Pokemon Chrome Download (Working 100%)

Pokemon Chrome Download is a new rom hack of Pokemon Sapphire by loungegecko in the English Language. Several new changes done to the plot as well as the Storyline having some new pokemon as well. You are playing the main lead role of 15 years old Pokemon Trainer. One night you saw a bad gang in your dreams named as Shadow Cult, as they warned you that they are going to revive the mythical pokemon in the region. Several puzzles and mysteries gonna be reveal, now fate of this area is on your shoulders. How you gonna handle the pressure situations, and become the Pokemon Master one day which is your big dream. Let’s dive in and explore some hidden features in the game.

Game File Info:

  • Game Name: Pokemon Chrome Version
  • Platform: GBA
  • Release: Beta v0.6
  • Release Year: 2010
  • Language: English
  • Remake by: loungegecko
  • Remake from: Pokemon Sapphire

Screenshots of the Gameplay:

seed pokemona ron player in pokemon chrome pokemon voltbeat pokemover truck

Complete Overview and Walkthrough of Pokemon Chrome Version GBA:

Being a young 10 years old guy in the region and playing the main lead role as Pokemon Trainer. Training different pokemon is your job for now. But one night you saw a bad gang in your dream named as Shadow Cult who are going to destroy the peace of this area and will kidnapp the mythical pokemon in the region. Now professor wants you to go out for a journey to find the weakness of this enemies organization in this region. Because they are going to be really dangerous for the people as well for pokemon of this area.

About the Land:

It created gateways with drifted life out of the surroundings when the new lands seem to be spreading nothing but wastelands a beacon of light. I hope prepared the gods United to ban the blade to the plague which roamed the two worlds and create a powerful stone in the blue crime. The stone blessed divide with divine power, seal away, the vile beast, ok, this age. So now the remains buried somewhere within the mountains until someone finds it and once again it gets used up. So this game is a very interesting perspective like in Pokemon Blue Chrome .

It’s different from the normal life, an individual play that huge PyCon essential it’s, really weird hello, then soba keeping you waiting so long. Welcome to the world of Pokemon. My name is Sonia like ok, I do research on the spur. Wait, hey come on around us. I like this, actually really like this, where they live and how they behave. That’s. Why they call me the big one. Professor sounds good BAM. Oh, I see dot hey what’s up boy, also guys going jumping like down below guys.

Weird Perspective and Upcoming Missions:

The game has got a weird perspective. Like a sweety perspective, it’s furious blue crow summer, okay, okay, this is different. This is very different. Here is your example: map, okay or you press little button down here. Okay, it’s like low, like a low-bottom then – and yours too, what is a speed oven? Damn I got a done B well done blue your test results have significantly improved with the course. It really shows that you have to Put a lot of effort into your study and then hit that way and that you do what the what way do you want to evolve with your learning and understand the world around you better? That is a good attitude to have you managed to excel to afford such as in Pokemon Saffron

Your marks were very impressive. With the kind of academic results you wait. Who knows what could become of you? It doesn’t, go without saying that you’ve, been doing exceptionally well throughout the whole year. You know that means, though, as you already know, those students who managed to exceptionally well to do exceptionally well on the Pokemon, the Havering drift test, get to weights like the certain species of big man to become their trainer weight and become their trainer with the furthest Stories of a coma heavier and their relationship with Pokemon, another Pokemon, when that mistake, though this will not be an easy task, an hour wait and it will turn your summer into an explorative expedition way to study Pokemon throughout the region.

Discover Places:

There have fun, discover, places and overcome challenges, and this will help you grow into better trainers. That month, Salman my mom. There’s still one little awake last matter have to take care of mr. Ralad good of you to join us. So the way well at these matters, you wish to discuss what woman blues polka combs just came out of the workshop. The engineer who was working on these says he’s finally finished all the components for the device, so it’s good to go now. Also, check out Pokemon Kanlara Ultimate

Get a home:

You get a home in order to change into your new uniform and get your training pass, which is waiting for you. I will certify the ignition who will show you how the program works. It’s, a health up there, like all my characters, the help of my character, so I have personal character, help it’s, so cool dude thanks that’s, so badass dude, I’m, loving this right. Now this is amazing, serious right now.

Take some risks:

Well, if you were to undertake such as such expedition, the right equipment will be provided for you. It will receive a high-tech device to log all data you collect, but this offer stands only for the best of you and the students who will participate in this year. Well, congratulations to love! Your heart way to your heart, academic work and constant effort proved to everyone how serious in nature and how willing you are to form a closer bond with Pokemon.

This is the exact kind of attitude that I look forward to in young trainers in a young trainer, and we try to encourage in this in the way we try to encourage in this school. Okay, fair enough, please follow us out of the classroom so that I could take you away. Take you to my laboratory and to present you with your very own pipeline. I just day, couldn’t get any better. I’m waiting for this moment. My whole life and now finally get to have my own Pokemon poor people dude. I love this, but issues inventory this is so cool man about it. Did I hit love in this ruffle? We are. Finally, Professor Oak’s lab oh man, I can’t wait to get the three Pokemon away.

Some Amazing Features in Pokemon Chrome Version GBA:

  • New Story and Plot.
  • Having some new Pokemon.
  • Day and Night System.
  • New Tiles and Sprites.
  • Moves and Movesets are updated.
  • Being a Trainer of this region.
  • Find the unveil secrets.

Download Pokemon Chrome Version For Free:

Download Here

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