press that button right now, but it’s, a wormhole that’s later after May. Okay, I forgot about that. I don’t have pokeballs. Do I how they get pokeballs yeah yeah? We don’t pokeballs, yeah, okay, okay, so hey? What’s up Kenyon? We got your Zig. We got Zig dude. It is still grass-type.

Yes, it is still grass-type. Some of the Pokemon are gonna, be different types though, but this dude is still grass type. So all right! So let’s. Go up here and there’s. A little market, dude yo little bestie thanks for 14 months of love. It’s going on he’s. Gon na give me some useful advice. All right, we’re gonna get some potions. Okay, only Dells are different types. Yeah, of course, all right. The trainer and Treecko are matching heck. Yeah dude looking sick, looking sick, so someone said: if I press f9 that changes the screamer I didn’t do anything so I don’t know: wait. Can you buy pokeballs cuz? We might actually get our next Shawnee right now.

Tree Girl helping in research:

Amazing! She’s, been helping my research. You should take this. It’s, a pokedex, a oh! Here we go all right and that’s, that we got a pokedex here’s, some pokeballs sweet. We got some pokeballs and I think we’re good to go cool. So let’s. Let’s, add Trego to our layout, so the way we got to do it is I’m gonna go to my pokedex and I’m soomi. This works the way I think it’s. Gon na work it may or may not. I don’t know we’re gonna go Treecko and then yeah that’s.

What we do to do, we’re gonna go two more and then I think we just click more and then appearance cry, and then I think we do like that: okay, cool and then what I’m going to do. Is I’m, going to snag a screen shot of him looking fierce and see how that screen, shot comes out, looks good. I love it all right. Let me just open up Photoshop real, quick and throw this on the layout, and then we’ll be good to go. So just give me a second here file new, create throw that in here, and that looks like it came out pretty good.

First Encounter:

This thing looks incredible: the first encounter, oh, my goodness, all right, so I think we’re gonna go with bloodhound. I think that’s cool can that fit yeah should be blood Allen. Dude, let’s. Take a look! Let’s. Take a look! Let me go to the Pokedex and let’s. Get blood hound on our layout and then we’ll. Take a look at it! Oh, my dear, that was crazy, um habitat. Now I need more and then I need appearance and cry, and then this button.

How do I go to the next thing? Oh, did you think that looks cool like him, howling like that that’s so sick? I’ll, get a shot of him howling. I love it. Isn’t that amazing, like give me a second, I’ll, get it on the way out for you guys. Oh my god, this is so fire. Oh man, I get it on the lamp you guys in just a second dude. It looks so cool dude I’m, so excited our pooch looks awesome, hey thank you made for the love man dude there. It is look at that.

You can walk with the Pokemon. I don’t think so I don’t see how that’s, a thing dude that’s. So sick, though we need to save the game, gentle bloodhound POG. I know I know the gentle bloodhound alright, that’s, a pretty big win right there. Also, check out Pokemon Omega Paradox Download

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

conversation Littleroot town lorchic

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Glowing Garnet 3DS ROM:

  • Having a new area and storyline.
  • Some Amazing Pokemon as starters.
  • Key battles have increased the difficulty
  • Reset your file same as in Omega Ruby.
  • A new Pokemart.
  • Deltas can be shiny.
  • New routes and moves.
  • Some new animations and effects.

Download Pokemon Glowing Garnet For Free:

Download Here