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Pokemon Obsidian is wonderful RMXP Rom, which is created by Justin with enormous changes in the storyline and areas on the map. Having several new pokemon and areas, as part of the game which makes the game more interesting to play and explore the area. You and your father are doing research in the area, where your family is living and decided to go out to find the artifacts and fossils. A brand new region and graphics makes the game more famous among all the RMXP roms available in the pokemon games history. Let’s move on and know the features available in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Obsidian
  • Created By: Justin
  • Platform: RMXP
  • Last Updated: May 2, 2018

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Obsidian RPG Maker XP Download:

Professor Tamarack is there in the region and he is keeping a deep look on your father and his friend. As you know that they are doing a research and planning to set out for a mission. That mission is to find some artifacts and fossils in the region. Your father is going to be on the news watch. What already we have a dad once again, what is up with the Pokemon games? We’re back in recent news. There was quite a disturbance last night in Saffron City witnesses say they heard a lot of commotion at about 2:00 a.m. this morning and when they investigated they found some citizens bound and gagged like in Pokemon Legend’s Red (V1.5) Download.

Further investigation revealed that they were ex members of Team Rocket. One of them stated a man in a black suit and helmet attacked them. The suited man also wearing a cape was able to subdue all four of the rocket members and questioned them about their old leader Giovanni further investigations are being held. If you have any clues or news about this cap, man, please go us or the police. In other news, our yearly raffle winner will be leaving today for their journey to the four towers of ever on. As we all know, the Pokemon League set a law that you can only study and go inside the four towers around evarin.

Keep the Site Preferred and Crowd is not Allowed:

If you have permission to keep the site’s preferred and not so crowded. They have set up a raffle system this year’s. Winner is maxwell from ever on, his friend Phil and Maxwell’s. Son orange will be studying and researching these tools for the next few weeks under their researchers visa they want. They will be reporting. Their findings ever ends lead researcher, professor Tamarac, good luck, guys let’s. Hope you find more than previous researchers. As long as we’re talking about ruins team galactic leader Syrus is still missing like in Pokemon Arceus Legend GBA Download.

He was confronted by ceno’s, champion cynthia and two kids, Lucas and Dawn on top of sphere pillar. It was reported that some Pokemon showed up and took him away into the shadows, still not sure what that means. Further investigation is needed. He has been missing for about a month now any details that could help. My name are very appreciated. That was a very long newscast. I’m like all over the place right now, because we just got introduced to so much in just one little new segment and everything was so sporadic.

Mountain Side Job:

I believe your father’s out on the mountainside waiting for you. You should really get going. Alright, mom, let’s, get going and kind of take everything in that. We just listened to you because yeah there was a lot on that news article we’ve heard about Cyrus about Team Rocket and somehow, for some reason, the news televised the fact that we’re going on a Pokemon journey.

So great the whole world, the whole eyes of the whole world are on us right now, as we begin a new adventure and what adventure doesn’t begin by checking your nail box, I’m at mailbox, but sure nail box works As well, actually that sounds kind of painful, but here we are in the first town in this new region, which I believe was called ever an hazel C town where journey sprout and grow hazel seed and they sprout and grow.

I got it. This mountain path leads to a city to the south, but there are rocks blocking the way. Oh No rocks my worst nightmare, but at least it leads to the mountain which is apparently where our data is. So maybe we can go this way. I don’t know I mean our mom told us to go to our dad. So I’m just gonna follow whatever she said just kidding, there is actually a giant rock in the way. Also, download Pokemon Ultimate End

Professor will give some pokemon:

Professor Tamarac has agreed to give us some Pokemon to aid us on our journey too, which is very nice of him. So let’s get going. I want to try and learn as much as I got on this journey. Make sure you take this mountainside path to maple badge town until you got a Pokemon, you can’t go into the tall grass, oh no. That is true, though good for some reason: Pokemon. They’re too cocky in the tall grass and you don’t got a Pokemon. A question mark shows up and rate to you, so don’t want to go in the tall grass. Just trust me: why is there no music here? This is a little bit strange route. Also, download Pokemon Glowing Garnet 

This is the game again, but for that little bit I was gonna add in my own considering there was none, but it’s kind of weird how that at least so far the music is a little bit inconsistent, but I think it’ll be okay, because I play games that legit had no sound before and really enjoyed them still. If that’ll, be too much of a factor. Hey there orange your father’s already at Tamarack house. I figured I would show you around before we go see the professor follow me: okay, guy Kent or fill in this case.

It can also be called bouquet Center for sure, Oh see, I thought for a second. It was something actually different from the Pokemon Center because he introduced it differently, but no goodwill heal your Pokemon feel free and let you stay as long as you want and they have a small shop located inside each one. You can pull all your Pokemon needs. Yeah, I got a dude, I understand it’s, pokemon black and white. We got pokey Center and mark fused together, but I am more interested in learning what this kid is talking about.

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

professor tamarack this rock looks like it different scenes main player in the area

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Obsidian RPG Game:

  • Receive pokemon from Professor Tamarac.
  • Complete your journey as soon as possible.
  • New Graphics.
  • New gyms and gym leaders.
  • Gym leaders have new pokemon.
  • New moves and animations added.
  • Pokemon Center is updated.
  • Several new battle features are added.
  • Pokemon can die.

Download Pokemon Obsidian RPG For Free:

Download Here

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