Pokemon Omega Paradox Download (New v2.0 Fixed)

Pokemon Omega Paradox is one of the special pokemon white ROM hack for all the NDS devices. After the attack on Masked man which you have saved him, several people died and many of them survived. Download Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM for free from pokemonlog which always offers the free pokemon rom hacks.

Get ready for some awesome updates and a nice gameplay. The overall gameplay is not changed alot as compared to white rom as we know that it is the hack of White ROM. The game is remade by XxAsterxX for all the NDS supported game devices, several new missions and tasks makes the gameplay complex a little bit. The player has to move forward in the area, competing with the Elite Clans which were developed in the area after the grant attack on Masked Man. Get ready to discover what are some special features available which make the game so famous among other rom hacks.

Download Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM hack for free from pokemonlog which always offers the best pokemon rom hacks. This pokemon omega paradox nds rom hack is specially made for all the nds device such as fire red, Leaf green, xdoubledoubleste, gold, silver and white. With this pokemon omega paradox nds rom hack you will get to play with Sinnoh pokemon including omega paradox pokemon such as new mega evolution pokemon and new battle types etc. So download this pokemon omega paradox nds rom hack now and start playing with your favorite pokemon!

Game File Name:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Omega Paradox Rom
  • Remake of: Pokemon White
  • Remake By: XxAsterxX
  • Platform: NDS

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM:


Pokemon Omega Paradox is an upcoming game for the Nintendo DS that has captured the attention of many fans of the series. Due to quality concerns, however, the game will not be released in North America or Europe. In response, fans of the game have started creating unofficial roms of the game, which allow players to experience parts of the game that were cut from release versions. Me among them! Pokemon Omega Paradox is one of the special pokemon white ROM hack for all the NDS devices. If you’re interested in playing the game, or just want to learn more about it, make sure to check out this intro post. I hope you enjoy it!


An epic adventure that will captivate fans of the franchise. Players will be able to catch all 151 species of pokemon, which is sure to please longtime fans of the game. Battles in this game are intense and will require players to use all their skills to win them. In addition to the new pokemon, there are new townsfolk players can interact with and try to catch pokemon from their homes. This game is a must-have for any pokemon fan, and is sure to keep them entertained for hours on end.  like in Pokemon Islas Doradas ROM. Some groups are strong enough that they can give you some challenges in the long run if you are going to challenge them.



Fans of the popular Pokemon series have a new game to look forward to – Omega Paradox. Released by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS, Omega Paradox is a really fun and unique game that’s sure to please fans of the series. The graphics are amazing and it has tons of features not found in other Pokémon games, such as online play and co-op multiplayer modes. If you’re lucky enough to have a copy, go ahead and download it now!

100% Catch Rate

Looking for the ultimate way to catch all 151 pokemon in Pokemon Omega Paradox? Look no further! This new NDS ROM allows you to catch any pokemon you want – no level restrictions. So, whether your level is high or low, you can capture that elusive pokemon with ease. Best of all, there’s never a chance of RNG failures like in other games. This 100% Catch Rate makes catching every single pokemon even more rewarding than ever before! So if Pikachu and Eevee are on your list, download this rom and start capturing today!

challenged by former leader

No Wild Pokemon Encounters

If you have downloaded the Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM, then you won’t encounter any wild Pokemon in the game. In addition to this, your friends can still be battled and traded with as usual. If you’re looking for a non-wild experience though, then download the game without downloading the ROM. Keep in mind that playing without capturing all 151 Sinnoh pokemon will not fully finish the main storyline of the game!

Master Balls

If you’re looking to get into the game and catch all the Pokemon, make sure you have a Master Ball handy! These items are essential in order to capture every Pokémon. There are many ways to obtain them – from buying them in-game or online, to finding them as rewards. Without one of these balls, your chances of success are greatly reduced. So be on the lookout for Master Balls when playing Omega Paradox and don’t forget – they can really help take the excitement up a notch!


There’s no stopping the power of Berries in Pokemon White! Collect as many of these adorable little fruits as you can to help your team fight stronger opponents or create powerful potions. Besides powering up your pokemon, Berries can also be used to make all sorts of recipes for some seriously potent concoctions. So stock up on these yummy snacks before venturing out into the game world and start collecting those elusive berries!

