Pokemon Omega Paradox Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Omega Paradox is one of the special pokemon white ROM hack for all the NDS devices. After the attack on Masked man which you have saved him, several people died and many of them survived. Download Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM for free from pokemonlog which always offers the free pokemon rom hacks.

Get ready for some awesome updates and a nice gameplay. The overall gameplay is not changed alot as compared to white rom as we know that it is the hack of White ROM. The game is remade by XxAsterxX for all the NDS supported game devices, several new missions and tasks makes the gameplay complex a little bit. The player has to move forward in the area, competing with the Elite Clans which were developed in the area after the grant attack on Masked Man. Get ready to discover what are some special features available which make the game so famous among other rom hacks.

Game File Name:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Omega Paradox Rom
  • Remake of: Pokemon White
  • Remake By: XxAsterxX
  • Platform: NDS

Snapshots of the Gameplay:

challenged by former leader water type pokemon oshawott with other players you are challenged by trainer

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM:

After the attack on Masked Man in the main area, which fortunately saved by you. A lot of destruction happened in the area, due to which hundreds of people died and some of them survived. But after the attack, several new groups and teams were formed. Some of the groups were doing some illegal stuff and their missions are too dangerous to know. Their aims is to target several people and kill them by testing some experiments on them. All the Elite and other groups formed in Unova composed of strong team Rocket and Plasma grunts and Team Aqua has reformed in Unova to liberate Pokemon and has allied with the Masked Man. Every group have their own policy and own members, each member has his/her own power like in Pokemon Islas Doradas ROM. Some groups are strong enough that they can give you some challenges in the long run if you are going to challenge them.

When the attack has happened, you have survived the Masked man attack and your friends Cynthia and Drake have returned to Unova. Remember that Unova is the region where you and your friends are living here. There are several new pokemon and characters who are living in Unova region. Also, Cynthia and Drake came Unova to see you pick your first Pokemon. You as one of the few people who can Omega-Evolve Pokemon has been given the chance to get a starter Pokemon and stop the Masked Man. There are several misconceptions about the masked man in the society which should be cleared first before dealing with him. The Masked Man leaves a scar on all of his victims, seen by the blacked-out faces of all the victims, you are destined to stop him.

New Pokemon and Gameplay:

There are some new pokemon which are part of the pokedex and makes the gameplay more complex than any other pokemon rom hack. If you are wondering how many total pokemon are there? So, Over 40 new Pokemon varying from Fakemon, Omega Pokemon, Mega Pokemon, Alola Pokemon, very few Gen 6-7 Pokemon, and Yugioh-mons( I replaced old Pokemon sprites for new Pokemon sprites). All pokemon have their own powers and effects which can be experienced when you move forward in the game and select the pokemon for a specifc battle or something else.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, which is changed alot by introducing some new concepts in the gameplay. Like collecting new pokemon and quests makes the gameplay time period more complex than ever. Just stay with the flow and you will complete all the missions successfully. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the game is increased as compared to the previous version, this makes this game more unique and different from any other pokemon white rom hacks.


There are awesome new starters available which can be choosen from the legendaries pokemon. Even you will have the first time to select a pokemon from the legendaries. Legendaries remain same as Drayano’s location, plus P2 Laboratory and Abundant shrine, are where two new legendaries are located. -Geodude as a starter is changed and is a fire type who evolves straight to Golem at level 25. Some legendaries pokemon from different Generations are also part of the game which makes the gameplay experience alot more different and unique. Also, try Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Download

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM:

  • New Gameplay and plot.
  • New Starters are available.
  • Complete version.
  • Mega and final form omega cannot be caught.
  • Compete with the final opponent Ash.
  • HMs and TMs
  • Team aqua have some issues.
  • Spinark and Dewpider evolve into Araquanid
  • Available in English.
  • Evolution for different pokemon.
  • Complete the pokedex.

Download Omega Paradox Version for free:

Download Here

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