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Pokemon Arceus Legend is a rom hack of Fire Red, which is created by P|at!num994 for GBA lovers. The game is available in English which is about the Arceus Legend, the main player has to do enormous new adventures. New Storyline and region make the game unique for you to try. Download Pokemon Arceus Legend GBA for free as it have new graphics and moves effects. There are several new pokemon that makes the Pokedex more bigger than normal. Last Updated was added on Jan 24, 2018 and has a number of new features, let’s dive in and explore those hidden amazing features.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Arceus Legend
  • Platform: GBA
  • Language: English
  • Created by: P|at!num994
  • Remake of: FIre Red

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Arceus Legend ROM GBA:

Did you have played Pokemon Fire Red, if yes, then you will feel some quick effects of the storyline and graphics in this one as well. Several new pokemon are part of the game which makes the pokedex more advance. The game itself seems pretty interesting. It’s a story about ancient Sinnoh and your main character is I guess implied to be an ancestor to Dawn or Lucas and looks a similar way. And instead of the focus being about Dialga and Palkia, the focus is literally about Arceus who they bring the lore into the trailer that he’s the creator of everything in the universe and there’s a reason that he’s associated with these games.

The first thing is that it’s cool they’re associating Arceus. Those event-only legendaries never get any love, but Arceus being that top of the hierarchy is finally getting some love. So I’ll start off with some of these leaks. It’s kind of crazy that this is a, this is the deal. When I originally saw this, I thought this was Diamond and Pearl remakes and I thought it was going to be in the fashion of Sword and Shield.

Re-designed sprites:

Sprites in the game are re-designed, breathing new life into Pokemon we all know and love. Original designs are available as well, feeling like lost art. Also, there is a sprite viewer in the menu, so you can take screenshots to your heart’s content.

The sprites have been re-designed to look like 3d models, as well as additional details and shading added for more realistic appearances. Here are some comparison shots between Pokemon Arceus Legend’s sprites and Battle Revolution/Colosseum’s ones. Sprites can also differ depending on the Pokemon’s stats and nature, such as Defense Curl raising Attack instead of Defense when used by a defensive Pokemon.

I know that not everybody is a fan of the new re-designs, so I have also included the original designs in Pokemon Arceus Legend as well. Here are more comparison shots:

Updated movesets:

Most Pokemon learn different sets of moves compared to their standard Diamond/Pearl versions, although some had little changes instituted upon them such as Eevee learning Baton Pass. Here are some comparison shots of the updated movesets such as in Pokemon Radical Red Download V2.2 .

Note: The Vs. Recorder is not included in Pokemon Arceus Legend because it was deemed unnecessary to have. However, I will be adding it in at a later date through an update if enough people are interested in having it. Also, I’m still working on getting all the move descriptions right, so they may change over time due to corrections made by myself or others.

Closely related to this updates is a series of NPC movements that were put into place (such as Brock always running away after battling you). These can be seen more easily here:

Improved battle animations and effects:

Most attacks now feature new animations and visual effects when used, with most using the same animations as their original counterparts , but being given a 3d effect to make them feel more natural for Pokemon Arceus Legend’s style. Here are some comparison shots of how attacks look like compared to previous generations. Gym leaders now have better teams than in other games and can also use HM’s which aren’t even registered as TMs in order to prevent players from using HMs without ever having to leave the Gym due to lack of PP or needing replacements for lost HMs. Most trainers also do not level up upon defeating you.

There will be more changes to the movesets in future updates, such as adding Shadow Sneak to Pokemon like Haunter that don’t learn it normally or replacing some of its weaker moves with something else.

New Changes Done in Arceus Legend are:

1. Every Pokemon Genders will be Available in the Game

2. You Can Battle with your Friends and Rivals even They are playing on Different Countries and It can Be Played Globally

3. The Newest Pokemon Characters are Available For Example, Ash Ketchum , Serena,Clemont and Bonnie and May

4. The Best Place to Train Your Pokemons Are Gyms , You must Collect 8 Badges to fight Elite Four . It’s a Cool Feature for Gamers Who like Challenges

5. Some New Features Are Added According to Latest Pokemon Games Like In ORAS There is Mega Evolution And In XY/ORAS There are Legendary Plates Which Give Effort Values To Pokemon when Equiped By a Trainer or Held by A Pokemon .

