Pokemon Obsidian Black Download (100% Working)

Pokemon Obsidian Black is another interesting GBA ROM Hack of Pokemon Fire Red by Telinc1 in the English Version. Having several new pokemon and one of the serious rom hack of PokeCommunity by Telinc1. Playing as a Young Pokemon Trainer, who finds himself at the age of 10th Birthday and several new missions are waiting for you to complete it. Finally, soon you will get the official Pokemon License from the region of Bosha Region and you are set out for the adventures in the region. Your dream is to gain the Pokemon Champion Title and be proud to your parents. Let’s move forward and explore some amazing features of the Game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Obsidian Black
  • Platform: 3DS, GBA
  • Remake By: Telinc1
  • Remake from: FireRed
  • Language: English

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Obsidian Black GBA Download:

Becoming entitled of Pokemon Champion is one of the biggest dreams of yours, and for this, you are set out for several missions in the bosha region. For getting the Pokemon Champion title you have to get all the 8 gym badges in the area as soon as possible. Various new mysterious people you will meet as soon as you move forward in the area of bosha region and capture some pokemon in the area. The lady in front says her machine can’t, bring back dead Pokemon make it only be brought back by going under extensive surgery in the back, which is why it’s. So expensive. There’s. Only a slim chance of Pokemon dying when fainting.

Why hold on the Pokemon actually dying this game, or is this guy trolling me right now I don’t actually know. I do know, however, that the Pokemon Mart guy is oh, I see so. Apparently, Pokemon actually do die in this game. Somehow that is really strange because I feel like there’s. A Nuzlocke kind of aspect to it, except you’ve, got ta pay to be able to revive your pokemons, so not really Snorlax.

Defeat various enemies and Pokemon:

If you can beat him and get the badge you can have our Bulbasaur really huh. Well, that’s interesting. I guess. If we ever happen to beat that gym leader, then we can get ourselves a Bulbasaur, but I don’t know what number gym leader he is. I’m gonna assume he’s, probably pretty early, though like 1st or 2nd, because it’s only a Bulbasaur after all, and even though it is a starter, Pokemon is pretty strong when it evolves. I don’t think they would give it to you that late into the game, but here we are finally where it is that we’re supposed to go, which is tamaracks house.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to contribute to the research on this journey sure why not well well orange! I was beginning to worry that a wild Mightyena had gotten ahold of here something huh. Well, I’m gonna. Have your father and Phil look over some of my research before you guys head out. I’m gonna. Have you come with me to gather up the pokemon outside so yeah cut meet me in the grove on the other side of the mountain pass.

Well, that dude run fast holy crap about time. You showed up really dad that’s it. Why do these books look like check marks? Is that just me or does anyone else see that they look like little check marks? I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy, but let’s head outside and to the mountain pass where this dude is gonna, be waiting for us and here’s, another potion holy crap. How many poses do I need for real dude? I’ve got plenty of potions here. Also, check out Pokemon Crono

Capture many Pokemon:

The Pokemon in here we’re, all captured by me and another region. Recently I haven’t had any time to train them. So I leave that up to you guys, don’t, take a look at heat one and then come tell me which one you want. Your father and Phil will receive the two that you did not choose what we’re, actually going on a Pokemon journey with our own dad and his best friend. This is so sick. It’s, like so different from the regular rivals.

In Pokemon Plus, on top of this, we’re now, picking our starter Pokemon in case you didn’t notice, a little bit different from the way. You usually pick your starter, but here’s. The first one we’ve got a fire, little gray, dog of some kind. That’s, our fire starter. I can only assume here I’m, not sure of their names yet, but we’ll, see here’s, our grass starter, not exactly the most amazing pokemon I’ve. Seen – and here is the water starter a little tadpole with an overbite kind of cute.

I like him, I actually kind of like the grass and water I don’t know about the fire too much. It looks a little bit strange, but I’m sure that the strangest-looking 1 is gonna end up having the best most badass evolution ever so I’m thinking right now of picking the fire starter just because I usually go for Fire I’m, just a very big fan, a fire type Pokemon, but I’m gonna switch it up for you guys, since I usually go for the fire starter. Also, check out Pokemon Ultimate End

Your Age matters:

The older you are, the more you should know about Pokemon, but for me the less I know so I still somehow don’t know all the natures I’m just I know it’s very unfortunate that I don’t. I should know this all but anyway, since we now have our starter Pokemon, I guess we can go on to the wilderness, which is nope. One gentle nature, which I’m, not too certain on what it does they don’t have the thing that shows you, which stat boosts so little unfortunate for us me. I guess not. I was gonna say us old-timers, but that doesn’t make sense like in Pokemon Ultra Blaze.

Guess we can’t. Go that way. We’ll go find our dad. Instead, where the heck did our dad even go, I guess probably up to the north, because there was another area that we couldn’t go to without a Pokemon. So now that we do have a Pokemon, let’s. Move on to testing each other, oh I see dad. I see that we have to fight Maxwell, our father, the archaeologists. This is so awesome. What have we ever had a Pokemon game with a dad and not only a dad but a dad that you actually get to go out and do an adventure with that is so awesome and unheard of?

The first battle we got daughter, pole and coke Cory, the two while two of the starters. Now I don’t, think all of the Pokemon in this game are fake Iman by the way. So in case you were wondering I’m. Not everything is going to be kind of like this. I guess there’s. Gon na be still some Pokemon from other regions like they said. Kanto and Johto are really close by. So I’m gonna go ahead and assume that this games got Pokemon from all sorts of regions, maybe even aside from Kanto and Johto, but the starters are gonna be fakemon at least so. Also, download Pokemon Obsidian

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

amazing new areas different scenes in the game

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Obsidian Black Citra:

  • New area and plot.
  • Several new pokemon are part of the game.
  • You are dreaming about Pokemon Champion.
  • Mysterious people to meet.
  • Pokemon Champion title.
  • Capture different pokemon.
  • Find himself on 10th Birthday.
  • Being playing as Pokemon Trianers.
  • New missions and enemies.
  • Graphics are enhanced.

Download Pokemon Obsidian Black For Free:

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