Pokemon Phoenix Rising Game Download [Updated 2021]

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is one of the most played RPG Based XP game which is also a fan made a game. Having an interesting storyline and fictional characters will inspire you even more to play the game. Download Pokemon Phoenix Rising Version for free with updated region and maps. This time you will explore some different kind of maps, trees and mega evolution of many characters. The Standalone and full working setup of Pokemon Phoenix Rising RPG Game can be downloaded from our website as the download link is working 100% fine.

Basic Info about Pokemon Phoenix Rising PC RPG Game:

  • Game Full Name: PC Version of Pokemon Phoenix Rising
  • Creators: Gev (Seeker) and team
  • Region: Hawthorne
  • Game Size: Above 10 MB

Snapshots of the gameplay:

pokemon phoenix rising complete zip

pokemon phoenix rising download for free

pokemon phoenix rising download stats

pokemon phoenix rising game review

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Phoenix Rising PC Version:

The Storyline is changed now, you will experience some kind of twist in the storyline and roles of different characters. Many new Pokemon can be found in the area, which makes the game more complex and enhances better than ever. The region is a completely new name as Hawthorne, in which you have to play the leading role to protect the Oracles and the nation like in Pokemon Mega Adventure Game.

As the After the war the nation is under the threat that some evil force is coming to destroy them. Now one of the major tasks of yours is to unite the whole characters and pokemon in the area. Unite them in order that they are being prepared for the great war coming on their way. One thing to notice is that the council of oracles has maintained their integrity and peace in the area. Now there are so many challenges ahead in the area that should be executed well on time.

There is one Royal family exist in the area of Hawthrone, who claims themselves as the leading roles in maintaining peace and unity. But they somehow seem like failed in this missions, because there are so many characters and pokemon in the area which cannot be easily controlled. Now if you are being failed in the area, while bringing the unity and sovereignty of the local people then you must have to surrender to the evil forces coming on their way.

About Environment and Storyline:

One special thing to notice about this game is the whole environment which is completely changed. Having new maps and storyline will inspire you to play the game till to the end. Some new Skill Trees are present in the area, which is quite important and plays important role in the area. Nice collections of graphics and sound effects make the game more awesome and attractive to play. Download Now Pokemon Thunder Yellow Game OR Pokemon Metal Version

Battles in the Game:

Oh! This is one of the best things to notice about this game. Having a bunch of new battles included in this game. As the complete storyline is based upon the rule and conquers thing. Some Special battle effects are present in the game which makes the battles more awesome to experience. The difficulty level in the game is increased by default. However, you can change the difficulty level to make the game being fit for playing and completing all the missions.

Mega Evolutions:

The mega evolutions of different characters are possible now in this game. As we have seen some different kind of evolutions in the previous pokemon games. Pokemon Phoenix Rising Download RPG Version have some new kind of forms. PokeStrap and Quest System is now part of the game.

List of Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Phoenix Rising Version Download:

  • Having new Pokemon Characters.
  • PokeStrap.
  • New forms and Mega Evolutions are part of the game.
  • Gameplay is enhanced and choose.
  • Region name is Hawthrone.
  • New Maps and Environment.
  • Having new Skill Trees.
  • You can customize different characters.
  • Quest System present.
  • You can save files in multiple modes.

Download Pokemon Phoenix Version GBA for Free:

Download Here

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