The story is unova. many people are fleeing unova while some have come to save it… after the attack, Pokemon Omega Dynasty will start where unova got divided into groups and each group has its own original characters with their own powers and more then likely, be a new region in pokemon ogedy: unova!

you are challenged by trainer

3D View

3D View is an innovative new game that takes the fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls to a whole new level. You can explore the vast landscapes and battle your opponents in exciting new ways – all while wearing your favourite character’s costume! This game is perfect for fans of the series who want to experience everything it has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a challenging adventure or just some fun, 3D View guarantees hours of entertainment. Also, try Pokemon Giratina Strikes Back Download

Reset Play Time

It can be frustrating when you’re busy and don’t have time to play your favourite game, especially if you’re trying to finish it. That’s why we’ve come up with a workaround that will help you get the most out of Omega Paradox without any spoilers. To reset play time, simply choose “Begin New Game” at the main menu. This will take you back to the beginning of the game regardless of how much time has passed since your last save point or battle – so there’s no need to worry about missing anything! Offline mode is still accessible – just enter “No Network Connection” when starting up the game. This way, even if there’s no internet connection available, you can continue playing where you left off!

No Trainer Battles

If you’re looking for a game that’s not like any other out there, you should try Pokemon Sword and Shield. This latest installment of the popular franchise features a dark and twist storyline that is unlike anything seen in the previous installments. You’ll be able to explore the world map by travelling with friends or going on solo journeys- something not found in most pokemon games. Battles are no more – now it’s all about strategizing with your team before taking on tough opponents. And if pokemon fans weren’t excited enough, they’ll love this one!

Rematch Trainers

If you have completed the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, then you can rematch the trainers in the game by using a ROM. The ROM is available for download from various websites and forums. Make sure to read all the instructions before starting – it can be quite tricky to do correctly! Be patient – it may take a while for your rematch request to be processed.

Unlimited Money

There’s no need to worry about running out of cash in Pokemon GO – as the game has been extensively modified, players can enjoy an endless amount of fun without spending a single penny. In addition to this, there is no need for players to spend money on in-game items as all content is available free of cost. Higher level players can take on powerful opponents even if they don’t have enough funds – which makes the game truly unending! The game is also available for download from the official Nintendo website, so there are never any bandwidth restrictions or connection issues. Considering how much fun fans are having with Pokemon GO, it’s safe to say that these changes haven’t hurt its popularity one bit!

water type pokemon oshawott

Frequently Asked Questions

Pokemon Omega Paradox – How to download and install it

To download and install Pokemon Omega Paradox on your Nintendo DS, follow these simple steps: – Go to the website nintendo.com/games – In the main navigation bar, click on “Downloads”. – On the page that opens, select the category which includes games for your system (Nintendo DS>, eShop Downloads). – Select “Pokemon Omega paradox” from the list of games. – Click on “View Game Details” and then hit “Download”.

Is there a way to save my game data?

Yes, there is a way to save your game data using a Nintendo DS emulator. By using this emulator, you can essentially “save” your game progress so that you don’t have to start all over again from the beginning once your cartridge runs out of juice. Keep in mind that this will only work if you have backed up your game data beforehand.

Are there any other mods or hacks available for Pokemon Omega Paradox?

Yes, there are a few different mods and hacks that are available for Pokemon Omega Paradox on the Nintendo DS. These mods add new content, changes to the game’s battle system, or even completely new versions of the game. In general, it is recommended that you use mods together to create a more comprehensive experience for your playthrough. This way, you’ll have access to all of the extra content that these mods offer while still playing the game the way that you want.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Omega Paradox NDS ROM:

  • New Gameplay and plot.
  • New Starters are available.
  • Complete version.
  • Mega and final form omega cannot be caught.
  • Compete with the final opponent Ash.
  • HMs and TMs
  • Team aqua have some issues.
  • Spinark and Dewpider evolve into Araquanid
  • Available in English.
  • Evolution for different pokemon.
  • Complete the pokedex.

Download Omega Paradox Version for free:

Download Here

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