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Pokemon Nebula is a wonderful pokemon rom hack for RPG Maker XP by AmirX, having an interesting storyline and is available in english language. Explore the Kanto 2.0 with your pokemon, a new region that is redesigned from Old Kanto. 24 Starters pokemon are waiting for your first encounter and mission in the game. Download Pokemon Nebula RMXP version for free for PC, with bunch of new graphics and moves. Team Unity is main enemy organization in the region and they are stronger than ever this time and you have to defeat them on time. Let’s move on and explore some amazing features in the game before downloading it and start playing on PC.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Nebula
  • Platform: RMXP
  • Creator: AmirX
  • Language: English

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

main player in the game amazing new area whole new town Screenshot of nebula game

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Nebula RPG Version:

As the game starts, you will give the gender setup and after that you can continue with the basic intro section. But one thing to note that this game will test your skill being a pokemon trainer. Being a pokemon trainer is not an easy job, this region redesigned and constructed from old kanto and is full of adventures and enemies as well. All the rivals are located here and they have some special pokemon as well. Some special features of fighting is available in the game. You are going to meet with similar faces of characaters in the game, but this time the situation is totally different. Even the enemy is also same, called the Team Unity.

The level of pokemon trainers use will be the same as normal okay. So what is legendary maximized than normal okay and what about challenge higher than normal? Why is normal in the normal in the middle, because i feel like it’s like normal hard, very hard, shouldn’t like normally be at the bottom, then to be like normal challenge: legendary, i don’t know we’ll, just stick with normal. Normal is fine. Your very own pokemon story is about to unfold. You’ll face fun times and tough challenges, a world of dreams and adventures with pokemon await.

Get your first Pokemon:

You’re gonna get your first pokemon. Not only that he gave me some pokey balls for you to capture any pokemon, you like, by the way i made special shoes just for you, mark plus a pokey gear, to contact whoever you want. Oh thanks, dude go ahead mark he’s. Waiting for you in his lab, oh thanks. Let me check our trash real, quick, make sure i didn’t, throw anything out by accident. All right! Look at this place, hello! It’s a beautiful day.

Indeed, i’m. The doctor, okay, why don’t, you have a house. Why do you have? Why do you not have a house doctor man? I got a dire hit. This guy doesn’t want to talk to me. Apparently, apparently, i’m, not cool enough to talk to him hugh guessing that’s, our rival, good old, hugh. You remember the good old days with hugh what the hell these people only live in one room. Also, check out Pokemon Blue Chrome Download (Working 100%)

Face some fights:

We’re here to fight not talk about our shorts. I want skip to learn water gun water gun. No, it’s, probably level 10, then dang it. I got another old lady. All right, i’m, going to put you out front because i want you to learn water gun as quickly as possible. Speaking of water, it’s. A poliwag, please don’t have water gun. Oh, it is bubble. How much is that doing three? I could live this next one. I lived it. Let’s go and we got to 10 and we learned water gun and you have an abra and i’m scared.

I expected that to do more because i don’t think capra has a good defense. I thought that’d, be a lot a lot easier, fake out that’s, nice! It’s, nice to have fake out early, get a free hit in. Oh, no, i think i might have to use my potion. I’ve had multiple potions. I have four potions yeah. I have to use one. I don’t think this mod shop is going down easy. Well, i have water gun and it’s raining never mind.

About Onyx:

That onyx has a metal coat. That might be a free stelix thanks. Thanks for what i didn’t do anything. What do you mean thanks? Rattata for hunt, i’m, going to get a rattata dude hold on hold on. I’m about to go catch a ratatogs. They’re about to give me a free gengar for rattata. What is this game? Is this going to get like ridiculously hard and that’s? Why they’re? Giving me to some of these amazing pokemon early. Is that the case because you’re, you’re literally giving me what golem stelix potentially.

If the onyx has a metal coat, freaking gengar it’s, a level seven dwell. I got ta find a rattata dude. I want gengar, i don’t really need golem cause. I don’t really like golem, that much there’s, a lot of bugs in this first round. I guess this is the second route shellmet, but i would love a gengar dude. I would love gengar. I think we got ta go back through okay. I’m gonna pause. Here. I’m gonna go. Try to catch me. A rattata i’ll, see you guys after i’m done. Also, check out Pokemon Nobelium 

About Gym Experience:

Welcome to rocky gym, be careful. Brock is strong by the way there are. A few changes in gyms, like trainers, will no longer be affiliated with type of pokemon that the gym leader is having, which means that the trainers could also have pokemon of any type. Also, if you beat the gym leader, he or she will give you a move that will help across some obstacles in the near future. That’s all i have good luck, trainer, okay! Well, that’s interesting! I’m gonna put skip out front, since this is a rock gym and we’re fighting brock.

I think because it sounds like kanto 2.0, so we’ll. Just try to get skipper as high as we can. As high as we can just to help out, he’s level. 12, nice bonsley, i love all. The guy was like. Oh they don’t, have the same type as the gym leader and the first trainer literally has a rock type and a ground type. So i guess he didn’t get the memo that kid did not get the memo. What about this kid? Did he get the memo? Apparently not. Apparently he’s also going to have rock and ground. Just like the gym leader, perfect, i mean how it works such as in Pokemon Ultra Blaze Download .

For me, dude i’ll, take all the xp. I can get i doubt i can get to 14.. He’s, the same team, what the hell, who are these kids and why did they catch the literal same pokemon? Okay, also, when i get to 14 before the gym leader, okay, whatever let’s, uh let’s, go heal! Let’s. Take on the gym. Shall we do you want to try to level up zubat while we take on the gym? I don’t, know dude. I think we’ll just go straight. Mudkip i don’t. Have any berries? Oh well. What does a shell bell? Do we got a shell bell earlier, uh hp is restored.

A little. Every time inflicts damage that’s. Actually nice here hold that i’ll, probably give it to kangaskhan, but after the battle i think for this battle. I’d. Much rather have it on mudkip. You’ve made it this far. But can you beat me? I don’t, know dude, that’s. What we’re here to find out okay level 12. onyx will probably be like 14, maybe 15.. Oh, my god. That thing got destroyed.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Nebula RPG PC Game:

  • Having a new plot and area.
  • Kanto 2.0 Introduced.
  • Some new pokemon are included.
  • Pokedex is updated.
  • Get some new pokeballs.
  • 24 Startes are waiting for you.
  • New Gyms and 24/7 available.
  • Gym leaders are special.

Download Pokemon Nebula For Free:

Download Here

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