7. Every Pokemons Can be Caught Automatically Via Pokeballs

8. Catch Safari Zone Features In Which You Have to Go To Different Parks in Different Islands Collecting Some Items And then you can Play a Game Called “Catch the Wild Pokemons” (Which is Like Safari Zone Feature in Old Pokemon Games) After Winning This Game You’ll Get One of Alola Region’s Starter pokemon and Some Rare Pokemons

9. Multiplayer Battles with Wifi Connection or Local Connections with Bluetooth, Wifi or even 3G Networks

10. It has All Legendary Pokemon Including Newest Gardevoir , Gengar, Mewtwo ,Kyogre , Rayquaza , Deoxys , Dialga , Palkia , Giratina, Arceus And so on…

11. Pokemon from Alola Region are Available For Example Rattata , Meowth , Pikachu and Some Other Pokemons

12. You Can Meet The Newest Legendaries Pokemon in Game Like Solgaleo and Lunala Even They Are Not Necessary for the Game Story But When You Catch Them You’ll Have an Additional Fun Experience In Your Journey

13. There Is a New Feature About Mega Evolution which is Called as “Pseudo-Mega Evolution” . (It’s Similar to Mega Evolution but it’s like Pseudo-Evolution of Kalos Pokemon ) Because you can’t get Stardusts or other Items to Evolve your Pokémon into Pseudo-Mega Form but you can get them in the Battle.​

14. You’ll Get Some Pokemon Like Tyranitar , Gengar and other Pokemons as a Gift After Beating Elite Four or when You Reach Level 50.

15. Newest Characters are Available Like Professor Kukui, Lusamine, Tapu Koko, Matori…etc

16. The Controls of Game are Much Easy and Good To Play on Both Phones and Tablets .

17. When you caught Legendary Pokémon It’s is 100% chances that it will have Perfect IVs which means it can have 31 IVs for its Best Stat (Ex: SpA) which gives additional benefits to your Pokemon to fight.

Removed TMs:

Several TMs have been removed/replaced for balancing purposes. Egg moves are now all breeding compatible, so no more needing to go through the painstaking process of checking every single parent for a move you want! (I mean it’s not THAT bad, but still) This should cut down on time when EV training Pokemon with egg moves.

Here are some comparisons between Diamond and Emerald in regard to TM availability. All Trade Pokemon evolve by their item and level up at Level 40 or above, unless specified otherwise (i.e. Graveler evolves into Golem by level up). Some evolution methods change from games like Platinum onwards as well, such as Eevee evolving into Umbreon if leveled up at night/in a cave, or Eevee evolving into Darumaka with Sun Stone.

Pokémon that are normally non-breedable (like Lapras, Snorlax) can now be bred given the right situation in addition to their standard methods of being obtained (i.e. using certain items). They CANNOT evolve if they were obtained through breeding however.

Revamped Battle Frontier:

The Battle Frontier has received a makeover! It now resembles a tower, and inside is a network of rooms similar to the Sinnoh Underground where you fight trainers for prize money and unlock mini-games upon clearing them all as before. Each room varies in size and contains a number of trainers.

The Battle Frontier now has a maximum level ceiling at 65, preventing you from grinding on Trainers for too long. Each class is also capped to Level 60 for this reason as well.

Minor tweaks:

In order to edit Pokemon’s movesets, I have made it so that you can add or remove moves the same way that you would normally teach them to a Pokemon (outside of breeding). It is located in the Pokedex under the “Moves” tab instead of “Teach”.

For example – Let’s say you hatched an Eevee with Baton Pass, but wanted it to learn Shadow Ball instead? Previously in Diamond/Pearl versions, the only way around this was by breeding. While rival battles are common in Pokemon games, only one was implemented into Arceus Legend. Others will likely come. There are also scripted events that pop up sometimes during gameplay as well. Also, download Pokemon Radiant Completed

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Screenshots of the Gameplay:

amazing scenes all games scenes of arceus legends

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Arceus Legend GBA:

  • Having a new area and plot.
  • Several changes to moves and movesets.
  • The character is able to do that little flip
  • Run indoor.
  • Day and night system.
  • HMs and TMs.
  • Several new gyms.
  • New powers and pokemon.
  • Catch as many pokemon as you want.

Download Pokemon Arceus Legend For Free:

Download Here

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